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feeling sick, dizzy and have period pains, advice!?

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chloebruce93 Thu 01-Aug-13 09:13:10

So for a week or so i've been having period type pains - just achey, not painful. Haven't thought much of it because i've heard/been told that it's fairly normal. Last couple of days i've also been feeling really dizzy, need to lie down a lot (still working fulltime) and and sick. My appetite has gone, anyone else experience this? I'm 34 weeks!

lola1980 Thu 01-Aug-13 17:18:12

I'm due next week and the past few weeks ive also felt like this. The crampy pains are the added weight of your baby and probably it moving down into your pelvis. I'm guessing the faintness and tiredness are a lot to do with the heat, it's bloody killing me! It's awful being pg during a hot summer isn't it x

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