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I need advice on induction for Thursday please

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dellabob Tue 30-Jul-13 11:59:21

I need some advice please.
I will be 42 weeks pregnant tomorrow after having a very uncomplicated and low risk pregnancy.
All along I've dreamed of a positive natural water birth aided by hypnotherapy. at 40 weeks the mid wife examined me and my cervix was very posterior and closed.
At 41 weeks I was still posterior but 1 cm dilated and the mid wife was able to perform a sweep, but not successfully. I had a scan and the chord and blood flow was perfect.

Yesterday I went for another sweep and there was no progression from 1cm at all. All along my husband has supported me in trying to avoid induction and let my body do what its built to do.
So yesterday, the consultant was ok and explained the risks but didn't really push for induction, but yet she didn't offer the monitoring, which I think I'd like. So, in the end I'm booked in for Thursday to start induction.

I just feel so defeated and lost in terms of what to do now as it doesn't feel right. I was so upset at feeling so useless that I gave in thinking my body just can't do it. I'm scared about my body being forced to go through labour when it might need a few more days but at the same time I'm scared about risks.

Can I do it? I've already dilated to 1cm at 41 weeks, does this mean that it is starting to happen just slowly for me?

Sorry for long post but don't know what to do and feel the clock ticking :-(

CheeseFondueRocks Tue 30-Jul-13 12:54:48

How sure are you of your dates?

dellabob Tue 30-Jul-13 12:57:17

Hi Cheese,

not certain at all! Cam off the pill in Feb, didn't have a period and conceived approx in the Oct. So can only go off the scan dates.

sarahleanne Tue 30-Jul-13 13:11:30

go with what you feel.
its your choice at the end of the day but you have to weigh up the pros and cons .remember the placenta starts to deteriorate but if you've had a scan etc and babies happy then its entirely your choice.
I have been induced twice now and desperate to go into natural labour this time so I can experience my body doing it on its own.
I have visions of me refusing to be induced for a third time but when it comes down to the crunch i'll probably go with whatever the professionals suggest.

workingtitle Tue 30-Jul-13 13:41:39

Hi Dellabob, I know quite a few people who have chosen to go over 42 weeks. NICE guidelines say that women who go post-term should be offered "Expectant Management" if they decline induction. So daily monitoring is the recommended option - it's absolutely your right to request this rather than induction if you feel it's right for you.

I would ask them to talk you through the risks of induction, not just the risks of expectant management - they often don't do this, but it will help you weigh things up. if you opt for expectant management you can judge things day to day. Please don't get pressured into something if you don't think it's right for you.

This blog always has some useful info, and the childbirth section of mumsnet might be worth looking at too?

Good luck X

bunchofposy Tue 30-Jul-13 13:47:41

I had the exact same situation as you with my first. I desperately wanted to go into labour naturally and was really upset by the thought of being induced.

In the end, I went along with the induction because it was what they recommended at 42 weeks. I know some people wait longer but I decided not to because of the small risk of placental abruption. It's a personal decision.

I had to forget the water birth, but it was all fine - I gave birth normally after 12 hours of labour and it was a really positive experience. My body was showing signs of being ready by then, but I think it would have taken a few more days to have gone into labour naturally. I know people who have ended up agreeing to the same drugs during a natural but prolonged labour anyway.

I am convinced that hypnotherapy techniques would come in useful either way, so please don't feel that is wasted knowledge.

Hope you go into labour before Thursday (you never know!) but otherwise wishing you as positive an induction experience as I had. xx

Toowittoowoo Tue 30-Jul-13 13:47:46

You have my deepest sympathies but I'm not sure I have any constructive advice. I was induced with DC1 and I didn't realise I had any option. The midwife just told me that I was 2 weeks over and would need to be booked in for an induction. I did question their dates (which I had always been confused about) but nobody really seemed to listen and the induction went ahead.

Now that I am 25weeks pregnant with DC2 I have given lots of thought as to what I could do differently but I am not sure that, however strong my feels are about being induced again, I would be able to ignore the medical advice that said it was safer to induce. I know, it is rubbish and not what any of us want but the birth is such a tiny part of my daughter's life that I hope I'll be more matter of fact about it being a means to an end this time.

Sorry, I'm not sure that was at all useful but that was my experience anyway.

bunchofposy Tue 30-Jul-13 13:48:24

(if you choose to induce that is!)

dellabob Tue 30-Jul-13 14:09:29

Thanks ladies. i appreciate all the support. I suppose it is right about it being a small part, but its my first and I just so wanted to be able to do it myself. I need to let go I think....

Toowittoowoo Tue 30-Jul-13 14:22:02

I hope it didn't sound like I was belittling your feelings - I am absolutely not and I really don't know what the right answer is.

Good luck with whatever you choose.

dellabob Tue 30-Jul-13 15:00:22

Not at all Toowitt.
I just need to hear other perspectives as I'm currently in a bubble and no idea. I feel so much pressure to make the right decision and I don't know what that it is.
My husband is amazing and supportive, which makes it that little bit harder to choose the right path.

bunchofposy Tue 30-Jul-13 15:02:52

Any birth experience is a major achievement! Go easy on yourself. Sure you get those few who have quickish, perfect first time births but most people I know had help one way or another, even if they weren't induced, and all of them still feel proud of themselves.

