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Pregnancy symptoms for 4 weeks but neg test!

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Blan85 Sun 21-Jul-13 21:50:14

Hi guys! I am new to this as I am so confused. I got my implant out on the 16th may 2013. I got my first period on the 9th of June which was a normal period for me that lasted for 5 days. Then 2 weeks later I had slight cramping on and off for 2 days. On the 6th july (26 days later after my first period) I got a much lighter period which was more dark and brown, no cramping which I usually get and only lasted 2-3 days. After I had this strange period iv been constantly hungry, never really feel satisfied after my meals. Iv also had very sore and sensitive boobs for about 4 weeks now. I struggle to get comfy on my front in bed. Also iv noticed my nipples stand out a lot more even tho its roasting hot! I now notice wee bumps standing out on the bigger circle of my boobs (sorry I can't remember what you call them) as for heart burn I suffered bad after the removal of my implant but that went away and today iv had bother with it! 2 weeks ago I do a test and it was a faint positive or poss a evaporation like I don't know but the next day it was neg. I tested today also and it's still neg. this is driving me crazy as I don't know if I am pregnant as we are ttc or what's wrong with my body! I have been having cramps again today but period not due for 11 days! Has this happened to any one and what was the out come? Any help would be great thanks!! X

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