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Pity party

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Franykins Tue 09-Jul-13 09:04:55

Yay! So pleased your afternoon was better and your friend cheered you up. Fab that you got some clothes - I am desperate to get some shorts but can't get into town at the moment so I am back to 3/4 leggings and vest top today. Thank god my office is nice a cool!

HeffalumpTheFlump Mon 08-Jul-13 17:50:25

Thank you so much for your lovely lovely replies. So sorry to any others who are feeling shite.

Friend came over and brought her iron and presents for the baby. Made me cry again but in a nice way. Then I put on the trousers and we went to town.

Primark was not my friend today!! They had barely anything over a size 8, (I was a 12/14 pre pregnancy) and the things they had in a 16 were massive everywhere but stretched tight on the bump! Gave up on primark, but managed not to cry, big achievement!! (I did manage to get a lovely fleecy blanket for the baby and two adorable washmits though)

Went to h&m and managed to get some shorts and a floaty top that were in the sale, so felt a bit better smile

Thank you again for all your lovely words! I hope the rest of you who are struggling are feeling a bit better too.

MortifiedAdams Mon 08-Jul-13 17:19:23

Hi OP,hopeyou have had a better afternoon x

Franykins Mon 08-Jul-13 14:47:14

I second Primark! I am 19+3 with twins and massive! I am hot and irritable but am living in primark atm. Their vest tops are only £2 and nice and long, although my waist has gone up 5 inches (!!!) I am still in my pre pg ones because they have so much stretch smile Them and cheap leggings, eBay do cheap maternity ones and I got some full length and some 3/4 ones. Also large t-shirts if vest tops are not comfy for you (I actually feel a lot slimmer in them as baggy stuff is just tenting out over my bump so I feel even bigger) Also H&M maternity stuff is lovely and I got a great maxi dress in the sale for £5 smile Defo get your friend to bring her iron if she can - along with cake and ice lollies.

Hope you feel better soon. I had a massive blow out at my DP last week after insisting I have not been hormonal! looks like it all came out in one go, bless him. He just said if you need to shout at me please do, anything that helps and makes you feel better - bonus!! he may live to regret that as the heat hangs about and I get fed up hehe.

SummerMyArse Mon 08-Jul-13 14:38:22

If it's any consolation I stopped putting on weight/size at 28 weeks.

No really. Dr told me I should pay attention to my weight (am in France) as I was gaining too quickly which really depressed me. I decided not to bother (I had severe morning sickness so just ate whatever I could).

Totally naturally I stopped putting on weight. In fact, at 38 weeks I asked the midwife if it was normal that I'd only put on 1kg over the last 10 weeks and she said she wasn't worried because they look at weight gain from the beginning not by trimester (and I'd basically put on all the weight I should in the first 2 trimesters).

Definitely get yourself some comfy clothes. I did maternity clothes on a budget with DS (wore the same 5 tops to work for WEEKS) but now am TTC n°2 I wish I'd bought a few more things.

Badvoc Mon 08-Jul-13 14:27:05

Oh you poor love.
I was of with ds1 in the horrendously hot summer of 2003. Temps in high 30s.
Could your friend lend you an iron?
Are you sure your sore third isnt hay fever? Can you take hay fever stuff when pg?
Tbh you have all the excuse you need to sit around in your pants eating ice cream smile

MissStrawberry Mon 08-Jul-13 14:25:19

Seriously, linen creases so quickly just wear them as they are. Driving for that long in the heat and feeling like crap is silly.

Sort out what you can change, ignore what you can't.

AnythingNotEverything Mon 08-Jul-13 14:21:30

There are some really cheap maternity clothes on eBay, plus there's a sale at ASOS at the mo.

You've long enough left to buy some more bits - you can't manage another potentially 16 weeks with one pair of linen trousers!

I'm 26 weeks too. Thankfully my hormones are happy rather than blue right now, but I know it's hard. Have a good cry, replace your iron, ask for help if anyone can help!

This will pass!