Good luck!

bunchofposy Tue 30-Jul-13 15:04:32

ps have you spoken to your midwife about these options? I burst into tears on mine when I was booking my induction and she was so helpful. Definitely give yours a ring if you're feeling confused and alone in your decision. xx

dellabob Tue 30-Jul-13 15:25:07

Thanks Posy.

Great blog Working, thank you

Piffpaffpoff Tue 30-Jul-13 15:52:40

Della I can't help you with your thought processes but I can tell you that I was induced twice, at term, both times for medical reasons. I was disappointed but had no other option. However, I did end up with two healthy babies and both labours were perfectly normal - 14 hours the first time (when the midwife deemed me 'unfavourable' and told me it would take two or three attempts -first time worked grin) and 3 hours the second. So my point here is that induction often gets a very bad press, I feel, because you only hear the negative stories. My experience was that it was fine and I still got my 'birth experience' - induction or not, I still had contractions, I still had to push, it was still sore!

My second point is this (and I'm really sorry to be so blunt) - how would you feel if you didn't get induced on Thursday, waited and then something went badly wrong? That would be the deciding factor for me.

Best of luck with whatever you decide - you're going to have a little baby soon!! envy

bunchofposy Tue 30-Jul-13 22:39:25

I agree piffpaff about induction getting bad press. I had geared myself to an almost certain c-section but mine was fine and otherwise a normal delivery.

Glad to hear the second one could be only three hours (I am a few weeks away from probably having another one!)

Good luck Della, and keep us posted! x

EATmum Tue 30-Jul-13 23:19:19

Another positive experience of induction here - after many horror stories told in the run up that really didn't help. Every birth is different and I think it is important to recognise that the day almost inevitably won't go as you are imagining right now - whatever happens.
My DD's birth wasn't as I'd imagined, but the few minutes (of a full 10 hour labour) that I remember twelve years on are sweet and positive, and all about her.
Rose tinted memories huh, they can't be trusted!!

Flatasawitchestit Tue 30-Jul-13 23:26:20

Are you being offered daily monitoring? I'd say ask for the date if IOL to be deferred maybe a further few days, as your scan was ok. Have you asked for further sweeps? I'd ask if it were me.

If you do get induced you could still use the pool, depending on what type of induction you need, discuss this with your caregivers. Remember guidelines are just that - guidelines.

I see many women that think induction means all options taken away, but actually I've looked after plenty of women that end up with a pool birth, or normal land birth.

Good luck.

Piffpaffpoff Tue 30-Jul-13 23:34:56

I was still able to be up and walking around during my inductions, even bouncing on that bloody bouncy ball thing. I was hooked up to a monitor though so I was slightly curtailed but I didn't really fancy going much further...

bunchofposy I should probably clarify the timings thing - both times I was induced at tea time and started getting contractions about 4am so it took about 11 hours both times for things to start. From there, it was 14 hours of labour first time ound and then 3 the second. The second time was amazing, because initially it was all going at the same speed as the first one. As a result, I was fully prepared to be at it all day - I couldn't quite believe it when she appeared after a mere 3 hours. Everyone was killing themselves laughing because I spent the first 10 mins of DDs life going 'are you sure? I'm finished? Really? Noooooo! Are you sure?'.

workingtitle Wed 31-Jul-13 09:44:31

Hi again dellabob, I just had an email from a friend who gave birth last week at 42+3 and thought you might like to hear an edited version of what she said, just for another anecdotal perspective!

I had 4 sweeps and refused induction three times. My bishop's score was 8. I had external foetal monitoring (CTG) and a few ultrasounds to check amniotic fluid levels, the placenta, and the fact that he was moving well. All times baby looked healthy and happy. We monitored movements (which will decrease if the placenta starts to fail, what they are worried about if you're post-term) and trusted our instincts. He was born without intervention after a 4.5hr labour and 30mins pushing.

I hope it goes well today whatever you decide.

dellabob Wed 31-Jul-13 10:57:58

Hi Ladies,

what a positive story Working, thank you for sharing.
I spoke to the hospital today after weighing risks/benefits and discussing with DH. We have postponed the induction tomorrow night and going in for monitoring/sweep again tomorrow. something just feels right about delaying a few days (42 wks today) but I could be completely wrong!!!

Will keep you posted and thank you for sharing. Obviously if any problems we'll be in the hospital in a heartbeart, but as all seems ok, then we are prepared to wait but open to a positive induction now :-)

Piffpaffpoff Wed 31-Jul-13 13:06:47

Della you sound much happier and confident about everything in your latest post, and it sounds like you have a good plan. I love a good plan!

Hope it all goes well and you don't have to wait too long.

workingtitle Wed 31-Jul-13 13:50:08

All the very best Della - whatever way, you get to meet your baby very soon! grin

Liveinthepresent Wed 31-Jul-13 14:09:31

Hi OP sounds like you have already had good advice and made the decision that feels right for you.

I have refused induction in both my pregnancies but for different reasons.

You may find these links interesting / useful -

Good luck - for both my births I am sure that I needed the pressure to be off before my body would start labour naturally so hope you are feeling relaxed now you have delayed the induction.

Good luck!

dellabob Thu 01-Aug-13 15:04:42

Thanks all. Had a flippin thorough sweep today and progressed to 2cm! Some of the plug came away...maybe something might start...?

Postponed induction tonight, and will have another monitoring sesh tomorrow.

I'm keeping everything crossed and scheduling in DTD tonight for further assistance smile

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