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Natural Nappies

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DMH Mon 05-Jun-06 23:03:33

Just wondering if anyone has used natural nappies? I'm a first time mum (or will be in 5 months!) & trying to decide whether to give it a go. I live in Glasgow so I'm guessing there must be some firms that do it, you can get them delivered & picked up, or do it yourself. Is it practical? I like the idea of doing it but do they actual work properly? Anyone tried it?

expatinscotland Mon 05-Jun-06 23:19:34

Ooooooo. Welcome to our little world!

You're speaking to a convert here.

Does your council have an incentive programme and free trial pack? Edinburgh has and it's FAB: two nappies, a wrap and some fleece liners and boosters plus nappy bag.

Let's see, where to start . . .

Have you done a search in the Nappies/potty training area of the board. LOTS of stuff there!

Give it a bash - it's fab.

VERY practical - you can get nappies shaped like a disposable and all you do is put a 'wrap' - like another nappy - over it and go - sometimes you can put an extra bit of cloth in as a 'booster', say at night or if your baby is a heavy wetter. The nappies even fasten w/Velcro (Aplix) if you like.

pupuce Mon 05-Jun-06 23:19:59

What do you mean natural ? If it's cloth you mean... there are many many hreads on this (under nappies

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