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nice things people have said to you

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syl1985 Mon 19-Aug-13 01:50:18

It's sooo easy to complain about all the idiots you meet when you're pregnant. All the same questions, the old wives tales people feel the need of telling you about...

Let's make a list of the special nice things people we know or strangers have said to us. Things that touched you because it was so nice and so sweet.

first one:
I had a bad day and on top of it I just had an argument with my partner.

I went to do my shopping at tesco's.
I felt terrible, I was hormonal, upset.
Thinking back at it I just must have looked terrible moody as well.

It was nice weather that day. I went to the till. It's so often that the person behind the till asks me if I know what it's and bla bla bla.

I really wanted to be left alone. So I was hoping that he wasn't going to say anything to me.

But, he asked very sweet and very kindly:

How are you?

I just couldn't say anything anymore. I was fighting of my tears. I was so touched by that simple question. It was the way he said it. So nice, so sweet and like he really cared.

I just could feel all the negativity just gone out of me in a second. All I could do was cry.

The he smiled nicely and asked if I was going to do something today. Are you going to enjoy the nice weather?

Tears all coming out of my eyes and all I could do was shaking my head and with difficulty a yes came out of my mouth.

second one:
Also by the till.

This time a young lady. She asked me if I know what it was going to be, a boy or a girl?

I thought:
Here we go again.

Because we were all there.
Me, my husband and our 3 BOYS.

I said that it's going to be a boy.

Her response:
How lovely you'll have 4 boys.
And some other nice things she said that I can't remember anymore.

Again, like the man behind the till. It was the way she said it that did it for me.
Really happy, nothing silly like didn't you wanted a girl....
A lovely smile came on her face when I told her it was a boy.

That totally made my day!

Up to this moment she's the only one (that I don't know personally) who responded this way when I say it's going to be a boy or I don't know what it's going to be.

It's always something like:
Didn't you wanted a girl?
Are you hoping for a girl?

Why people who I don't know feel the need of saying these things...... God knows.

Kelly1814 Mon 19-Aug-13 08:28:53

my favourite so far:

"you don't look pregnant from the back"

PicklePants Mon 19-Aug-13 08:44:27

I was whinging to a (new-ish) colleague about how fat and awful I felt blush and she told me that she thought I 'had a special kind of beauty'.

I felt like a right tit. grin

Thisisfreakingmeout Mon 19-Aug-13 08:50:58

A girl at work overheard my news, didn't make a scene in the office but quietly emailed later " I'm so happy right now. I know you'll be a great mum."

It was the most perfect response and it was tricky to keep it together after that.

ILoveAFullFridge Mon 19-Aug-13 09:01:48

I joined a new synagogue when heavily pregnant, and didn't really know anybody. In a break during a service the elderly man in front of me turns around - I think he's going to complain about my fidgetiness - and quietly says "My dear, I do hope you're going to breast feed your baby wherever you like and whenever you like. If anybody makes a fuss it's their problem, not yours. "

The memory still makes me smile

hetsto Mon 19-Aug-13 09:25:48

I'm expecting twins and so I get a lot of the following:

Complete stranger: "How far along are you?"
Me: "23 weeks"
Complete stranger: "Really?! ...Wow."
Me: "It's twins."
Complete stranger: "Uhoh, double trouble!"

But I was so so happy when it went like this instead:

Complete stranger: "How far along are you?"
Me: "23 weeks"
Complete stranger: "Really?! ...Wow."
Me: "It's twins."
Complete stranger: "I'm a twin, it's the best thing in the world!" Conversation continues then he leaves with "your twins are going to be really happy to have such a great mum."

Awwww, I could barely hold it together!

Morien Mon 19-Aug-13 10:03:15

I have 3 small DSCs who live with us half the time, and I'm pg with DC1. I love my DSCs dearly, but parenting them made me acutely aware that I had to have a DC of my own, because my DSCs are not my children. It's not something I talked about much other than with DH, but I really felt it. I'm 41 so it had to happen soonish, and after a MC last year I was feeling quite pessimistic by the time I got my BFP (now 15 weeks). Anyway, I've been really touched, moved to tears in some cases, by the response from some people when we announce the pg. There's a lot of, 'you 2 must be mad- 4 small DCs!', and then there are those who make some quiet little comment which shows me that they realise what it means to me. And they're not always the people I'd expect - the latest was a tennis mate of DH's who said, 'that's going to bring a bit of balance into the family for Morien, I'm so happy'.

Andanotherthing123 Mon 19-Aug-13 10:45:32

I love this thread, keep getting misty eyes, ahem! My nice thing was a young sales assistant in halfords who was so kind and attentive to my 5 year old who's lost confidence this year due to long term health issues. We were buying a bike for my son which he didn't want as his health has stopped him learning to ride in the past. This guy explained how they build the bikes and I could see my son finally getting excited about owning a bike and learning to ride it. I was just so touched as i'd expected the usual 'here are the bikes, choose one you like and pay for it', but this guy really treated my son like he is important and that means the world to me. Oh, misty eyes again..

ch1134 Mon 19-Aug-13 11:59:55

I always underestimate my mum. I thought she'd say something like 'that was quick' or 'now you'll feel like a grown-up'. But she was just so purely and obviously delighted. the first thing she did was scream. When she'd calmed down she said lots of lovely things but I'll always remember these two: 'You'll be such a lovely mum' and 'you have no idea how much joy this will bring you'. Ah!

Cannotbelieveit Mon 19-Aug-13 12:25:47

This thread made me cry!

