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PG after MC - Keeping the worries at bay with Posifrickingtivity!!

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Chocolateteabag Sat 20-Jul-13 23:30:57

New thread ladies!

Happy birthday for tomorrow Bod sounds like you have a lovely day lined up!
DH is looking after DS tomorrow so I can go for a trip into York and a mooch round the shops. First stop will be a child free latte in Betty's!

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Thu 15-Aug-13 09:59:48


justpoppy Thu 15-Aug-13 09:57:59

Now that I can do saggy. And when I say work full time I seem to be mostly MNing full time at the moment anyway. grin

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Thu 15-Aug-13 09:49:31

Well work and then rest. Let everything else wait!

justpoppy Thu 15-Aug-13 09:45:04

eugh yea I don't think I could cope with all that optimism either!

justpoppy Thu 15-Aug-13 09:43:57

Unfortunately I work full time saggy.

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Thu 15-Aug-13 09:40:55

Listen to your body Poppy. Just rest. Housework and all that other stuff will still be there later! K

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Thu 15-Aug-13 09:38:11

To be about 6, and although they are nice, they are too innocent and optimistic for me nowadays. I do envy them their naivety but I can't really engage.

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Thu 15-Aug-13 09:35:55

See, I told you it was lovely here! wink
I've ditched the March bus in favour of here, they all seem t

justpoppy Thu 15-Aug-13 09:31:55

Hi everyone. Thanks for the lovely warm welcome. So nice to know that I can come on here and off load to people who actually understand.

Having a bit of a wobble today. Feel very tearful and just want to curl up and do nothing for the next two weeks. I'm so incredibly tired. Have been asleep by 9.30pm every night this week so far but wake up feeling no better. That and the tight pains low down are still the only symptoms though. I long to wake up feeling sick (crazy as it sounds!)

sleep when I had my MMC the sickness stopped pretty abruptly at about 7 weeks. I thought I was exceptionally lucky at the time time not to feel sick. hmm I would try and look at your sickness as a good sign. Easy for me to say though I know.

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Thu 15-Aug-13 09:29:16

My MC was a little different as it was ectopic, but I was spotting for at least a fortnight. I too had a total sense of doom! I too am worried this time, but looking back I just Knew how it was. I told lots of friends and family, and I think this was almost to try and subconsciously make things right, and prparing my support network for the gathering storm. I must have done 20 pregnancy tests and still never found a moments contentment.
This time around, I've done 2 tests and told a few people, and I do generally feel positive. I do have lots of moments of worry, but its not the same. I still won't be able to relax for at least the next fortnight, but I really think that's more just general lack of ignorance of what can happen than subconscious terror of what is going on.

WhatWillSantaBring Thu 15-Aug-13 09:16:14

Sorry bod - obviously you will not be my scanner, because you're not the actual machine. I meant sonographer. grin

WhatWillSantaBring Thu 15-Aug-13 09:13:32

I had two MMCs sleep - with the first, I felt horrendous from weeks 5-7 and then my symptoms disappeared overnight and I felt totally un-pregnant. With the second, I had no symptoms at all and never felt pregnant at all. With this pg (I'm 20 weeks) I had nausea/tiredness from 6 weeks till about 9 weeks, and then the nausea disappeared, which freaked me out, but I still "felt" pregnant, if that makes any sense at all. From what I've seen on the mc boards, actual sickness is very rare with a mmc.

Do they really not have any private clinics? If you get to the stage where it is affecting your ability to function, I'm afraid I would advocate lying (and if you don't have a publically funded health service in your country, I wouldn't feel guilty about it either!!). I know that's bad, but I also know how utterly all consuming the fear can be. (I lied to get an early scan with MMC #2 after the midwives advised me to, - really glad that I did because otherwise I could have gone on for another 5 weeks before discovering it).

Scan doom approaching for tomorrow - I can feel more movements/kicks, which is good, but I'm terrified of being told there is a major life-incompatible problem, because I'm not sure I would have the strength to make the decisions required. sad And terrified of being in there alone if its bad news. bod - can you wear a pink carnation tomorrow, just in case you're my scanner and then you can hold my hand at the same time grin

TeaAndANatter Thu 15-Aug-13 08:38:53

Hi sleep,

I did still have symptoms with the mmc, but also a strong sense that something 'wasn't right'. I had a heavy pressure in my lower right abdomen that hadn't felt like the two that ended well, and just (sorry to be unclear) a 'feeling' of not rightness. It definitely wasn't the same as the feeling of psychological worry I have all the pigging time with this one following mmc (and only 4+4 too so far with this one), it was a sense that my body physically didn't feel as it should. Hope this helps even a little.

Rockchick1984 Thu 15-Aug-13 07:47:17

X posts Sleep smile

Rockchick1984 Thu 15-Aug-13 07:45:29

Re pregnancy pillows - have a look on eBay, they are loads cheaper. Alternatively the other one from Argos (the long bolster-type thing) is actually just 2 pillows in a big case, I got a cover like that from eBay for about £3.50 last time and just put 2 normal pillows in rather than £25 from Argos! No idea where its gone, so will be buying another one once I've had 12 week scan.

