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Pregnant (IVF) Worriers Part 3

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Buzzybee123 Tue 13-Aug-13 19:25:52

Hi everyone,

This thread is for all you incessant worriers out there, not necessarily limited to IVF-ers, although I get the feeling the people who have had trouble TTC are more prone to worrying than others!

keepitgoing Thu 15-Aug-13 15:56:55

Nope, no free stuff here either shaz.

I admit I didn't really put in much effort for the Yoscar. I think shaz a worthy winner. Maybe next year.

euro all the best for tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be easier knowing what to expect.

Shazzamattazzerly Thu 15-Aug-13 16:21:11

Good luck euro. Fingers crossed for you for tomorrow.

Thanks for the supportive words buzz. If I need a face off with SIL you can be my wing woman grin

Glad you found us Mariana. Who would give us the answers to all our questions? How is trenchlet doing?

Dildals any news from your camp? How is the daytime expressing going?

Oh well keep. At least you've got a good MW and heads the HB. That is so exciting.

Nokkie73 Thu 15-Aug-13 16:30:05

Oh good luck euro. I will be cheering you on from the sidelines like a deranged soccer mum on a gin drip. I will stalk follow your progress on MN. Here, have a manly hug, hair ruffle and a gentle poke in the kidneys.

buzz heehee foof bushwhacker. I want one of those.

mariana hello ! Welcome to Vag Land.

shazza any more from the earth mother and we will nut her.

Nokkie73 Thu 15-Aug-13 16:31:39

keep what will you do if we have an impromptu Yoni inspection ? Standards, darling wink

Shazzamattazzerly Thu 15-Aug-13 16:58:43

I'm on my own here laughing my head off!

keepitgoing Thu 15-Aug-13 17:15:07

Ooh I didn't know there could be unannounced inspections! Aaaaargh I am a failure. I have not prioritised yoni maintenance to the required degree.

The shame!!

ExpatAl Thu 15-Aug-13 17:24:14

I could give Shazza a run for her money. My lady garden is immaculate thanks to exceptional bendy skills and a mirror.

My star flleece arrived yesterday and I'm really happy with it. It's a lovely shade of green, looks big enough to last a long time and I can just imagine a cute bundle all cosy inside it. In just two weeks I'll be trying it out!!

Shazza, how totally unhelpful of your sil. I don't want to nut her - it's too close to my earth mother photo shoot, but am happy to hold her down while Nokkie does the deed. Regardless of what happens during the birth your hypno course will be really useful. We spent quite a long time focussing on that calm and relaxed is super helpful for baby and us.

Dildals, I welled up at 'little kitten'. It sounds like a really lovely way to get closer to each other.

Good news about your scan Nokkie.

Keep, lovely that you heard the heartbeat. It's true that quite a lot of us want a surprise. Maybe something to do with the totally unromantic way we got pregnant.

Not sure what to make of your GP Buzzy. It probably is luck that you like her.

My DH is the same height Crisps and we have a similar size bed. Love it!

Nokkie73 Thu 15-Aug-13 17:31:12

keep give me twenty and when you're done, get yourself to Foof School.

shazza expat and buzz can go to the after Yoscar party to mingle with the stars.

God I'm such a tyrant.

Buzzybee123 Thu 15-Aug-13 18:11:18

shazza I'm happy to be your wing woman, its on thing to ask for advice its another to have someone preach to you about it.

expat My GP is Polish and had IVF herself, I think perhaps its a Kiwi/Polish communication breakdown wink I have actually knitted a blanket, not sure how practical it will be.

nok I hope you had a lovely time with your mum, ready for the outlaws smile

well I have an appointment next week, which is good as i'm having a bit of a wobble as I feel better and my boobs don't seem to hurt so much, I know I know its the drugs that I am taking correctly . . .

keepitgoing Thu 15-Aug-13 18:23:01

Also buzz you'll just be starting to 'bloom'. My bobs have got much less painful.

MarianaTrench Thu 15-Aug-13 19:03:33

Crisps, awful news about your brother. I hope the fact that he's young means that he makes a good recovery.

buzzy, personally speaking I was so anxious by the time I couldn't reach my yoni that pleasuring myself was the last thing on my mind. Maybe that was one of the problems? Stop wobbling and bloom!

