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Nervous about tomorrow...

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JodiLeighLeigh Wed 31-Jul-13 17:20:57

Hi Everyone,

I've been bouncing about for about a week, happy as Larry about my much so that I haven't actually considered what's going to happen at my first docs visit in the morning. shock

Can anyone tell me please? If there's blood involved, I'm going to need to give myself a rather pathetic pep talk! x

ThedementedPenguin Fri 02-Aug-13 09:06:55

jodi my Dp came to every midwife appointment and scan during my first pregnancy. It was great having him there as nearer the end I kept having to go for growth scans and I was glad he was beside me the whole time.

Not sure what will happen during this one although I'm only 4+6

JodiLeighLeigh Fri 02-Aug-13 08:43:50

Thanks K8eee

I'm more concerned as to whether the midwife is going to look at me like I've brought a stray lol.

I'm there at 10:30. Will be interesting to see if she agrees that I'm 7 weeks or if she insists that I'm 8. 8 lines up with the only stupidly light and short bleed I've had since implant removal. But if I'm 8 weeks, it means we DTD 6 weeks ago, which I know we didn't as I'd had some bad news and wasn't up to much. We did have a filthy weekend 5 weeks ago though wink So in my head, 7 lines up...

K8eee Fri 02-Aug-13 00:10:50

Glad all went well at the drs this morning Jodie! smile

To be honest I'd be we'll made up if dh insisted in coming with me to every appointment. I'm just expecting him to come to scans or any major appt if it'll really affect us both.

JodiLeighLeigh Thu 01-Aug-13 15:22:00

They have a weekly midwife session on a friday apparently but they've had to cancel next week's, so he figured tomorrow woukd be better and it'd mean we have more notice to get the scan in. We're certainly not waiting around!

On another note, is it normal for OH to come to midwife visits? He's insisting...

quackojuliet Thu 01-Aug-13 15:13:45

I didn't see midwife til 12 weeks! Depends on your area I think,its normal here.

blondebaby111 Thu 01-Aug-13 14:42:18

Glad it went well for you, blimey tho...your doctors don't hang around. I had to wait til I was 8 weeks before I saw a midwife xx

JodiLeighLeigh Thu 01-Aug-13 08:49:18

couple of typing fails there - sorry!

JodiLeighLeigh Thu 01-Aug-13 08:33:30

I have to say, my doctor was much better than I'd expected after hearing other people's hearing experiences. He has be booked in to see the midwife tomorrow and wants me to bring a urine sample to confirm the pregnancy. Blood pressure is fine, weight could be better etc...

One thing that does upset me...he point blank refuses to prescribe me any antihistamines. Which is a complete ball ache! Good job most of my pregnancy will be in winter and autumn I suppose.

woollysocksaresexy Thu 01-Aug-13 08:05:35

Well my doc was utterly wonderful, full of congratulations and excitement for me, happy to answer any questions and just chat to me for 10 mins when I was completely dumbstruck and disbelieving, so you never know!

JodiLeighLeigh Thu 01-Aug-13 07:38:06

Such a strange thing to know there's something in there but not to be able to know beyond all doubt for another X weeks.

That said...there's definitely something in there this morning. I'm in the docs waiting room and my womb feels all stretchy!

MrsDeVere Wed 31-Jul-13 22:25:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PassTheCremeEggs Wed 31-Jul-13 22:23:08

I was so shocked when I was pregnant first time - didn't have a clue what I was meant to do so like everyone else here, called doctor to make appointment.

Me - "I've found out this week I'm pregnant,"

Receptionist - "Right. Do you want to keep it?"

quackojuliet Wed 31-Jul-13 22:18:34

Don't worry...such big news can take a good while to sink in especially before you feel any different. Congratulations!

JodiLeighLeigh Wed 31-Jul-13 21:18:54

Picked up some pregnacare a couple of days ago they've got to make enormous margins on each pack...they're not bloody cheap!