Nicest thing anyone said to me about DS was "your DS will be so loved and will have the best parents"

We'd only been together 6 months when I got the BFP. We are married now with a house and DS is 4.5 months and I'm 4+2 with DC2.

Most people were negative before but they can see what a great team we are! Ha!

Thisisfreakingmeout Mon 19-Aug-13 12:31:36

I love this thread! Bringing positivity to a boring Monday.

Xenadog Mon 19-Aug-13 12:38:05

At 23 weeks I've been told I look the best now than I have EVER looked. Apparently pregnancy really suits me!

SuffolkNWhat Mon 19-Aug-13 13:31:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Acceptableinthe70s Mon 19-Aug-13 13:49:23

Nothing. Sad really. All I've had is negative comments about how big I look, and "are you sure there's only one in there" type comments still, it's nice reading everyone else's nice comments.

pinkr Mon 19-Aug-13 14:46:13

I've just been out for lunch and three different waiters all made me feel so good. I'm due thurs and each one separately told me I looked great, asked kind questions, wished me luck etc and were generally very attentive. The last one told me how exiting it must be which really made my day...usually I just get lots of comments about how big I am and is it twins...

princesscupcakemummyb Mon 19-Aug-13 16:12:42

one thing someone said to me recently but just generally was youv lost alot of weight havent you you can tell (me) yeah i have but not intentially i had bad morning sickness in the early weeks till about 15 weeks and found it extreamly hard to eat much at all i mean very small amounts due to food adversions i never put the weight back on now 29 + 2 and look about 18 weeks pregnant still not sure what to think about that comment lol

donttellalfred Mon 19-Aug-13 16:21:45

The lovely lady who measured me for nursing bras told me that I was glowing and beautiful - a little thing but as I was feeling anything but after two hours' shopping, back killing me etc, and having accidentally caught sight of my topless self in the three-way mirror, stretch marks and all, I nearly wept with gratitude.

poppygolucky Mon 19-Aug-13 16:58:54

In hospital today for appointment to book in ELCS and feeling absolute whale-like at 35+3. Got that heavily pregnant waddle going on which makes it so much worse.

Woman waiting for lift turned to me and said 'what a beautiful bump!'. Made my day.

hetsto Tue 27-Aug-13 14:37:34

I was feeling royally fed up with being pregnant today; having to go back to work after the bank holiday and the gruesome return of morning sickness at 24 weeks, then some old ladies brightened my day:

I went to the refectory of the Cathedral near my work for a cup of peppermint tea to try to soothe my stomach and enjoy their pretty courtyard. I was feeling pretty sick, so headed to the loos and locked myself in a cubicle for a while (you can imagine the rest!). By the time I came out there was a huge queue of old ladies - I started to apologise for taking so long and they were all so nice, saying they thought it might be somebody who was hungover but that they didn't mind waiting for 'a pretty pregnant lady' at all. One of them even offered to get me something to eat/drink! Awwww. smile

JoJoManon Tue 27-Aug-13 15:52:50

I was in Ibiza at the weekend for a girlie weekend and I was in my bikini and so many people told me what a lovely little bump it was.
I was in Italy the week before and the same thing, people were so lovely about it. It must be a European thing because there are very few actual questions, just warmth and smiles (maybe language barrier!!). They make you feel very special.

Also, on the tube generally if you catch someones eye you quickly look away but on occasion recently I've caught peoples eye and they have smiled and it's really lovely.
I also have to say on a slightly different note, the amount of times I get offered a seat on the tube is staggering. Almost every single time there are a bunch of people trying to catch my eye to offer their seat. In a city known for being cold, I'm truly touched. In fact sometimes (the times when I feel absolutely fine) I try and turn my back because I don't want them to think I'm being ungrateful.

RubyWindsor Tue 27-Aug-13 16:10:03

What a lovely thread, this coupled with raging hormones is making me all bleary eyed!

I was boosted a couple of weeks back when I was told 'you can't even tell from the back'!

The most smilesmile came just last night, I'd had a particularly tiring day, had no make up on, hair wet after a bath, feeling rather emotional. DP completely out of the blue told me how much he loves me and how beautiful I am to him... He is not usually one to say anything like that so was extra special and just what I needed!

Kitkatinatin Tue 27-Aug-13 16:33:29

This is a lovely thread.

I got a fist-bump and a 'nice-one' from a random guy on the street

I got told I make pregnancy look so easy (which made me instantly feel blush for all the complaints I'd made along the way)

Rachael200694 Tue 27-Aug-13 20:11:37

My favourite has to be "pregnancy really suits you" and how I'm "blooming and beautiful" one lady stopped to tell me! And like another poster has mentioned, being told you don't look pregnant from the back! And that you're all bump and haven't put any weight on! grin

Makes you feel absolutely wonderful, it's a welcome change to "you're big aren't you!"

Romily Tue 27-Aug-13 22:32:49

I was told today that I was glowing and looked fabulous grin it really perked up my day!

hetsto Mon 02-Sep-13 10:49:22

I love this thread so much - bookmarked it to add to every time anyone says anything remotely nice to me!

Last week I stopped to sit on a bench as I was out for a walk and the man already sitting there said 'getting heavy?', I replied that I was but that there's a fair way to go yet so need to keep going. He responded by telling me how in awe he had been of his wife when she was pregnant and how he thinks women are simply amazing. He told me he thought I looked 'radiant' and that he hoped my husband realised what an incredible thing I'm doing. It was so nice to hear when I was tired after a long day at work!

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