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Pregnant (IVF) Worriers Part 3

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Buzzybee123 Tue 13-Aug-13 19:25:52

Hi everyone,

This thread is for all you incessant worriers out there, not necessarily limited to IVF-ers, although I get the feeling the people who have had trouble TTC are more prone to worrying than others!

Buzzybee123 Thu 24-Oct-13 23:31:04

i'll do it as I'm nowhere near tired right now, easier than putting the cat to bed smile

Shazzamattazzerly Thu 24-Oct-13 23:22:07

Buzz it must be so hard with barry away. I'm glad he is home next week. Sorry about the website message. So sad. Let's have some pool parties to cheer ourselves up smile

Crisps. I've never seen Geordie shore but I am half Geordie so I could probably get away with it. The idea of your 3carseats choked me up.

Congratulations beetle on your boys! How exciting. I've been looking at boys clothes on verbaudet. I'm pretty sure it's a boy and the Chinese gender predictor confirmed it so it must be true. I'm abit obessed about boys clothes now. Girls clothes are just so cute. But I know we've had this conversation already!

Onion and noks I'm afraid I don't like rice pudding. Sorry. Please don't hate me.

Nokity noks glad the christening was ok in the end. And brave girl about the dentist. You get a sticker for that. grin

Ceara lovely to hear from you. grin

Well we have nearly finished another thread. Will whoever posts last make a new one?

That's Thursday done for me. Night all. Xxx

Dildals Thu 24-Oct-13 23:16:08

noks the nursery only takes kids from 2 yrs onwards and has a 2 yr waiting list! The not so nice but still OK nursery has a 1 yr waiting list so it makes sense to start looking now! I don't want her in nursery before 2 anyway, a childminder or nanny share is the way forward before 2-3 yrs old.

beetle congratulations! Can you imagine, you'll have 2 strapping ID sons!

ceara Thu 24-Oct-13 23:15:24

beetle, yaay to good scan news and to doubling the boys' numbers :-). It's reassuring that the professionals aren't too troubled by your bleeding or spotting - though that lack of worry can be a bit disconcerting at the same time when you yourself are naturally so worried. When's your next scan?

crisps, I don't know how 27 weeks happened either. Apparently it did, though, while I wasn't looking. 30 weeks, wow, that milestone crept up fast too. Time does seem to accelerate after the 20 week scan.

buzz sorry to hear the energy went away again, that's so unfair. Not long now til you have Barry home.

Buzzybee123 Thu 24-Oct-13 22:51:23

niknoks I am here, crazy meg must be dating the mad butcher, grin at David Bellamy, you have also officially put me off rice pudding
when I was in A&E I could hear a woman screaming and crying, I did think something terrible had happened, she was out in the hallway yelling, turned out she had a needle phobia hmm I honestly thought she was dying

shazza Happy belated birthday, I can relate to the special dates passing, I never planned to be a 40 year old first time mum, I logged onto a baby website that said your toddler is 17 months I was a bit shocked to realise if my last pregnancy had worked I'd have a toddler by now hmm Yay to pool arriving, I think pool parties are in order smile, glad reflexology helped

beetle welcome and congrats on your boys smile

ceara boo hiss to instadiffers, Barrys Cypriot cousin got married in July and is now 8 weeks pregnant hmm some family members looked a bit shock when I said 'well what else was she going to do with her life' MEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWW harsh but true, I feel I have to make the most of the time I feel ok, which isn't very often

I start NCT classes on Tuesday, it will be interesting to see what kind of couples turn up

dildals I nearly spat my tea out at your comment to noks

well my recovery was short lived, felt really fed up with myself and tearful earlier in the week, had a complete meltdown on the phone to Barry blush like he needs that when he is away, he did offer to come home but he now only has one more week, then he can come home and look after me, I find I don't sleep at night, need to go back to bed after being awake for 2 hours, sleep, then about 8pm I start to pick up, right now I feel great, I'm trying not to nap during the day but its very hard, feeling a bit less stressed about work, but feel part of the problem is being stuck at home bored but too shattered to do anything

only 13.5 weeks left and counting . . . .

putthecrispsDOWN Thu 24-Oct-13 21:13:46

beetle yay congrats on your boys!!! Our ladies were in dire need of some suitors so well dome.

ceara how on earthnare you 27 weeks already? Probably the same way that I am 30 kind of creeps up on you. I put all three car seats into the back of our car the other day to check that they fitted and had an osm (oh shit moment) after months of denial and self-preservation. Lawks knows what I'll do when they actually come out of my faloola and become Real People.

keepitgoing Thu 24-Oct-13 21:06:19

Have found a tin of rice pudding. Sure, its not the same but still damn good.