Still feeling like a bit of a fraud when I take one though. Suppose I need to wait for my mind to catch up with my uterus! wink

blondebaby111 Wed 31-Jul-13 19:41:04

I was very lucky and didn't get a huge amount of symptoms and I just worried until I had my scan. Seeing the baby on the screen was the most amazing feeling ever and it made it seem very real Symptoms usually start around the 6\7 weeks mark but you may be lucky too. After I did a few tests I stopped testing as it was driving me insane as I kept anaylising the line too much so for my own sanity I stopped.

Just be positive, it is really happening and just be sensible in what you eat and do and you'll be fine. Doctor also advised me to take pregnancare xx

Smitten1981 Wed 31-Jul-13 19:34:44

The first confirmation I got was at my 12 week scan. They didn't even check at the booking appointment.

I saw the doctor and was told to inform the midwife as the doctors don't deal with it anymore.

Congratulations by the way grin

JodiLeighLeigh Wed 31-Jul-13 19:30:50

Thank you blondebaby111

Looks like I have to hang in there on the 'making it feel real' front until either I get more severe symptoms or until my booking appointment! No fair!

Then again, me and DP are telling my mum on Sunday, and she's been pestering for a grandbaby for quite some years now regardless of how young I was when she first started! so she should kick up the fuss my brain may need!

blondebaby111 Wed 31-Jul-13 19:21:37

Jodi, I was a bit shocked at my first doc appointment that they didn't retest. All that happened was my height, weight and blood pressure was checked. He filled out a form and said from now on I would get free prescriptions and my prescription card would be sent in the post and to wait for a midwife to contact me.

That was about it really! A fortnight later I got a letter with a date to see the midwife and again that was just filling out forms about family history. Nothing is really done until you have your 12 week scan.

Congratulations btw flowers

JodiLeighLeigh Wed 31-Jul-13 18:44:34

*dontputaringonit8 - for me, I'd just like the confirmation to hear to from a professional. I trust the tests I did but keep feeling the need to buy more so I can check it's still there! (possibly irrational, I know)

JodiLeighLeigh Wed 31-Jul-13 18:40:14

I have a bit more podge to shift than you then I think confused. But I've had words with my weight watchers lady and she thinks I was doing well enough that I won't find it massively difficult getting back on track after the pregnancy.

In an ideal world, I'd obviously be quite a bit lighter. Honestly though, the reading I did indicated that getting pregnant after 6 years of the implant without having a single period after removal is so rare, it wasn't worth factoring in! Must remember to account for the highly improbable in future!

dontputaringonit Wed 31-Jul-13 18:31:36

Why do they need to confirm? Home preg tests are as good as the ones they have - probably better!

I found the 10 week midwife appt as pointless as the doc appt. She told me i needed extra care because of a couple of long standing health issues but didn't see a comsultant at all. May as well start you at the 12 week scan!

It will be fine.

K8eee Wed 31-Jul-13 18:27:40

I don't think I'm overly over weight, I could lose some if I exercised but I work a lot of hours. My gp definitely wasn't much help, even the receptionist said so! grin I think I was in there all of 5 minutes!

JodiLeighLeigh Wed 31-Jul-13 18:18:58

I can't be much more than that either K8eee - I was testing every 2 weeks so I knew when I needed to make sure I didn't have a drink. Congratulations to you! And even more congratulations when it actually hits home!

Not looking forward to the doc criticising my weight - I had intended to lose more but hadn't anticipated that I wouldn't have a period between my implant removal and seeing that plus sign! I'd seriously thought I had a few more months' wait!

K8eee Wed 31-Jul-13 18:09:53

Jodi I was EXACTLY the same as you but was told to self refer, he did my blood pressure and weight (when I stepped on the scales his reaction was 'OH WHOAH!!!') so I filled in a form and have tried to give them a call but no answer hmm I'm no more than 5/6 weeks

Congratulations by the way! smile

JodiLeighLeigh Wed 31-Jul-13 18:02:40

I had hoped they'd at least confirm sad

This is my first, and I can't be that far along. It doesn't quite feel real yet - the symptoms I've had other than the boob soreness and slight growth I can just attribute to being under the weather.

I'm reading absolutely everything I can (always my strategy when something new happens to me) but I'd have really liked a medical professional to confirm that I'm not dreaming!

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