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Urgent advice please

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namechangedjustforthis Fri 26-Jul-13 20:53:26

I'm currently on holiday in Africa, found out I was pregnant last Saturday, started bleeding Saturday, very very heavy fresh red blood, so much so flooded for two days, still bleeding now but not as heavy, so thought I had an early miscarrige on Saturday, however pregnancy tests have been getting darker each day. Today I've started feeling a stitch like pain in right hand side, tonight it's getting sorer but not constant at all, just if I move. I end up doubled over with pain? I'm 5 weeks tomorrow (if I am still pregnant) if I was at home I would go get checked out, slightly worried it could be etopic? But no shoulder pain, do these symptoms sound like it could be? Would hormone level still rise if I had miscarrige last Saturday? I've googled and if it was etopic it would usually rupture between 6-8 weeks? Would it be totally stupid waiting till I'm home on Monday before getting seen? I have 3 kids with me in a foreign country, couldn't be a worst possible time! X

FoofFighter Mon 29-Jul-13 16:42:31

sad very sorry to hear that lovey

nextphase Mon 29-Jul-13 18:50:56

Sorry to hear your news. Glad your in safe hands. Have you got friends and family nearby irl to support you and the kids?

namechangedjustforthis Tue 30-Jul-13 09:34:08

I've lost the baby, couldn't see anything on scan. Bloods showed high hgc levels so got to repeat on Wednesday to see what they do, to confirm :-( xx

namechangedjustforthis Tue 30-Jul-13 09:47:36

I didn't think my message had posted as it was still in the box so sorry for posting it twice, had such a bad night, I didn't react at all when I got the scan i was quite sensible about it all, but as soon as I got back to the ward the nurse was lovely to me and gave me a cuddle which set me off, lol so those nice nurses should be sacked! They were all really lovely. I keep thinking at least it's now and not months down the line, but it's still hurts. Maybe I'm just feeling really down due to the hormones I have in me, ironic as soon as I woke up I felt the wave of nausea, it's pretty cruel that the pregnancy hormones stay for a bit after baby has gone.

I have my own business, working with newborns! Got a 5. day old baby due in today, I could cancel but then there's more due in tomorrow etc so I think I really need to do it and get it out the way, but its going to be hard :-( the way I'm feeling just now I will cry! Xx

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