Gosh beetle that's early to find out the sex smile congratulations!! smile so pleased all is going well. Are the scans every week?

BeetleBeetle Thu 24-Oct-13 20:42:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ceara Thu 24-Oct-13 20:01:26

Sorry, I've been rubbish and am hugely behind again.

onion - milestones like Christmas and birthdays have been really hard these last few years, just because of not being pregnant (again) each time they come round. I can't imagine how difficult they have been for you after your losses. All being well this Christmas will be so different, for all of us. It is amazing and still feels slightly unreal to think of being 8 months pregnant at Christmas and having a baby by (possibly on :-) ) my birthday.

dildals your Tearful Moment of joy about bella's baby neighbour getting to go home is lovely but I was so sad to read of the other tearful moment and the loss of one of the other babies who had been on the ward with bella. But the cute nursery tearful moment sounds wonderful. I guess bella being 2 and one of the cute nursery tots herself will- very scarily - come round in the very blink of an eye.

noks the blastocyst IVF pregnancies are the ones which are statistically more likely to be boys, and among people on this thread even they mostly seem to be girls, so with you and shazz having the normal even chance of having either sort, you're bound to be growing girls in there too :-)

Though mine is a boy, in defiance of the trend on here, so sweetie's boy twin isn't completely alone.

beetle belated welcome and congratulations. I hope all was good at your scan today - crossing fingers and toes for you and your twins. Bleeding is scary even when rationally we know where it's coming from. Yaay to the disappearing hematoma, though. Mine hung around well into the second trimester (persistent little bugger) but was gone by the 20 week scan. I'm glad yours has made itself scarce and hope that there was good news on the more recent bleeding when you were scanned today, and the twins are growing away happily, oblivious to all the worry.

keep, motor, sweetie - I'm only 27 weeks and already missing my wardrobe a little, while feeling bad that I am that shallow :-) After years of raging internally at instadiffers and their complaints about nothing fitting and how huge they feel, I am not offiially admitting to any of these thoughts, you understand! But just between ourselves...

keep, good luck for your last day at work tomorrow before maternity leave, hope all goes smoothly.

shaz, I'm glad the reflexology helped. I hope you are now chilled and relaxed anough to take your own advice about resting during your mat leave.... Happy first ever "birthday whilst pregnant" for yesterday.

gin, you enjoy every moment of the moral high ground and lording it over Mr Gin about finishing the decorating without him at 7 months pregnant. I did most of our decorating last week (DH did a day's work on it and was then indisposed after his exertions... I did the second coat on our hall to the sound of him restfully snoring away the morning) and I fully intend to lord it over him about that for a very long time, and I'm only 6 months pregnant so a lightweight compared to you.

buzzy, I hope you are still experiencing the energy burst from last week. You sound so organised and on top of planning already, despite the illness and exhaustion you've been coping with, I am so impressed. I plan to use disposables like others on here have said in the early weeks, and then to look at proper nappies. My "what to buy for your baby" book that a friend kindly lent me says that all-in-twos (??) are the best bet and it rates Washables Totsbots Easyfit and The Pop-in Nappy System highest, then Motherease and Bambino Mio. These are just strange foreign language words on a page to me but I pass them on for what they're worth. Pushchair wise, DH fell hard for the Uppababy Vista when we visited Kiddicare to window shop a few weeks ago (*noks*, what do they put in the water in those stores to sell Uppababies to everyone?). I do want to look at the Mamas and Papas Sola which onion mentioned and also the Baby Jogger City Mini GT before we make any final decisions, as they also get good Which? ratings and are a lot cheaper, cos I am a skinflint at heart but it will probably be the Uppababy

I can't believe the insensitive NCT class conversations about second babies that people have had to cope with. (No, scratch that - after seeing SIL aka The Instadiffer this weekend, yes I bloody well can....) But I guess we wouldn't actually have it any other way as for them to understand they'd have to have walked the same path themselves for a while, and we wouldn't actually wish that on anyone - so we have to live with the insensitive remarks which are the consequence of their happy innocence.

