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My unborn baby is so cheeky already!

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HeffalumpTheFlump Tue 09-Jul-13 17:32:05

I'm 26 weeks and my unborn dd makes me really laugh. She won't let anyone else feel her move. The minute anyone else puts their hands on my belly she goes completely still and will not move again until they have stopped touching me, no matter how long we wait.

I have even had to chase her around my belly because I touch one part and she will kick the other side, and keep moving so I can't feel her.

I can also clearly see her jerking about from the outside now, my whole belly twitches. However, the minute I say 'DH quick, look!' she stops. Even if I say nothing and just grab him and point, she stops!! I'm starting to look like a complete nut, but its so funny!

Anyone else got a funny unborn baby like me?

HeffalumpTheFlump Wed 10-Jul-13 10:29:12

Eeyore - you won't have to wait until then for the karate chops to the bladder. I'm 26 weeks and on several occasions have had to literally run to the loo because my delightful little angel has decided to bounce on mine! Did it in town yesterday only to get to the loo and do a measly trickle!

josiejay Wed 10-Jul-13 10:33:27

I do think babies show personality in the womb..I'm sure I saw something on TV once where they showed unborn twins 'playing' and the more dominant twin continued to be that way once they were born. And in both my pregnancies the baby never moved when DH tried to feel! They can feel the difference between their mother's touch and someone else's, and they recognise voices too. It's really amazing and wonderful, actually, so why not share the excitement?

Congrats OP on your pregnancy and I hope nobody on here has put a dampener on it for you.

kd83 Wed 10-Jul-13 10:44:09

hee,hee, Heffalump, mine is the same. Wriggling around all over the place, kicking the midwife when she tries to get a heartbeat.

it also responds loads to DH's voice. As soon as he puts his hand on my tummy and talks to the baby it goes mental!

Baby also likes a good party in there, or practising some form of martial arts, between 11 pm and 4 am which I'm not best pleased about!

HeffalumpTheFlump Wed 10-Jul-13 10:48:56

Josie - thats amazing about the twins!! I have read in my pregnancy book that once baby is big enough to feel a hand or a foot from the outside, they can play with you. You poke a hand/foot, they might poke back. And they play with their umbilical cord, that's really cute smile

Bunnylion Wed 10-Jul-13 11:11:25

OP congrats on your pregnancy! It's such a wonderful time smile

My baby also freezes as soon as anyone else tries to touch him. I have a theory (medical professionals please correct me if this is impossible!!) that when you suddenly freeze to listen or look for something you might release a chemical that could get through the placenta to the baby - causing the baby to do just the same without the baby actively controlling this action. So when you suddenly freeze and grab someone's hand to let them feel the baby, the baby freezes too.

Then, if that's possible, I was thinking about how when I'm hormonally up or down, or full of energy or very sleepy maybe my baby is feeling the same to some degree, possibly even frowning or relaxing his face with the involuntary feelings! It's a lovely thought that's made me feel very connected to my baby.

We all connect to our babies in different ways.

babyhmummy01 Wed 10-Jul-13 11:27:53

heffa I have had the same issues connecting for the same reasons ironically. So I am loving the little personality developing inside me. She is a proper little character. She loves to scare the dog, I am sure she knows when my patterdale is asleep on her cos all of a sudden she will punch out really hard and the poor dog gets skittled off my lap and winds up in a heap at the other end of the room. The look she gives me is hilarious, I am certain the dog thinks its me doing it.

TheFalconsmistress Wed 10-Jul-13 11:28:43

28+5 here and the same happens to me all the time. If dh lies his head on my tummy she like to give him a good hoof though grin

TigerSwallowTail Wed 10-Jul-13 11:38:33

I see the mn snobs are out in force hmm

My daughter was the same heffa, dp didn't get to feel her move for quite a while as she's stop moving every time he put his hands on the bump. In the later stages I used it to my advantage as she'd dig her feet under my ribs at nighttime and kick me really hard, so I'd grab dp's hand and put it on the bump to make her stay still and give me some peace.

ComtessedeFrouFrou Wed 10-Jul-13 11:50:10

Mine makes me giggle (apart from the bit where he or she gets some exercise by running on the spot on my cervix or stretching his or her heels out against my bladder hmm).

Baby is a pro at hiding from daddy but we discovered the other day that the baby is a Rolling Stones fan - specifically, Get Off Of My Cloud smile

It almost makes up for the haemorrhoid the size of a blueberry I am suffering with

SoupDragon Wed 10-Jul-13 11:54:41

I see the mn snobs are out in force

i wouldn't say 2 were "in force"

Monka Wed 10-Jul-13 12:01:31

I'm nearly 36 weeks and always rubbing my belly and always talking to the baby especially at home. Still at work so don't do it all at work have to maintain professional image even though at times the mask slips! The baby's movements are much more defined now and they move at specific times during the day and night so I know when to expect their movements. It really is amazing and something only you will ever share with the baby so just enjoy it and who cares what other people think!