Fajita style swaddling is exactly the right description. The Grobag wraps are just a blanket with a bottom flap.

expat, so close! Finishing work is great though. Hope you're putting your feet up.

dildals, every three hours round the clock is tough, as you say, without the actual baby there to motivate you. I hope you can get your supply up by extra daytime pumping. You do need extra calories though so don't fret about your weight. You'll lose it easily later on when she's bigger and taking loads from you. Aw at your little kitten though. The skin to skin contact is very special and must feel especially natural for you and her when everything else is so clinical.

vallinna, I will take your word for it about the epi~argh. I'm flad it worked for you after all that. You'd be well pissed off if it didn't! I laughed at your water boarding let down. I get that sometimes and Trenchlet spits it all back at me in disgust.

keep I read that meta analysis too, with an air of relief. I had a huge episiotomy, didn't feel it at the time thanks to an epidural and the recovery was tough but it healed absolutely fine. It doesn't have to leave lasting damage, it's just that people always tell you the horror stories.

fairy naps and solo sleeping sound ideal. Hope you're having a good time.

Vagina Kibbutz sounds like a stage name.

Shazza please don't worry yourself. At the time you won't care and anyway, we won't let you punish yourself if you do use drugs etc. Nobody knows what any individual birth will be like and how they will react to it. Tearing and being cut sound well more dramatic and awful than they are.

Noks I automatically loathe anyone who I'm supposed to get advice from. Especially about baybees. Just nod and smile and say 'that's interesting I'll look into it.' Unless she's talking about her yoni...

Congrats on the lady gardening. I'll share a strange fact. I tended to mine ages ago and it's stayed tended much longer than it would normally. I think breast feeding inhibits hair growth. Except my legs still need doing as frequently. Oh I don't know. Maybe my poor yoni has just given up? No yoscars here though, perhaps mine could feature in the montage of yonis that have recently died?

Good luck euro.

Phew. Caught up.

As for me, I'm spending hours feeding Trenchlet (I am back on the Lansinoh as my nips are killing me through wear and tear!)

It's DD1's bday at the weekend. Yesterday she requested a 'yellow Tinkerbell cake.' I've totally cheated and bought a ready iced one and a plastic model of Tinkerbell (who looks like a porn star). I will paint the cake yellow with food colouring, scatter gold dust cake decorating stuff all over it, write her name and age with prebought writing icing and whack some candles in. This is a very poor show but I just haven't got time to make and ice one from scratch this year. Praise be to Dr Oetker. Whoever he was. Oh and I've also committed to making 30 gingerbread men for a party on Saturday. Gah.

Ginestas Thu 15-Aug-13 19:27:56

<attacks yoni topiary with a razor, just so she doesn't feel left out>

You've all been making me laff a lot! I tend to the old bush before any medical appointments, as the ivf has made me convinced I need to get it out whenever I see a dr!

shazz love that you had a day off to tend your yoni garden grin Seriously though it sounds like you needed a rest. I've been feeling uncomfortable even in my maternity clothes, so have just ordered a load on mat tents online. Had to take my tights off half way through today as they were slicing into me and making the ginster kick a lot!

Hurrah for a good scan noks! And well done on not seeing any rudey bits.

expat you are sooooo near now. It's v exciting. Hope you are feeling ok.

buzz I too reckon you have hit the blooming stage and that could explain the feeling better. You should feel movement soonish, which will hopefully give you some reassurance. I have started to feel sick again tho, boo, normally early evening. V odd.

keep that's fab that your heard the HB. Are you now fully in the NHS system?

crisps hope your brother is now ok. I bloody wish we had a super king bed (even if it would take up the whole bedroom). With the huge phallic pillow closest thing I get to a shag these days my preggo sausage thighs and DH, there's now no room.

fairy hope you're having a fab holiday.

didals hope Bella is still doing ok today. Things must be so incredibly stressful and I totally understand what you mean about not knowing what's a serious issue and what isn't. No one prepares us for a premature baby and it must all be v hard. It sounds like you are doing amazingly though and taking a day at a time.

I'll PM you my email. Looking forward to meeting some of you in t'other place.

euro hello! And massive good lucks for tomorrow lovely.

Well I had a good read of my preggo notes yesterday and realised that the fibroid is just 5mm not cm, as I thought the dr had said! That means it's not grown at all... D'oh.

I also had a really good read of the pre eclampsia website and bought myself some protein detector piss sticks and a blood pressure monitor. I know they're not clinically reliable, but have given me some much needed peace of mind re the blood flow issue.

Do I win the yoscar for being the most neurotic about my yoni / starting my own ante natal clinic chez moi?! Or are they only allowed for non mental behaviour?!