Sleep will your EPU not scan you, or could you pay privately? It's awful having to wait so long, although the closer you get to 12 weeks the less chance of miscarriage so if you can't then at least you know things are less likely to still go wrong!

A week today til my 12 week scan... Actually vaguely excited about it if I don't let myself panic although I'm sure as it gets closer the fear will kick in!

sleepcrisis Thu 15-Aug-13 07:40:47

Thanks for the replies. I would love to get a scan. I am not in the uk and although I have been told tere is somewhere I can get an early scan for £100, I have since found out this is not true. It's a weird system here and there is no way of getting an early scan unless I am bleeding. I see the midwife next week so will obv try all I can short of lying!

Re flying, I flew a lot during 1st trim of my successful first pregnancy, and I have a flight in 2 weeks when I will be 10 2weeks. I'm fairly certain it's fine but don't k ow any guidelines.

RainbowConnections Thu 15-Aug-13 07:26:44

Thanks for replying Anda and Bumpkitty. Yep, I'm sure its fine. Wobble over!

BumpKitty Thu 15-Aug-13 07:02:00

rainbow I'm pretty sure the research shows that flying is not a risk for mc, it would just be unpleasant to mc whilst on a plane but no more likely than anywhere else. There was a thread about it a while ago, I think the research was done with female pilots and cabin crew.

sleep we have all been there and the waiting is torture, I had an early scan at about 9 weeks and I would definitely recommend it, mine was £70. If that isn't an option then you need to distract yourself, plan something for each day and focus on it, you will drive yourself mad trying to analyse symptoms and it just isn't very accurate. I like kjh's advice - save the worrying till you know there is something to worry about. I know it is hard though xx

kjh5 Thu 15-Aug-13 02:18:34

sleep I'm sure everyone feels this way - I'm perpetually worrying and I'm only 4+4. Had a proper cry- fest earlier this week and then realised that I cannot do this to myself over the next 8 weeks. So I keep reminding myself of the manta 'today you are pregnant'. If I mc again that is a future problem I'll deal with but right now trying not to worry myself over something that may not even happen.

Midwife told me that if you are still having symptoms it is generally a good sign things are progressing well. I'd say MS is a pretty good sign you're on track with this one.

Is there anyway you can wangle a heartbeat scan at 8 weeks to set your mind at ease? I know there are places that do it privately but not too sure of the cost. I know its hard but Try not to get yourself in a panic - is there anything you can do to distract yourself over the next few weeks? Organise to meet up with friends or treat yourself? X

andadietcoke Wed 14-Aug-13 23:57:57

rainbow no idea about guidelines but this pregnancy I flew to Texas at 4 weeks, Munich at 9 weeks and Cyprus at 19 weeks - didn't even think about it to be honest.

RainbowConnections Wed 14-Aug-13 23:08:55

Hello to new people.

Sorry not to respond to recent posts, just wondered if anyone has any thoughts on flying?

I need to fly home for a family funeral and I'm really worried about MC risk from flying. Which made me think about flights the week after when we're due to fly back home for a holiday. They're short domestic flights so probably silly to worry? I can't find anywhere online specifically saying theres a risk, NCT website says to check with GP first. I'd need to claim an emergency appt to see my GP before i go and being a paranoid lady is not an emergency.

I'm 7 wks. Am I being really irrational? I travelled lots when PG with DS but was so relaxed then.

Bodicea Wed 14-Aug-13 22:30:24

Hi sleep, you can still get some symptoms with an mmc. As your body is still supporting the pregnacy sac I. E with hormones but this does not mean you have had one. Can you get a private scan maybe for reassurance in a couple of weeks maybe?

Will have a look at those pillows think I will def get something. If can use for baby after might be worth he spend xxxxxx

sleepcrisis Wed 14-Aug-13 22:03:53

Hi everyone

It's been a good few days since I was here, I find these long threads so hard to keep up with!
Before I forget, for those with pelvic pain I had some success with osteopathy in my first pg but I was acupuncture that really helped. I also remember it being really bad towards the end of 2nd trimester but from then on into the 3r it actually startered improve.

I've had a really anxious few days and I have 5 more weeks of uncertainty! Am 7 weeks and no chance of getting an early scan sad I have horrendous morning sickness which I curse every 5 mins and then as soon as I get a reprive I worry that no symptoms = doomed pregnancy. I really don't know how to get through the next 5 weeks! I know that I had miscarried by now last pg so that is some comfort. However I know 3 people who have had mmc/blighted ovum in real life and I have convinced myself that will happen to me. Can anyone tell me, with a mmc do you continue to have symptoms? Is my sickness really a good sign or just a real bummer!?

The other thing is that I am showing already! I can't do up any trousers although I know it's just bloating. That and the appealing diet. I usually eat so well but today I have eaten 2 pizzas and a burger! And a croissant! Wtf?!

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Wed 14-Aug-13 21:57:18

Thanks. Ive found it now. x

JanieLovesLuckySocks Wed 14-Aug-13 21:50:48

Hmm my linking skills are crap on my phone!! its the Summer infant body support pillow xx

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