Rollermum Wed 10-Jul-13 12:07:55

My baby is exactly the same - I am 31 weeks and every time I grab my husband to feel movement the baby goes completely still. I wonder how / why this happens?

Hefflalump - that would be a useful skill!

HeffalumpTheFlump Wed 10-Jul-13 12:18:11

Babyh - I don know if you were the same, but I was scared I would never have this. I was so shocked and scared at first that I thought i would never feel this bond. I had convinced myself that I was a failure at it from word go. I didn't get that instant swell of love after poas, but it's grown and grown as the weeks have gone by. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I'm still terrified, but I feel so warm towards my baby now it's lovely.

Tiger - that's not a bad idea, my baby has just discovered my ribs. I think she thinks they are a xylophone! Always on the right side, right at the bottom!

Comtessed - a blueberry?! Fucking hell you poor woman.

TigerSwallowTail Wed 10-Jul-13 12:35:29

soup what they lack in numbers they make up in attitude!

babyhmummy01 Wed 10-Jul-13 12:35:49

Heffa - snap! 17 years of being told I would never conceive as didn't produce viable eggs and then out of the blue I had to poas to prove a point that it was my meds making me sick and nearly passed out with shock when the line appeared. It's not so much the worry of failing for me, more the fact I still can't quite believe its actually happening. Just keep thinking that someone is gonna rock up and tell me its all a joke. But the closer it gets the more the fear is setting in. So I love the fact I can feel her personality developing, and the fact she torments my mum is hilarious!

HeffalumpTheFlump Wed 10-Jul-13 12:44:19

Wow that's quite a story! Mine is much more boring! Got told I have pcos, very thoughtless sonographer told me my ovaries were both in a bad way and I would be unlikely to conceive naturally. She shouldnt have said any of that really. I wasn't having periods for at least 6 months at a time, but we had one split condom and I fell pregnant. I didnt think there was any need whatsoever for the morning after pill as I had really convinced myself I was in for years of ivf etc. Shocked isnt even the word!! DH is ever so proud of his "supersperm"! Glad to hear your little one is bringin you giggles like mine is for me grin

babyhmummy01 Wed 10-Jul-13 12:54:21

Snap on the pcos, but that alone isn't enough. I know tons of ppl with it who have conceived naturally so the sonographer was a prat! I got told when I was a teenager that the amount of cysts although small and the years of no periods meant the ovaries weren't producing eggs just theses cysts so chances were I would need IVF with donated eggs. I always said if I was meant to be a mummy it would happen on its own but never had. Left exh in June, got with someone else very quickly (long story) and never saw point in contraception as both knew our history and colour us both shocked at a positive lol. My parents have ribbed dp about his supersperm too which makes him highly embarrassed but I think he is secretly puffing up his chest so to speak with pride too

HeffalumpTheFlump Wed 10-Jul-13 13:12:14

DH has since had some testicle issues which we aren't sure whether they will have affected his fertility or not. I am very much a believer of things happening at the right time, and so wonder if this might be our only baby and thats why it happened how it did. I wonder if you were meant to be parents with your dp, rather than your ex, so that's why it happened now? Funny how these things work out!!

Gonnabmummy Wed 10-Jul-13 13:19:46

babyh I hope your right my little one has never woke me up through the night maybe he will sleep crosses everything grin

babyhmummy01 Wed 10-Jul-13 16:26:29

Heffa that is my thought too!

Gonnabe you will have to let us know although I am sure feeds will count lol

Gonnabmummy Wed 10-Jul-13 23:51:49

babyh are you due in August? Think I noticed your name in the antenatal thread and if bf goes to plan I'm sure there won't be much sleeping at night sad

babyhmummy01 Thu 11-Jul-13 08:43:52

Yes hun!

shellandkai Thu 11-Jul-13 09:04:25

My baby is the same I'm 27 wks today, she loves it when my ds talks to my belly, and when he puts his head on my belly she gives really good kicks she kicks for her daddy too but if it's anyone else she just stops moving lolgrin

poachedeggs Thu 11-Jul-13 09:57:53

Haha, I wonder how many people have read this thread, rolled their eyes, sighed, and decided against commenting for fear of seeming churlish grin

valiumredhead Thu 11-Jul-13 10:02:44

I have no businesses on the pregnancy boards seeing as I haven't been pregnant for 13 years, but I remember how exciting it is to feel your baby move.

Of course babies have personalities, not cheekiness, but we all knew what the OP meant.

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