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Antenatal first visit

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LincsNewMummyToBe30 Thu 18-Jul-13 07:37:18

Whoops! Crampy....

LincsNewMummyToBe30 Thu 18-Jul-13 07:36:50

Haha, that's my worry! In which case, I'm moody, campy, bloated and knack erred all the time, with no good reason! smile

maja00 Wed 17-Jul-13 17:12:47

The first few weeks waiting are horrible - even at my 12 week scan I thought they might tell me I'd just imagined being pregnant grin

LincsNewMummyToBe30 Wed 17-Jul-13 16:35:00

Ok, thank you ladies, I feel better knowing its normal not to see them straight away- think I am just excited, and wanted to check the 3 tests i took were not wrong, and that I do have a little bean, and he/she is ok!

CylonNumber6 Wed 17-Jul-13 16:32:14

Sounds about right to me!

I had a similar experience then saw my mw at 7 weeks for the full 1 hour Spanish inquisition. 7 weeks is quite early for this I believe.

But yeah, for now all you need to do is take the folic acid, don't drink or smoke.

purplemurple1 Wed 17-Jul-13 16:30:58

Congratulations! smile

8 to 10 weeks is about normal for your booking appointment (thats the first appointment with the MW), and then a scan abour 12weeks.

Have a look at the NHS website and it has a list of foods to avoid in pregnancy, safe alcohol limts etc. You need to stay on folic acid for at least the first 3 months, although personally I've carried on with the preg vitamins as I got headaches and very tired when I stopped them (prob low iron).

Of course if you get any complications sooner than your appointment, like being very ill, cramps, blleding, insist on seeing your GP or MW straight away, as if you can't keep down very much water or food it can be harmful to you and bb.

maja00 Wed 17-Jul-13 16:27:28

All you need to do now is take folic acid and don't drink or smoke.

The midwives will probably want to see you around 10 weeks for your booking in appointment, and then will book you a scan for around 12 weeks.

LincsNewMummyToBe30 Wed 17-Jul-13 16:23:31

Hi, I (think) I'm about 5 weeks pregnant, but not entirely sure as I only had my contraceptive implant taken out in March, so my monthlys weren't exactly normal anyway! I've been a bit shocked at the lack of input from my GP, who basically just gave me the number for the midwifery team, who have told me they won't see me until the end of August? They are sending me some sort of information pack? I had done my own research about prenatal vitamins, and have been taking Sanotagen Mother to be vitamins which have 10mg vitamin D and 400ug folic acid, since march-but have been given no advice as to whether I'm doing things correctly! I'm a first time mum to be, so I'm nervous...does this all sound fairly familiar or should I be insisting on more information?

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