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Anyone taking Cyclizine for sickness/nausea and or time off work

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BellaPamella Wed 17-Jul-13 14:02:40

Hi all I just joined today.

I'm about 9+2 today and having sickness mostly in the a.m. (Sometimes at dinner time) and nausea rest of the day since 6 weeks.

This is my 4th week off work and I very hesitantly gave in to taking Cyclizine. I feel so guilty sad about taking the Cyclizine and for being off work so long!

I took it for a few days at the weekend and felt a little better but not 100% however it makes me very woozy which makes it difficult too look after my 2.5 yr old/drive etc.

I don't have HG or anything I can keep most things down but don't have a huge appetite so that's not much! I think because I'm eating so little I'm tired and have no energy which sucks for my little boy. I'm literally just trying to get through each day. Again the guilt!

Had a little pity party last night after feeling and being particularly bokey all day long and my hubby hid downstairs. He just doesn't get it. Broke down and started taking the Cyclizine again. Feeling better today only mild nausea but still had the usual morning sickness.

I had sickness/nausea all through my first pregnancy and lost about 2 and half stone (10lbs this time so far). My doctor at the time never mentioned any medication and told me it would ease off. It never did. I struggled to work most days but I was younger and fitter than I am now and didn't have a poor sleeper of a toddler and my job was easier.

I know the sickness is such a good sign, we had a m/c @ 10 weeks in July last year and I had only very mild nausea at 6 weeks then it stopped. And of course that is in the back of my mind. Can't wait to get to my scan and hopefully everything is ok!?!

Don't even get me started on the state of my house!!

Just wondering if anyone else is using/used Cyclizine in previous pregnancies, did it work? Is there a magic formula to taking it to stop the sleepiness.

Also has anyone taken much time off work to deal with sickness and nausea in early pregnancy?

sparkle101 Wed 17-Jul-13 14:14:05


I have been taking cyclizine throughout this pregnancy. I'm now 36+3 and on one tablet twice a day.

I couldn't keep anything down for the first 16 weeks, am now sick a couple of times a day but know when I haven't had the cyclizine I have been much worse. I had two weeks off work about week 8/9 but the cyclizine has definitely helped.

I was worried a out taking it in pregnancy but it is a lifesaver and wouldn't be prescribed if there were issues, in regards to tiredness this lifted about 11-12 weeks and I'd put it down to the pregnancy rather than the tablets anyway iyswim.

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

woollysocksaresexy Wed 17-Jul-13 14:18:18

Hi Bella, I have been taking cyclizine since 6 weeks and am still taking it at 19 weeks! Lots of women have taken it and it is generally seen as very safe. It was certainly the only thing that meant I could do anything other than feel like I was dying, all day and all night. I still vomit regularly, and get very nausesous at times, but I can cope with it, go to work, do normal things. Without it each day was just a battle just to get through each hour, total misery, so for me certainly not a magic cure, but I can't do without it just yet, despite trying!

RedRobin1 Wed 17-Jul-13 14:40:45

Hi Bella, , I didn't have HG either but had severe nausea from week 5-7 which increased to vomiting two to four times a week and then eventually by week 10-13 I was hurling up food through my nostrils 4-5 times a day.

Like you the early nausea had stopped me from tidying the house, lack of energy as I was unable to eat much, had lost my appetite and pretty much fell miserable and down about the pregnancy. I was lucky enough to be working from home through most of my first trimester but i would have to be signed off work if I wasn't as I felt like total and utter shit 24 hours a day.

What helped me was a Maxolon prescription from the GP - they are 10mg antisickness tablets and they finally made me feel human again and I was able to stop vomiting. I wish I had taken them earlier and prevented my misery. Don't feel guilty, you are doing the right thing. Cyclizine is considered safe but I never tried it as Maxolon (Metaclopromide) seemed to do the trick for me.

