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Bottles! Too man to choose!

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Stom91 Thu 22-Aug-13 15:46:42

Hi. So I'm tryin to make a list of what I need and does anyone out there know what bottles are good to use. .. I haven't got a clue! And how many do I buy?

Thurlow Thu 22-Aug-13 15:51:28

Are you planning on bf and getting bottles in case, or planning on bottle feeding from the start? If it's the former I'm sure someone will come along and recommend good bottles that help support bf. If it's the later, we got the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bottles which have been great, you can easily change teat as they want a faster flow. A lot of places do good offers on a big starter set than comes with bottles, thermal holders, bottle washing kit, little powder tubs, and a steam steriliser which I found really useful.

Stom91 Thu 22-Aug-13 15:57:58

Hi thanks... I'm not too keen on bf if im really honest. My dp wants me to try but I really don't want too... Yes I've seen the starter sets which I've been looking at I've also seen these innovo ones in mother care book where the teats are to the side and not down the middle which is apparently better.. Just need some recommendations really so thanks smile

TheOneAndOnlyAlpha Thu 22-Aug-13 16:01:01

Avent were fab with ds, most of my mum friends used them. Tk Maxx do good starter sets usually reduced, and Tesco is have a big 'baby event' at the mo with lots of baby essentials discounted.

Stom91 Thu 22-Aug-13 16:04:07

Hi thanks. See i want to be organised and get some of this stuff but my dp couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery.. He hates planning anythinf. And like to do it all last minute and it's driving me insane... The last thing I want to do is be running around getting all this. But he jusy won't listen

Yonididnaedaethat Thu 22-Aug-13 16:07:46

I bought a Avent starter kit from Amazon, it came with 4 small bottles, 2 bigger ones, dummy, teats and bottle washer. I also bought 4 extra 9oz bottles as well.

Stom91 Thu 22-Aug-13 16:10:31

Hi thanks. Are they cheaper on amazing then? Alot of people aged said avent are good thanks x

Thurlow Thu 22-Aug-13 16:20:33

Whichever you choose, if you think you will formula feed (I did, though I was willing to give bf a try - didn't happen in the end) then get it all before hand and have a practice of putting the bottles together and using the steriliser before the baby comes. I'd say 6-8 bottles, because then you should be able to get through a whole day without washing up every 10 minutes.

Yonididnaedaethat Thu 22-Aug-13 16:22:46

I find Amazon cheaper, I think starter packs are £18 and a microwave steriliser is £12 which also comes with 2 bottles (tho I bought mine a few months ago so things might have changed)

Stom91 Thu 22-Aug-13 16:26:17

Thanks i shall be taking a look on amazing. I don't have a huge budget so trying to get as much as cheaply as I can smile

MissHC Thu 22-Aug-13 16:47:47

Also have a look on the Philips website. I got a starter set from them (Avent Natural) a couple of weeks ago. Was much cheaper than anywhere else and they were doing 30% off because of Prince George. They seem to sell at wholesale prices.

(and they actually pay taxes, unlike Amazon...)

babyrose Thu 22-Aug-13 16:49:05

I got the tommee tippee starter kit, 6 bottles (different sizes), steraliser,dummy,bottle brush from babies r us or am sure you could get it on amazon.

Boosiehs Thu 22-Aug-13 16:50:24

TK maxx are brilliant for this stuff. I'm planning to bf but express after a few weeks so bought a few types in advance.

Stom91 Thu 22-Aug-13 16:51:02

Ahh cool thanks for the help. So avent and tommee tippee are good ones to look out for smile

Daffodill27 Thu 22-Aug-13 18:00:55

The tommee tippe closer to nature starter kit is on offer for £69.99 in mother care at the moment smile

Stom91 Thu 22-Aug-13 18:02:48

Ah brilliant yeah I looked at that and it was £140!! So that's a good offer smile)

Sleepathon Thu 22-Aug-13 18:03:14

I managed to get the Tommee Tipee closer to nature starter set which included loads of bottles, steriliser, tears, bottle Warner etc. for wait for it..... £40!!

It was £140 on Very, then went half price and my husband had a £30 voucher!

So I am all set up :-)

Sleepathon Thu 22-Aug-13 18:10:28

Oops cross post!

If you don't already have a Very account, new customers can get £30 off a £60 shop!

Stom91 Thu 22-Aug-13 18:13:12

Yeah I've got a very account but I owe like £300 on and DP will go nuts if i buy anymore from it lol I'm trying to get it paid off before bulbs arrives lol x

Stom91 Thu 22-Aug-13 18:13:24

Bubba I mean lol

Xmasbaby11 Thu 22-Aug-13 18:20:53

Tommy Tippee was great for us. You don't need bottle warmer. x

crazykat Thu 22-Aug-13 18:23:11

I used avent with all four of mine with no problems. I did start with timer tippee closer to nature with DD1 but it contributed to her reflux as the top of the teat was too big for her. They were the first ones and they look much better now though.

A microwave steam steriliser was a godsend with DCs 2,3 and 4 as it could e stored in there so didn't take up half the worktop. I don't like sterilisers which use fluid as my mum swears by it to clean stains from carpet after spilling sum by accident. They also take ages whereas steam takes a few minutes.

Powder tubs are brilliant, boots own are the best IME, about £4 they make it easier to make bottles at first as you can fill them up in advance so no counting in the middle of the night when sleep deprived.

Joining boots parenting club is good as you get 10 points per £1 you spent on baby things, nappies, wipes, clothes, toiletries etc (except formula below 6 months). Each point is worth 1p so you get 10% back, more with extra points coupons and money off. I've had a few £5 off when £25 spent. I've got nearly £100 on it and it comes in handy at Christmas.

crazykat Thu 22-Aug-13 18:26:04

Also don't get too many small bottles, I had two small and 6 9oz. IME the small bottles are great at first but after 4-6 weeks they don't hold enough milk so it's a waste.

Stom91 Thu 22-Aug-13 18:27:18

Yeah i keep meaning to join that lol.. I'm abit juniors of microwave steamer thing as I'm not sure how they work... I think most bottles have come along way now so hopefully whatever I chose want dd will be ok with it.It so hard cos we are moving in december but we have no date yet so it could be before due date or after I soo wana get stuff sorted but irs so hard when u know u can't put anything anywhere yet lol

Stom91 Thu 22-Aug-13 18:27:56

Ahh thanks crazykat. I'll keep that in mind x

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