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Transverse lie hospital admission at 37 weeks - any experiences?

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xxMeribelxx Thu 18-Jul-13 13:15:00

I'm 36 weeks at the moment, had appointment today and my baby is lying transverse. Have scan booked for next week at 37 weeks and have been told if it is still transverse, I'll be admitted to hospital, and then have an elective C-section at 39 weeks. Just wondering if anyone has been through this? I'm not bothered about having a C-section but quite upset at the thought of two weeks on a ward, particularly being away from my 2 year old for so long. Do you know if they put you on bed rest or can you walk around the hospital/get some exercise somehow? Did you manage to sleep at night? Have a horrible memory of no sleep on postnatal ward but I guess there won't be any screaming babies on the antenatal ward?

I know about the spinning babies website and positions etc to try to get her to turn, am more interested in people's experiences of being admitted. Thank you!

AndHarry Thu 18-Jul-13 15:35:54

I was in for a week before having DC1. It was pretty boring, occasionally livened up by someone going into labour. The antenatal 'ward' was a bay on the normal maternity ward but the babies were in other bays so I slept well, just woken for observations.

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