Week 15 here and it finally seems to have gone (touchwood!)

misskatamari Wed 17-Jul-13 15:36:41

Bella sorry you're feeling so awful. I'm in a similar boat and have been signed off for three weeks. Luckily I'm a teacher so it's end of term and I can hopefully spend the summer holidays resting and fingers crossed feel better.

I know it's horrid being off work - you feel so guilty and people don't understand how awful this can feel if they haven't been through it. You just have to try to put the guilt out of your mind and accept that you are ill, no matter what the cause, and that you need rest until you are feeling better. Big hugs

Haylebop12 Wed 17-Jul-13 15:50:51

I took cyclizine from 6 weeks. I was lucky that I was well enough to stop at 14 weeks. I too have another child (4yo) so can definitely sympathise in that level. Now at 27 weeks I'm feeling a million miles away from what I did and baby is 100% healthy.

Don't feel guilty. Your health and well being is just as important as your baby's. I did have hg and would not hesitate on taking it in subsequent pregnancies.

I was too signed off work (8 weeks in total) due to the side effects. Don't rush back to work and don't worry about the house. Your health is more important :-)

Champagnebubble Wed 17-Jul-13 16:18:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CylonNumber6 Wed 17-Jul-13 16:41:57

Hi Bella,

I'm exactly the same sad. Constant severe nausea and exhaustion with some vomiting in the evenings. House is a right state and have been off work 3 weeks (am wk 7 now).

previously prescribed prochloperazine which did nowt. Now on something similar to Cyclazine but again, its not doing much.

My GP practice have been fab thankfully, and I'd be neither use nor ornament at work so have stopped feeling guilty about not being there.

Feels like a bit of a daft thing to be off with but I feel rough as fuck just lying on the sofa.

Wish someone would come clean my house for me tho! grin

Hope you feel better soon, take whatever they give you, these drugs have all been well tested in clinical trials.

sprite25 Wed 17-Jul-13 20:18:35

Hi BellaPamella, I had terrible nausea/sickness from about 6 weeks and still have the odd day where I feel nauseated right to the pit of my stomach. I was given cyclizine when my midwife was worried I might get dehydrated through sickness and I took it 3 times a day for god knows how long, then weaned off them to two then one a day (I still have a pack in the bed side table just in case I need to take one). Please dont feel guilty about taking them, you need to do whatever you can to be able to get through each day as feeling that way can seem to last forever and make the days drag. You cant be disciplined at work for taking time off for pregnancy related illness so dont worry about that. Talk to OH and explain to him how hard this is for you and how you need his support and understanding while this is happening, even if its just taking DC out for a little while so you can have a lay down as I found being tired just made me feel even worse and didnt even know until recently that cyclizine can make you drowsy which in some ways doesnt help. Things like house work can wait, you need to look after yourself and dont feel bad if you need to ask someone for help. I hope it soon passes for you and you can get on with enjoying the rest of your pregnancy.

Thurlow Wed 17-Jul-13 20:31:24

Took Cyclizine from weeks 6-9, it didn't do it for me so I moved to Stemetil and took that until the day DD was born. DD is fine (though obviously that's not scientific), and I fully plan to take it again if I have another pg - I'll probably ask for a prescription the moment I find out!

You need to take care of yourself too. Obviously this is hard with a toddler too, but work is the least of your worries at the moment. Get signed off and try and get some rest when you can. Remember that eating regularly, even if it is only a few bites of something, helps keep the nausea at bay a little bit.

BellaPamella Thu 18-Jul-13 12:21:06

Thanks everyone for your replies and support. I've taken Cyclizine before bed the last 2 nights to avoid the woozy feeling as much as possible so I'll keep on with that and see how I get on.

although I'm not 100% (can't go not the kitchen or even think about it without wretching) but I'm definitely less nauseas.

Champagne bubble I bought some melon I think it's just trial and error like you say.

I'm off on holiday in September so crossing my fingers I'm feeling better by then!

Thank you flowers thank you thank you xxx

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