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Has anyone else gone really hairy?

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WhenSheWasBadSheWasHopeful Sat 27-Jul-13 08:45:55

I epilated legs and underarms yesterday. The stuff seems to be growing thicker and faster than normal.
The worst bit though is my belly, it's covered in a dark fuzz, couldn't quite suck up the courage to epilate it off so it stays.

Anyone else?

jbump23 Sun 28-Jul-13 20:51:59

So happy to find this thread! I have been so embarrassed when having my scans for my hairy belly :-( Its really fine but theres a lot of it, I used sensitive facial bleach to lighten it because its black but what ever you do ladies don't shave, wax or use any removal techniques it will make it worse and the chance of it leaving naturally after birth are slim if you start messing with it !

WhenSheWasBadSheWasHopeful Sun 28-Jul-13 20:18:24

I have hairy feet apparently grin not seen them in a while then.

I was really envy fakebook but you are right, best to have it bad for 9 months rather than all the time.

2Labradors Sun 28-Jul-13 20:01:12

I have hairy feet apparently. Luckily they're light coloured hairs as I hadn't noticed but DH kindly pointed them out grin

Kayshields Sun 28-Jul-13 11:32:09

Its odd for me, my leg and armpit hair seems to have stopped growing and instead has been replaced with a snail trail and a hairy bump :/ its very odd

fakebook Sun 28-Jul-13 08:21:54


extracrunchy Sun 28-Jul-13 00:21:16

Ok ok good point...

fakebook Sat 27-Jul-13 23:51:16

Extracrunchy, but you have non hairiness for the rest of your life, minus 9 months of however many babies you have. I will have a total of 27 months of non hairiness in 30 years of life. I think it's totally fair!

extracrunchy Sat 27-Jul-13 23:47:55

Not. Fair.

fakebook Sat 27-Jul-13 23:46:03

No I'm the opposite! I love my pregnancy body. I shaved my legs 6 weeks ago and the hair hasn't grown back yet and the ones that have are really fine.

Same with my eyebrows, done 6 weeks ago and no sign of regrowth.

I wish I could stay pregnant without the baby forever. Normally I'm quite a hairy person.

extracrunchy Sat 27-Jul-13 23:00:31

Wait not a yeti... A bear or something.
Anyway I'm more than a little bit fuzzy and very glad to hear you are too grin

extracrunchy Sat 27-Jul-13 22:17:28

Yep!! I'm a yeti.

Evi1984 Sat 27-Jul-13 22:07:58

Thank god for this thread. I've been so morto of my hairy belly and thought it was just me and was too afraid to ask anyone. I feel like I'm part monkey and feel so embarrassed every time I go to doc or have a scan.

QuietNinjaTardis Sat 27-Jul-13 20:06:55

I got a hairy belly when pregnant with ds, it did disappear after he was born so don't panic. I'm pregnant again and am a bit hairier but not as bad yet

JollyHolidayGiant Sat 27-Jul-13 19:43:19

My head hair is looking gorgeous at the moment. Last time loads of it fell out after I had DS though. Every time i went in the shower there'd be loads of hair fall out sad

Body hair seems unchanged and it was unchanged last time too.

DaleyBump Sat 27-Jul-13 19:39:45

I'm incredibly hairy and carrying a boy. Even started growing a beard! Plucked off some of the hair on my belly and got a horrible rash and my midwife was all worried when she saw it while listening to the heartbeat. I had to explain that no, I'm just really really hairy blush

blondebaby111 Sat 27-Jul-13 14:23:02

Yes me, it was one of the first changes I noticed before I foind out I was pregnant, shaved my legs one day then the very nxt day they were growing back eeek!!!! O've also found I've got slightly hairy fingers which is near my knuckles which is pretty grim, thank god I'm blonde as if I were dark I don't know what I'd do!!!

Babycino81 Sat 27-Jul-13 14:17:35

I think it's normal- if not I am rapidly turning into chewbacca.

HelgatheHairy Sat 27-Jul-13 14:15:12

Oh and I'm having a girl.

HelgatheHairy Sat 27-Jul-13 14:14:50

I'm actually the opposite, my hair growth has really slowed down. Before I would have to shave my legs every day, now I can get 3 days out of them. Same with underarms. My eyebrows seem to have almost stopped growing completely and I haven't had to go near my top lip in about 7 months! Chin I epilate every few months, rather than weeks.

Anothermrssmith Sat 27-Jul-13 12:02:58

I've suddenly got loads of hair under my chin, thankfully because of where it is its not noticeable but I'm plucking it anyway. Also have a lovely line of hair on my belly, at this rate I'll have more body hair than my husband!

TinyCC Sat 27-Jul-13 11:34:35

I've definitely gone more hairy in some places, and less so in others. Not having to shave my legs as often (or wax my tache, how lovely) but underarms sprout at an amazing rate and my chin's terrible.

jazzcat28 Sat 27-Jul-13 10:56:44

Yes! I have gone from shaving my armpits once a week to almost every day! Also my 'ladygarden' seems to be travelling north up my belly, and east and west across my upper thighs <glamorous>

Not finding out sex but have had zero sickness just tiredness, sore boobs and hairiness so perhaps the signs are there it's a boy!

AnythingNotEverything Sat 27-Jul-13 10:49:15

No one tells you just how glamorous pregnancy is.

WhenSheWasBadSheWasHopeful Sat 27-Jul-13 10:41:46

Thank goodness it's not just me. It's a boy so maybe that explains it (although others have a hairy bump with a girl).

I didn't even consider it might be permanent sad will keep away from the razor.

RNJ3007 Sat 27-Jul-13 10:39:55

I am having a boy. But then my Hyperemesis has been far, far worse this time, which is unusual.

That said, I was super hairy with my girl too.

My body doesn't like pregnancy!

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