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Is it just me...

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StillPukin Thu 22-Aug-13 17:50:06

..or does anybody else feel like they get absolutley no support from their midwife or any medical staff at all. Its a good job google and great friends exist!

TeaAndANatter Fri 23-Aug-13 09:03:33

When my blood tests and scan indicated I'd lost the baby, no-one actually used the words 'miscarriage', or 'died', and they left me to google it and work it out for myself. No-one told me I'd start bleeding, and no-one told me to not use tampons or what to expect. No-one said sorry for my loss. I'm still angry, but what happened to you, Armadale is utterly indefensible. So very cross for you, that was wrong. xxx

Steffnexis9 Fri 23-Aug-13 13:03:32

Hi... Im realy sorry people seem to be having a hard time with their midwifed... So far my community midwife has been fab. Its my second pregnancy so i dont get many routine checks but i have a bit of hi blood pressure floating around so have been seeing her three times a week. She even checks my three year olds heart ec as she loves the doctors lol. The only rude person i have delt with was someone with the hopsital when my blood pressure had shot up again. ... I hve a monitor off my dad who is a pharmacist as i live 45mins from he hospital so if im feeling really rough i check and it was sky high and she said not to check as i might make it go up by checking but i tol dher not to be so stupid as i knew what i was doing and wasnt going to waste the hopistals time and my time coming in for them to check and monitor me if i could check at home beforehand...

I do however live in the sticks so maybe my midwife isnt quite s busy?!? Or she could just be a very good one. With my first i never saw the same person twice, they were always late and quite abrupt which wasnt quuie so good x

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