MrsHY someone sent me a link to this site
Could one of these lovely garments be the answer to your train dilemma?! Advertise via your bump how you got pregnant, so you are then free to give other passengers death stares and icily polite requests to secure a seat for said bump without feeling any guilt at inadvertently upsetting infertiles who assume you're another one of those instadiffers the world is full of :-)

fairy mini-p sounds absolutely adorable. I hope you are managing to get lots of rest in between the waking and feeding, and are enjoying lots of cuddles and just soaking up having her here.

Hi to anyone I've missed.

putthecrispsDOWN Thu 24-Oct-13 19:48:29

And noks stop perving over rice pudding skin, you filthy animal...

putthecrispsDOWN Thu 24-Oct-13 19:47:44

Ah screw you all woth your sodding living room hot tubs. You lot get more like the cast of geordie shore every day, talking about yoni trimming and lounging around in a hot tub!

noks i am petrified of the dentist. To the point of nearly passing out when i have a check up. I have a deal with Dh that i will go for a check up every two years. I need a filling at the moment but am waiting until the bambis arrive as I cant really lie flat at the moment without going dizzy that's my story and I'm sticking to it
I used to have reiki and loved it...started out as a complete cynic but became a convert. Used to really help when all the infertility bullshit was going on. I was watching Zita West on the telly today and it was really strange to think that I no longer need to be completely focused on fertility any more...I can't remember being an adult and it not being a big deal for us. Like shazza i used to get really down every new year's eve thinking 'well thats another year without getting pregnant or promoted'...yet this year I will have my dream job and three kids. What the hell am I going to do now that all of my wishes have been granted?!

dildals lovely that you keep in touch with Bella's nicu 'class', but such sad news. I'm not religious but me spiritual karmaistic good thoughts are with you and the parents of those precious bundles. As for cute....dd1 is veeeery cute most of the time, but I must remember to send you a video of her red faced and exorcist-style screaming at me because she wants to wear the OTHER pair of pink pants, just to balance out the idyll wink

onion safe to say the thought of breastmilk rice pudding has put me off for a while. It sounds like a dessert to follow placenta and onions to me...i do have hippy tendencies but even i wouldn't stretch that far,ick.

As for predicitons, I think the majority of us will have girls...they will have witty senses of humour and totally fabulous figures despite their penchant for maize based snacks and will be yummy mummy instadiffers who become instant friends at their nct classes! Of course, a few of them will be married to the boys in the club, just for inclusion...

Nokkie73 Thu 24-Oct-13 19:33:00


OnionRing Thu 24-Oct-13 19:20:35

I've just been stood in the kitchen scraping the skin from round the edge of the dish and eating it. Delicious.

COWS MILK. I even know which cows. I drive past them all the time as it gets delivered from the farm. Which is why you get a surplus sometimes as you forget to change your order. I've frozen a load of ice cube sized pudding portions for ringlet too, she scoffed loads at tea time.

noks I hope your daydream was a prophesy. I've heard of people really crying after massage etc. too. It must be some kind of release. Ahem. Anyway. Chippy. God I love chippy chips but DH doesn't so we never have them. I must rectify this somehow.

dildals such sad and happy news. The nursery sounds great, I believe you have to act fast on these things in cities so get her name down. Two year olds are brilliant, although the best age is whatever age yours happens to be.

Nokkie73 Thu 24-Oct-13 18:56:53

Oh and onion I fecking well love home made rice pudding. My nan used to make it loads when I was little. I used to bagsy the skin and the bits round the edge. Yum YUM. Can you send some round please ? Ta muchly.

Nokkie73 Thu 24-Oct-13 18:55:00

dils dahling. I plan to sneeze the nipper out whilst reading Hello! Magazine and eating a cream tea. My yoni will be tamed by then [hmmm] so I am not concerned. fantasist

Bella will slam dunk her way into this nursery because she is GAWJUS too. When are you looking to place her ? I have one in mind for the nipper and was going to see it when I start maternity leave. Is that too early ? It has excellent facilities and an Ofsted report that most places would kill for so if I like it, I don't want to miss out by not going to see it in advance. ridiculous protective competitive mother alert

