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When did dp first feel baby move?

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lilstar Tue 30-Jul-13 21:10:50

When did your dp/dh first feel the babies movements? I am 23 weeks tomorrow and it still can't be felt from outside. I have an anterior placenta and the sonographer told me because of that it might take longer for others to feel it...just wondering if I can get an idea of how long?

Franykins Sun 04-Aug-13 23:34:52

I've been waiting to write on this thread. DP felt the twins for the first time yesterday morning at 23 weeks smile and has now started talking to them. i think its become a lot more 'real' now for him.

I on the other hand can't sleep or get comfy sad

lilstar Mon 05-Aug-13 08:38:51

Hey Franykins! I am finding it a nightmare as well getting comfy at night now, dp got me one of the long pillows which helps keep the belly up in a more comfy position when i'm on myside. Can't imagine what its like at this stage with twins though. Its nice to be able to share the movements now tho. Its funny how all of a sudden they get that wee bit stronger.

Franykins Mon 05-Aug-13 11:54:12

My DP mentioned one of those pillows for me but I've found them for about £40! Maybe I should research and find them cheaper somewhere. I've always slept in the foetal position but now I'm pg I either want to sleep on my stomach or back! Both of which are not recommended of course, and my bump is far too big to allow it anyway haha. DP offered to sleep in DSS's bed as the boys were sharing one bed (little monkeys) but I said what's the point in that as I still won't be asleep and all 6' 3" of him will be squashed into a bunk bed (although the vision made me laugh) So I ended up getting up and going into the lounge till I was falling asleep. Very kind of him to offer though smile

Definitely nice to share the movements and mad at how much a week can change things.

quackojuliet Mon 05-Aug-13 13:50:02

I got a dreamgenii pillow from tk maxx for 20 quid recently. Its good but I would feel cheated if I'd paid 40 for it. If you've the time and materials you could quite easily make up something similar - just like a long sausage shape with stuffing in.

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