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really freaked out by 3d scan...

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happysorts Wed 17-Jul-13 16:48:19

I'm 34 weeks pregnant and have just got back from a routine growth scan. Baby is healthy and everything was medically fine, so I feel really petty now for thinking this, but the sonographer printed out a 3d scan of the face and I am totally freaked out by it.
The picture just looks odd to me. It has massive lips and a big nose which neither dh or I have. I'm not really sure how to explain this, but I just can't equate the picture with the baby I have inside me. I wish I'd never seen the it. I actually feel disturbed looking at it (although compelled to do so).
I know that the most important thing is that baby is healthy, and I am truely delighted at this. I'm feeling terrible for worrying about anything else.
I guess i'm wondering if anyone else has had a 3d scan that freaked them out? Or a scan that showed massive lips? I have done a few searches and can only find people overjoyed with their scans who say the baby looks just like dad etc...

georgie22 Sun 21-Jul-13 12:06:51

I've never quite understood why anyone would spend well over £100 on a 3D scan when all those I've ever seen look so freaky. Dh completely vetoed it in our first pregnancy when I would have had all the scans available. This time round I'm not at all bothered - don't know sex of baby and certainly don't want to see it in 3D.
Don't worry OP your baby will be beautiful when it arrives!!

fluffyraggies Sun 21-Jul-13 08:17:47

I lol'd at SlimePrincesss comment too.

This thread has really made me laugh tbh. I think it's such a good thing to hear these 'real life' thoughts and experiences. Looking at the advertising for these scans you are led to believe every pic. will be beautiful. Clearly this is not true.

I've never had a 3D scan - but might have been tempted this time as this will be my last pregnancy. After reading this i don't think i'll bother. We've had enough worry, and worrying about baby being a goblin is one we don't need! grin

So thank you for the thread OP smile and i'm sure your baby will be just beautiful.

urtwistingmymelonman Sun 21-Jul-13 07:34:37

lol at the tony soprano comparison slime!

urtwistingmymelonman Sun 21-Jul-13 07:33:09

I know what you mean.
all 3d scans look weird to me.
I never had one with my son and im not having this time round either.
even the normal scan for my boy looked strange(like he had a cocktail sausage stuck on his face instead of a nose!)
but he was and is gorgeous.
no need to worry.

CrackleMauve Sat 20-Jul-13 16:36:07

My baby looked exactly like Gollum in her 3D scan pics. Thankfully she did not look like Gollum when she was born.

Hooya Sat 20-Jul-13 12:16:13

I had one 2 weeks ago and baby looked like he has a giant nose... was starting to worry then spoke to friend who had exactly the same worry!

I think the pics get very easily distorted, we have decided just to ignore from now on and judge him when he comes out instead wink

ch1134 Sat 20-Jul-13 11:28:14

Your baby looks beautiful!

HenriettaPye Fri 19-Jul-13 21:06:10

DS looked nothing like his 3d scan- he looked like a mouse in it!!smilesmile

susiey Fri 19-Jul-13 20:52:22

You see at a routine scan they switched the machine 3d and having always been freaked out by other people's I loved mine! It was dc4 and the scan looked like all my other babies the family resemblance was uncanny!

Mamabear12 Fri 19-Jul-13 16:21:11

I loved the 3d scan and plan to get second time around with this baby. Although, some pics did look funny!! Lol she didn't come out looking like the pics. But I liked the bonding experience of 3d scan and was fully prepared baby would look like alien (like I saw on google images for other 3d scans).

chickabilla Fri 19-Jul-13 12:46:57

I had a 3D scan at 29 weeks with DD because I was worried and wanted to check she was ok. She had massive lips and a big nose but came out with perfect, tiny features. dont worry!

Franykins Fri 19-Jul-13 12:12:08

We have decided against a 3D scan, I've never really liked them. However, we paid for a private scan at 17 weeks as I wanted a scan of our twins together (didn't get one at the 12 week scan and I didn't think to ask - just been told it was twins so was in a bit of shock) with out private scan they give you a free 3D trial and one pic. Needless to say 17 weeks is too early for this and I think they do it to entice you to pay for it later on. The pics put me off even more if I'm honest. I love my little wriggle bubbas but I don't' want to see them like that again.

We have our 20 week scan (I am 21 one weeks though) in 2 hours (excited and nervous) but I can't wait to see them on screen and get pics from this scan. I keep looking at the 2D scan pics we have and I love them. I think its because you can tell they are babies and see the head, hands, legs etc, but its not in enough detail to look alien like.

MrsHY1 Thu 18-Jul-13 15:26:55

Lol this thread has convinced me not to have one! I'm already freaked out by the 12 wk scan where it looked like a goblin grin

toni1bump Thu 18-Jul-13 13:35:54

The nice sonographer shown me a sneak preview of 4D at my early gender scan and she looked like a bat. It was.weird! and she had her hand up near her head sticking her middle finger up! i wont be having one!! lol x

happyyonisleepyyoni Thu 18-Jul-13 08:33:35

Agree with the pp who said it is like looking at something you are not meant to see. We saw DD in 3d at her 20 week scan and it was very strange. The sonographer warned us she would look very skinny and bony and she did. Mind you she is still a little shrimp now at 2.5yrs.

foxybingodotcom Wed 17-Jul-13 19:19:49

I equate those weird 3/4D scans with looking in the oven at a cake too early. You're always disappointed cause it's not right, yet it won't be because it's too early iyswim?!

SlimePrincess Wed 17-Jul-13 19:05:12

I remember mine. It was like looking at a swirling mass of offal and then all of a sudden the face of Tony Soprano would appear.
Apparantly the nose thing is quite common. It's something to do with the cartilage taking shape.

Ficidy Wed 17-Jul-13 18:58:31

Aww, that's a beautiful photo. Seriously. I think your baby looks perfect.

TheSecondComing Wed 17-Jul-13 18:14:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

happysorts Wed 17-Jul-13 18:06:35

I'm sure your right Toby!

happysorts Wed 17-Jul-13 18:04:05

Me neither clabs!
I think if my scan had major alien like distortions it would be easier for me to discount it, but as its just big features in human form its getting to me more.
The other thing it reminds me of is a picture from one of those Victorian books of the dead.
Anyway, I feel more reassured now so thanks!

TobyLerone Wed 17-Jul-13 17:59:47

3D scan or not, if you're expecting the baby to look like you or DH when it's born, you're probably going to be very disappointed indeed. Babies look like babies. Anyone who reckons they see a family resemblance in a newborn is likely just seeing what they want to see.

As far as 3D scans go, I hate them. DH wants us to have one. I think they're creepy.

MrsVDB Wed 17-Jul-13 17:58:07

My friend had a scan which showed huge lips and came out normal. I wouldn't worry

FannyFifer Wed 17-Jul-13 17:55:39

It's totally a distortion, it's not an actual photo.
It works by echoes and sound waves so can look weird depending on position, amount of fluid, prob how much fat between it and baby plus various other things.

Honestly don't worry, every one of these scans look weird with distorted noses etc.

clabsyqueen Wed 17-Jul-13 17:50:15

You could be describing my child! Neither I nor OH have big lips or broad noses but this LO certainly has on the 3D scan. Sounds like some squashing is normal. I never want to see another 3D scan again. I actually was shown one accidentally at 12 weeks or so. Truly truly hideous.

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