Ginestas Thu 15-Aug-13 19:31:49

X post mariana, I'm v impressed at the cake decorating and baking plans! Porn star Tinkebell did make me laugh though.

SweetieTime Thu 15-Aug-13 20:36:25

I lost you all. I will have to read back to catch up on all the gossip although Foof school and lady gardening have caught my eye.

MarianaTrench Thu 15-Aug-13 20:40:43

Her skirt's so short you can almost see her yoni. The whore.

Ginestas that truly is your own clinic. well done!

Regarding getting it out to all and sundry. I had a breast lump recently (nothing scary but i wanted it rechecked) and the GP was all apologetic that he'd have to cop a feel before referring me. I explained to him that when you'd had as many internal exams as I had then a breast examination was like a polite handshake. He looked a bit scared.

Buzzybee123 Thu 15-Aug-13 21:18:18

mariana You crack me up

putthecrispsDOWN Thu 15-Aug-13 21:34:35

Heee mariana. Reminds me of the time I walked into gynae consultants room and fully stripped from the waist down before she turned around and told me 'no examination today, just a quick appointment'. I wasn't even embarrassed!gin I'm ashamed to say I don't make a special effort for doctors, assuming everything is a normal level of tidy. Given the stories my dH tells me about boob cheese on his patients (bleurgh) I think a little summer growth is nothing to worry about!

No chance of a yoscar here but I am getting better at lady gardening, although it is now mostly from memory as the bump means I can no longer see yoni and have to just have faith that it is still there! I use cocoa butter on the bump and it makes me smell like chocolate cake at bedtime, yum!

Our bedroom is nowhere near MTV cribs...the bed takes up most of it and everything else is very dull white ikea stuff! Dd1s room is lovely but we are quite boring otherwise, I'd love to have shazza's pils come round and spruce me up!

euro good luck! Hope everything works out for you.

mariana tinkerbell is a right tease, have you seen the film? She has a normal leaf dress like the rest of the tinkers but she rips the bottom off to make her own slutty version. It reminds me of doing morning duty at school every week, making all the pretty thin 15 year old students roll their skirts down and wipe their make up off with baby wipes...I bet they hate me!

Hooray for hbs keep. Glad you are fully nhsed up now, must be a relief.

noks glad scan was ok. Husband scans hearts for a living so he can read them really well, and I've had literally hundreds of scans since being diagnosed a few years ago so I'm pretty good too, maybe this is why we could see dd1s faloola so well. I've never seen boy bits on a scan though so not sure how obvious they are...maybe I'll find out next week!

Bro is good thanks...we did an epic 8hr round trip to see him in Bristol today and he is better than expected.

buzzy really hope things will get better for you now!

MarianaTrench Fri 16-Aug-13 01:45:32

Have I seen the film? Ooh only about 585,345 times...

Boob cheese?

MotorcycleMama Fri 16-Aug-13 06:25:40

Hello all, just wondering if I can join you?

I have been lurking for weeks, but not felt ready to say hello until now. I am currently 9+4 following DE IVF. It was my first go, so feel very lucky it was a success. I'm 41, and had a mmc in 2008 detected at the 12 week scan (baby measured 10+3), which has unfortunately made my first few weeks of this pregnancy full of anxiety and fear. This has not been helped by a distinct lack of pg symptoms, apart from serious tiredness. I had a scan on Monday though at 9 weeks and everything was as it should be, and I saw the arms and legs wiggling, which was delightful, so I feel a bit more confident now.

I have been following the trials and tribulations and Yoni ramblings with all the appropriate and diverse emotions. I am friends with fairy IRL and remember buzzy and crisps and nokkie from the egg buddies thread.

keepitgoing Fri 16-Aug-13 07:36:51

Hi motor and welcome! Congratulations on your scan, its a major milestone that one. You know fairy? Cool!

I'm 25 weeks preg, also from first ivf.

fairypangolin Fri 16-Aug-13 07:39:42

Hi motor so glad to see you here on this thread! And a good reassuring scan as well. All will be fine. Hope the "I'm pregnant" reality is starting to sink in.

buzzy the face comment makes more sense now I know your GP is Polish. She prob genuinely meant you look well and blooming.

gin I could certainly shop at "". Anything even remotely tight drives me crazy. I'm not looking forward to Sept when the weather changes and I have to look vaguely professional.

*crisps" what the hell is "boob cheese"? Glad your bro is doing better.

