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nice things people have said to you

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syl1985 Mon 19-Aug-13 01:50:18

It's sooo easy to complain about all the idiots you meet when you're pregnant. All the same questions, the old wives tales people feel the need of telling you about...

Let's make a list of the special nice things people we know or strangers have said to us. Things that touched you because it was so nice and so sweet.

first one:
I had a bad day and on top of it I just had an argument with my partner.

I went to do my shopping at tesco's.
I felt terrible, I was hormonal, upset.
Thinking back at it I just must have looked terrible moody as well.

It was nice weather that day. I went to the till. It's so often that the person behind the till asks me if I know what it's and bla bla bla.

I really wanted to be left alone. So I was hoping that he wasn't going to say anything to me.

But, he asked very sweet and very kindly:

How are you?

I just couldn't say anything anymore. I was fighting of my tears. I was so touched by that simple question. It was the way he said it. So nice, so sweet and like he really cared.

I just could feel all the negativity just gone out of me in a second. All I could do was cry.

The he smiled nicely and asked if I was going to do something today. Are you going to enjoy the nice weather?

Tears all coming out of my eyes and all I could do was shaking my head and with difficulty a yes came out of my mouth.

second one:
Also by the till.

This time a young lady. She asked me if I know what it was going to be, a boy or a girl?

I thought:
Here we go again.

Because we were all there.
Me, my husband and our 3 BOYS.

I said that it's going to be a boy.

Her response:
How lovely you'll have 4 boys.
And some other nice things she said that I can't remember anymore.

Again, like the man behind the till. It was the way she said it that did it for me.
Really happy, nothing silly like didn't you wanted a girl....
A lovely smile came on her face when I told her it was a boy.

That totally made my day!

Up to this moment she's the only one (that I don't know personally) who responded this way when I say it's going to be a boy or I don't know what it's going to be.

It's always something like:
Didn't you wanted a girl?
Are you hoping for a girl?

Why people who I don't know feel the need of saying these things...... God knows.

Oh dear, i'm all emotional now.

Last week I was at the local shop buying some chocolate because I had had a terrible day I only realised I hadn't got my purse with me when I got to the till and got so upset that the guy behind the till said he would pay for it for me. I nearly hugged him and walked out of the shop bawling my eyes out.

The day before I was in town window shopping and had gone to sit on a bench. A little old lady came over and sat next to me. She asked the usual questions and when she found out I was due in december her eyes lit up at the thought of a 'christmas miracle' and she shoved £5 in my hand to treat myself with. She insisted that I spent it today and on something frivolous like cake grin

hetsto Tue 03-Sep-13 10:09:18

Not so much 'nice things people have said to you' as 'nice things people have done to you' from me today:

I was sitting on the tube this morning (after someone had kindly given me their seat), eating my croissant and banana for breakfast, and reading my book. A few stops later that familiar feeling of nausea began but since I wasn't far off my stop and had a seat, I thought I'd stay put and let it pass. My stomach churned and I promptly threw up in my hands and all over my lap. Yuck!

I must have looked (and smelled!) pretty foul, but the lady sitting opposite me not only offered me her water bottle, but also started dabbing me down with her hankie! Given how foul I was, that was a real act of kindness! A nice young man then helped me off at the next stop.

HumptyDumptyBumpty Tue 03-Sep-13 22:48:33

I've had my old boss tell me I look 'stunning' and that 'pregnancy suits me'. A few others have said how well I look (I have been incredibly lucky that, despite feeling like shit for a long time, I've got the nice skin/good hair 2nd trimester hormone thing).

One acquaintance emailed to say how delighted she was that I was pregnant and that she thought I would make a great mum! I was totally blown away, as we aren't friends, and I barely know her!

Also had a seat on the Tube every single time I've travelled (at least for part of the journey) - and a few ladies have asked others to move for me to sit down if they haven't noticed. People can be really lovely, can't they?

ZeroTolerance Wed 04-Sep-13 20:46:14

What a neat bump!

That's the only compliment I need.

Doddy121 Thu 05-Sep-13 10:26:46

my dad saying I'm sure you'll be a lovely mummy.

my friend at work saying I hope when I'm pregnant I look like you you have such a tidy little bump.

and others at work saying they can't believe I'm 6 months pregnant as my bump is so small.

but the best one was all the kids at the school I work at making me a card with loads of lovely messages. The cutest being. from a 13 year old girl saying. you will be such a kind and caring mum and your child will be so lucky to have you as a mum! grin

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