I am not surprised that you have shed a tear or five after everything that has gone on. I remember when you said that there were some really poorly babies on the ward who had been there for a long time - so poorly and long term that they didn't get a visit every day from their parents. That made me really sad. It's lovely that you still keep up with those who were on the ward at the same time as Bella.

shazza the dentist was actually ok in the end. I nearly made a run for it (needle phobia started by a shit of a dentist when I was small) but was a brave girl in the end grin and had my filling and injection like a good patient. My dentist is a big, tall tight t-shirt wearer, so I LUFFS him now. The christening went well actually - their bambino is super cute. It was interesting to see the battle of the grandparents though.....I felt like a bit of a Wally making such a fuss about not being asked. It's just one of those things. I am glad reflexology was good. I loved it when I had some sessions earlier this year. I remember that during my first session, I cried like a baby for about five minutes. It was completely without warning and spontaneous that it took me completely by surprise (my reflexologist said that I had a lot of baggage to let go of - hmmmmm !). Towards the end of the session, I had a really vivid vision of just giving birth, feeling so incredibly happy and kissing the top of my baby's head. I felt like that vision was a million miles away from me when ivf didn't work but now.....well, it feels like it's all a little bit closer.

On a less deep note, we have just had a chippy tea. It was bloody lovely !

Shazzamattazzerly Thu 24-Oct-13 17:29:16

Dildals your tearful moments are touching. You must send bella to the nursery for cute kids. Nowhere else will do smile

Keep oh well only a week and a day to go and the last week doesn't count! I'm also looking for something nice to wear post birth. I don't want pjs though. I had more of a comfy but stylish lounge pants type of thing in mind for when I greet my visitors. Let me know if you find anything. Thanks for the verbaudet code. I can't believe that I have never looked on their website before. The before and after breast feeding dresses are really nice. I might invest in a couple and then at least I'll look decent at Christmas time.

Onion it's those occasions like birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, christenings, weddings etc that have been so hard over the past few years. I'm with you in celebrating that this year most of us will have our long awaited babies or at least have them on the way. Dd1 sounds spirited bless her. Noks is right, she has the right instinct re men wink. I'm also intrigued by your rice pudding.....

Noks your freestyle yoni cracked me up. Hope the dentist was ok. How was the christening by the way?

Afm reflexology was just what the dr ordered and I'm much calmer. The pool has just arrived and the sweet ups guy asked what kind of baby am I making? Ummmm.....

Dildals Thu 24-Oct-13 16:10:19

noks with a freestyle yoni are you not scared the baby will get stuck and will have to be cut free? ;-)

onion breast milk rice pudding ... that's a novel approach to weaning!

Shazz Your mum sounds like mine. Mine is like a machine! She runs on cigarettes and black coffee. If you ever need your wardrobes organised she's your (wo)man.

Bella's baby neighbour on the ward is finally coming close to being discharged. They have been there since end of May. I am so incredibly happy for them and it brought back the whole feeling of wanting to get home so badly with Bella I had a Tearful Moment on their behalf.

Then I heard last night that one of the twins that were on the ward when I was there had died. Needless to say that there was another Tearful Moment on their behalf. So sad.

I went to see a nursery yesterday morning and it was so lovely. Full of little happy people that all were SO CUTE! I asked the nursery manager whether they selected intake on cuteness. It was as if they had released a kids modelling agency in there. I had ANOTHER Tearful Moment because there were all these cute little 2 year old girls there and I was thinking I WILL HAVE ONE OF THOSE IN A COUPLE OF YEARS!

Nokkie73 Thu 24-Oct-13 15:41:23

onion twas not me, it was Granny Onions wot did it. I have never met them but I bet your boobies are lovely. As I look down on my own small yet remarkably perky pair, I shall prepare myself to say goodbye to them very soon. As for the yoni (yoni is now on my predictive text - result) I expect to see David Bellamy climbing out of it muttering something about 'scrabbling around in the undergrowth' with an entire camera crew at some point soon. I may just have to give-up hacking away at it and let things go freestyle. Yes, yes, I shall have a freestyle yoni. grin

Dd1 sounds like a proper hoot. Frankly, biting men is the only language they understand so this behaviour is only to be encouraged.

keep I reckon you, me and shazza have got sticky fingered boys brewing. What is your feeling about yours ? Team pink or blue ?

shazza there are always some things which set us off aren't there ? This birthday is, thankfully, a bit different. I hope you had a lovely day. Xx

I am on my way to the dentist, which frankly, sucks cockage. I hate dentists. They are Beelzebub's brothers and sisters. Still, at least it's free.

keepitgoing Thu 24-Oct-13 15:15:28

Errrr, what type of milk is going into your rice pudding onion...... shock

But we have had 5 girls here, many more to come, 3 in my nct. WHERE are the boys?!