ExpatAl Fri 16-Aug-13 09:09:24

I don't want to know what boob cheese is... bleugh.

Just had a mad moment of eating a bowl of ice cream and lying on the kitchen floor to feel the baby move. Feel really stupid now but for a few minutes I was convinced it's all over. These last weeks are nerve wracking. I have an check up on Monday and am tempted to ask him to whip it out there and then!

Congratulations Motor and welcome!

keepitgoing Fri 16-Aug-13 09:33:12

Oh al you're so nearly there. Remember Mariana towards the end. Mentalling like crazy ;) Just normal.

Some people in a&e so fat they can lose remote controls in their folds... Imagine their skin cheese. Vom.

MarianaTrench Fri 16-Aug-13 09:49:46

Hahaha at lost remote controls.

Oh Al many sympathies, I remember it all so clearly. It's awful, the mentalling really doesn't stop. Just take it a day at a time and don't prod the poor baby too much to keep it moving like I did.

Welcome motorcycle, congrats on the scan, it's a huge hurdle. Really!

Shazzamattazzerly Fri 16-Aug-13 11:00:49

Oh my goodness, ladies I love you all. you are bloody brilliant. I am sitting at home (working this time smile) jiggling shazlett up and down laughing so much.

Motor, welcome, I'm glad you finally said hello. All our ramblings must make some reading from afar! I'm 27+2 after finding out that I was pg naturally during down regulation. Sounds like you are doing well. It is a hurdle especially if you experienced a loss, I'm sorry about that. Feel free to worry and mental here. You are in good company and it does get better I promise.

Expat, I'm sorry you had a 'moment'. You don't need to wobble now. You are so close and the babba is fine. You are next up and we are all waiting with bated breath to see if one of us is going to make it blue! Oh by the way, I'm impressed with the mirror work. I tried that yesterday but couldn't get co-ordinated doing it all in reverse. It was easier to hoik the bump out of the way and double over. Thank goodness for the yoga, it is paying dividends in ways I wouldn't expect.

Buzzy, I'm sorry you are wobbly too. Are you feeling better today? You are getting out of the tricky sicky stage and into feeling much better so don't worry. These few weeks are odd though cause you don't have a scan, can't quite feel the baby yet (although when you do feel it you realise that you have been feeling it for a while and just didn't know that it was baby rather than farts!) and you haven't got a bump to speak off. Stick with it sweetie. I have also crocheted shazlett a blanket. I did it whilst prepping for treatment to keep my mind occupied. It is lovely soft cashmere but like you, not sure how practical it will be once it has baby sick all over it.

Mariana I laughed so much at your breast handshake smile. Porn tinkerbell sounds like a great role model (not!) I am experiencing the restricted hair growth phenomenon but on my legs, sadly not my yoni hence the gardening yesterday. Sorry about the sore nips Ouch. And thanks for the tearing reassurance. Like Gin, I have visions of ripping and ending up with one big hole down there. It is all fear of the unknown. These things are never as bad as our imagination.

Gin, i'm with you with the uncomfy mat clothes. My jeans aren't over the bump ones and now drag the bump down as they fall down during the day. I'm going to end up like those boys you see with the crotch round their knees if I'm not careful. I feel a trip to Maman JoJo Bebe in Balham coming on tomorrow morning. I hope that their sale is still on. I'm glad about the fibroid, very reassuring. And am impressed with the home ante-natal clinic. Given that I live so close, I'll be round. Have you got ultrasound equipment yet?

Crisps, again howls of laughter reverberating around the Hood about your appolntment. Classic. What on earth is boob cheese? Glad that your bro is on the mend. Great that he lives in Bristol. I love Bristol, that is where we are thinking of moving to. You have reminded me what it was to be a 15 year old girl changing my shoes at the top of the alley because it was raining and my mum tried to make me wear wellingtons (I mean really!) to school. Of course now I'd be happy to wear wellies. Who wants wet feet all day? smile. Oh God, we have this to look forward to don't we? our DDs will be 15 before we know it.

Keep losing the remotes is hilarious. Now when I lose mine, the first place I'll look is under the bump! That is my most inaccessible spot at the moment. That and the foof but if the remote is in there then that is another story ;-)

Does anyone else use the app by any chance? It keeps throwing me out when I try to access this new thread. It is happening on the phone and ipad. I can access the old thread and any others but not this one. I've even tried deleting and reinstalling it but to no avail.

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