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Please support me, pregnant womens rights in work

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jbakedbean Tue 23-Jul-13 10:44:14

Hello fellow Mumsnetters,

I'm sorry to have to ask but I really need all your support and support of those who you know. I have to be very careful with my wording for legal reasons so I won't put in much detail, but I have put in a link to my facebook page which I would really appreciate if you liked it, followed it and shared it with your own network.

My employment has recently ended whilst I am pregnant which was certainly not my wish. I cannot describe the emotional, physical and mental stress that this situation has put me, my unborn baby and my family through. I am lucky, I have a supportive partner and family however there are other women in a similar situation that don't have this support. At a time when you really want to avoid confrontation and stress it is no surprise that many women don't have the strength or energy to stand up for themselves and their rights.

I personally find the idea that my personal and professional network may think I have chosen to leave employment out of choice or that I have stopped taking an interest in their well being and their careers much more stressful than going through the horrible, yet necessary process of standing up for myself and my rights as a working and pregnant mum. I just hope that something good can come out of this for myself, but also other women, and ideally help employers to avoid situations like this themselves.

My facebook page and website has been set up to protect my professional reputation, to raise the profile of women, mums and mums to be, rights in work, especially whilst pregnant and also to support anyone else who finds themselves in a similar situation, and hopefully by doing all this it will prevent at least one person having to go through what I am.

So please support me, spread the word and if I can help in anyway my details are connected to the facebook page. I'd be very happy to hear from you.


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