OnionRing Thu 24-Oct-13 15:11:27

Ha keep, not for a long time yet but stats isn't my strong point.

shazz I had a little tear in my eye for your birthday wish. I'm the same about Christmas because I've been pregnant for four out of the last five Christmases and kept wishing that by the next Christmas I might actually have a baby. I can finally, at long last, enjoy this Christmas with my girls and never want to be pregnant again. I hope you had a happy birthday anyway.

Please take your own advice and rest! (Glad you're another Bodysilk convert too.)

Two teaspoons is probably about right. They just play with their food for months. As I was cleaning the floor under the high chair earlier she got a big handful of my hair and would not let go. She was laughing away like a demon, I managed to prise open her fingers but she ripped a fair few out. It must indeed be so swishy it's irresistible.

motor I can't comment on clothes as I'm resigned to being scruffy and wearing the same four tops all the time.

beetle good luck with the scan.

noks perhaps get the council parks department in with their strimmers to get your yoni under control? And leave my sad deflated tits alone. They will bounce back in good time. Just as yours are deflating...

Dd1 is fine thank you, she was at her infant school disco last night and came out dancing like a Bee Gee in a denim mini skirt and sequin laden t-shirt. She later complained that a boy in her class had hurt her teeth with his finger - it turned out she had bitten him. I'm so proud.

We had a milk surplus so I'm making rice pudding. The house smells gorgeous.

keepitgoing Thu 24-Oct-13 13:46:08

I'm the same sweetie - wanting something a bit glamorous to wear... Still wanting to get something yummy for post birth to make myself feel good, but not sure what. Has anyone got any ideas?

Oh, I have a code from verbaudet for £10 off if you spend over £20, plus a free changing bag. Was looking at their dresses, but most are a bit summery. Just use code 4892. Looks like they have some quite nice stuff.

shaz unfortunately I have until next Friday for work, but that's not long really. I'm sorry you didn't make your physio appointment. Grr, stupid buses. You're 37 weeks now, so we can expect shazlett any day. Hoping you get some of next week at least just to chill by yourself before she makes an appearance though.

Another girl born from my NCT class. That's 3/3 there so far as well... At what point does it become statistically significant - any mathmos out there?

SweetieTime Thu 24-Oct-13 12:44:07

Motor I know exactly where you are coming from. I didn't think I would care but I so do. I have casual clothes that still fit but nothing niace. I don't have long to go now so am not buying anything else and I am not sure I am going anywhere where I need to wear niace clothes so not sure why I am stressing about it.

Beedle hope the scan goes well today

Shazzamattazzerly Thu 24-Oct-13 12:42:37

I'm here, I'm here (runs in breathless). Sorry girls I haven't had a second to myself this week between my mum and DP constantly asking what am I doing and looking over my shoulder the minute I pick my phone to read what's going on and contribute.

Anyway I'm on the bus to physio and I've had to leave mum at home cause the pool is due to be delivered and they haven't come yet so I can catch up in peace without my mum complaining about how folk are so antisocial these days constantly on their phones. (Which incidentally I agree with for the most part!)

All fine here. Grateful as I am for the help I'm actually looking forward to being on my own and pottering next week. I'm craving peace and quiet to sit and think about shazlett and prepare myself for his/her arrival and also to nap. My mum is a dynamo and I'm shattered trying to keep up!

Buzz we have been given some easy peasy nappies. No idea if they are any good. My plan is to start with disposables then experiment with these after a few weeks. Hope you are still feeling well.

Dildals sorry the christening was tough. I also find church very emotional even though I would describe myself as spiritual rather than religious. I'm in awe of your multi tasking abilities taking having a poo whilst mothering to another level.

Keep only 1 and abit days left before mat leave. Yippee! My biggest tip is to make sure you rest once you stop. I haven't done this so far!

Beetle welcome and many many congrats for your twins. Good luck with your scan today.

