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Anxiety about birth

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Peregrin Thu 01-Aug-13 16:37:04

No experience with either, though I considered hypnobirthing too (ended up spending a pile of money on other things with various complications so I figured I'll just watch youtube videos/read around and pick up the main ideas).

Since fear may actually make the birth experience more difficult, hypnobirthing sounds like a very good idea for you IM(uneducated)O.

Just wanted to say also that my midwife drilled into us that there is No Such Thing as Being a Failure when it comes to birth! Tell your inner critic to stuff it.

ElBombero Thu 01-Aug-13 14:29:29

Midwife seems to think hypnobirthing or yoga might help.

My birthing anxieties all stem from a traumatic birth with my daughter 2 years ago. Since finding out I was pregnant this time I'm simply struggling with acceptance of a normal delivery. Added to this I have had a blood clotting disorder diagnosed so am on daily injections and growth scans every 2 weeks. Baby is doing well, head is down and been engaged since 31 weeks so all looking like it will go to plan. The docs / midwives are being really supportive and I have been offered elective section / epidurals etc.

However.... when I had DD, apart from suffering from post traumatic stress and not really enjoying her for the first few weeks, I am this overwhelming feeling of being a failure grin( It was a very prolonged 2nd stage of labour which resulted in her eventually born in theatre with an episitomy and forceps, I felt like a failure because I couldnt push her out. The idea of not feeling any pain this time is appealing but I still have that real longing to feel childbirth, to do it on my own. But, despite wanting a natural birth the thought of it frigthens me to death, it doesnt seem possible for my body to go through that pain again, I truly feel my anxiety of what may happen will stop me relaxing and birthing normally. So after a huge out pour of this with my midwife she has suggested hypnobirthing or yoga as Plan A, and if it doesnt work we still have Plan B.

Any experiences before I spend a fortune??

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