Gin i too am now in love with the body silk. I got 2 in JL yesterday. How did I survive with normal bras? Carols also made me cry last year. And totally agree re unnecessary 2nd child chat at Nct. What was the point? None of us are having a 2nd child at the moment and half the class said that we were unlikely to be having one. Well done re perfect baby measurement. smile

Fairy pangolina and her rosebud mouth sounds beautiful. Any chance of a pic? smile Thanks for the pool tip. Mine arrives today so we will be testing it out alla MrsH in due course so it's round to mine for a pool party!

Crisps and sweetie you can't possibly be 29 and30 weeks already!!!!! Oh my goodness in my head you are about 16 weeks but then again in my head I'm only about 16 weeks also!

Onion maybe ringlet is attracted to your swishy hair wink. I was reading about weaning yesterday in mothercare and they said that at first babies eat about 2 teaspoons of food a day. That doesn't seem much to me. What do you think?

Madness hope you had a lovely holiday. My DP didn't come to the booking appt but he has come to the others. We are lucky though cause he is self employed.

Motor as the others have said sounds like braxton hicks. I've had them twice now and both times I was massively overdoing it carrying too much and generally being too stressy. Re clothes I've enjoyed having only a few clothes to wear this year. I look at my normal clothes and they seem so foreign to me at the moment and so excessive.

Noks ha ha at the yoni 'tidy' up. I've booked in with the professional in a week or so. The whole area is a mystery grotto to me now.

Yesterday was my birthday. For the past few years I've prayed to have a baby by my next birthday and I planned when I needed to get pg by to make that happen then felt awful When i 'failed'. This year I missed it by a few weeks but I know that God willing I will have my baby by my next birthday.

Well I've admitted defeat and realised that I'm not going to make my appt so I've got off the bus, called the hospital in tears and turned home. I've got a reflexology appt this afternoon as well. I think that I've learned my lesson not to book too much in one day. I can't run from pillar to post packing lots into one day anymore. This week has been so busy so far and I'm done in.

Hope everyone else is having a better day. Xx

MotorcycleMama Thu 24-Oct-13 07:10:56

How come my arse is upstaging my bump in a big way? Yesterday I went through my whole wardrobe and only about a 6th of my clothes now fit as I have put on a stone. I used to get so upset when pregnant women complained about being fat and nothing fitting any more, and was certain that if I got pregnant I would be so happy that I would never care if I looked fat and could only wear a bin liner. So much for that! I am shallower than I thought. I think I look reasonable with no clothes on, but I can't really go around naked for the next 20 weeks. Sorry for the moan. Now, back to being blissfully grateful for being pregnant. X

Nokkie73 Wed 23-Oct-13 20:06:21

Well my yoni looks like Crazy Meg attacked it in the middle of night with a pair of blunt secateurs. That will teach me to 'tidy it up' when in the shower without actually being able to see it. Fuck knows why - it's like one of those ghost towns in Russia. No bugger has been there for ages.

motor I went swimming when we went away for a couple of days last month and the nipper went MENTAL. It must be something about that activity which makes babies go nuts in there.

fairy minipang sounds absolutely adorable and such a good girl. You sound very zen right now - it's so nice to hear a positive birth story too.

beetle hello lovely ! Nice to see you here. Amazing news re the twinnies. You must be stunned ! Scan tomorrow right ? Good luck.

onion nice work from Granny Onion on comparing your knockers to third world boobies. It sounds as though your hair may look like Crazy Meg has had a go at it if Ringlet has her way. How is DD1 these days ?

gin look at you and your perfect bump ! A bit scary about the notes though. When are you packing-up work ? Will you have some time to sit on your Beyoncé, eating crisps and reading Take a Break before mini-gin comes ?

crisps I totally agree with the other ladies re BF. Seriously, the Nork Nazis can just fuck the fuck off if they put you under any pressure. We'll all be round to your gaff to drown them in mrsh's MTV style Cribs birthing pool if they dare to say a fucking word. You do whatever you feel is right for you (you too sweetie) as I can imagine BF'ing twinnies is a hard task.

mad hi to you too ! My first midwife appointment took an hour and a half too. They have to fill out such a lot of bloody paperwork it's untrue.

Hi to keep dildals ceara and anyone else lurking. Wtf is shazza ? Wtf is buzz ? Come out to play please grin

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