MonstersDontCry Mon 08-Jul-13 14:15:04

You poor thing. sad I had a day like this on Saturday. I was sitting on the bed injust a bra and knickers, staring into the wardrobe, crying because nothing fits. DP was trying to be nice but I just wanted to hit him!

Agree with pp that said to ask your friend to bring an iron over. Have a good moan to her it will make you feel loads better. smile

sprite25 Mon 08-Jul-13 13:57:51

Feel slightly silly posting in this as Im only 18 weeks but I feel huge and disgusting, made the mistake of weighing myself yesterday and felt like just crumpling onto the floor and sobbing. I have no energy to make an effort with my appearance (crazy eyebrows, jagged finger nails, prickly legs) which makes me feel worse. I have constant headaches, heartburn and constipation and feel like I have no social life while DH is happily going along in a happy bubble while I just feel fat and miserable sad I agree with going with cheapo clothes I refused to buy maternity clothes when all my other stuff starting getting tight but managed to get cheap leggings and floaty t shirts from primark which I couldnt be without

gillybeandramaqueen Mon 08-Jul-13 13:25:56

You're not alone!!!!

I am 29 weeks and HAYOOOOGE - practically the same size as the girl next door who is 37 weeks and about to drop any minute. . .

Cry as much as you like love. Cry it all out

Check this out... I love it:

. . . very comfy, very flattering and super cheap! Order usually arrives in less than one week.

Hugs xxx

bunchofposy Mon 08-Jul-13 13:11:56

Poor you! I also looked like I was due at 26 weeks. If it's any consolation, I'm pretty sure my bump stopped growing after that initial spurt.

Mothercare have a half price sale on blooming marvellous clothes atm. Can recommend the £4 t-shirts and £10 cargo pants - they are really light and comfy. Even fifty quid will help make you feel better.

Also H&M do a pay next month thing so you could spread out the cost - I bought one or two really cheap tops there and they are lovely. I have no money either but it's been worth it just to actually have something to wear in this weather!

SourSweets Mon 08-Jul-13 13:05:42

Oh.. You'll feel better after a cry! I agree, oversized primark dresses all the way, they're cheap and quite nice.

Eat lots of ice chips and ice lollies. Just have an easy day, you're entitled to it.

I am nearly 36 weeks and also suffering in the heat. It's awful. I can't open any windows because if the bloody cat. Plus I have SPD, baby is engaged so I constantly feel like I need to poo. My boobs are killing me and leaking all the time, I just ordered a bra 2 sizes up and it's still too small. I'm getting BH constantly. And now I think I have thrush.

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing but it is bloody hard work. You and your body are doing amazing things.

ThreeEyedRaven Mon 08-Jul-13 12:31:41

Oh bless you, I agree with everything mortified said. Text your friend and ask for some help, I'm sure she'd be more than happy to help x

vkinski Mon 08-Jul-13 12:31:33

Oh we all get days like this, feel free to shout and ball! What about going up a couple of sizes and getting some maxi dresses from Primark? Hopefully will give you the room and comfort you are looking for and are much cheaper than maternity clothes.

Agree with the other posters, get your friend coming over to bring her iron and some cake!

MortifiedAdams Mon 08-Jul-13 12:17:49

Oh is ok. If you cant have a good old cry for nothing when pg then when can you?

When I was heavily pg with dd, I searched for an hour at work for an elastic band, found one, and it promptly snapped. Well, I was beside myself. A lively colleague just came and brought another one to me, and didnt say anything. How dare he be so nice grin I was a mess.

HeffalumpTheFlump Mon 08-Jul-13 12:12:19

I like cake. <sob>

You're being nice to me. <sob>

I was not a cryer before falling pregnant. <huge pathetic sob>

MortifiedAdams Mon 08-Jul-13 12:10:17

Ring your friend and ask her to bring cake and her iron. Text your dh and tell.him to bring you an iron home from argos [under a tenner].

H&m do great maternity leggings for £7 - so comfy they really helped me.

Once your friend has gone, watch a sobfest of a film (sometimes actually crying helps), then have a nap.

HeffalumpTheFlump Mon 08-Jul-13 12:07:33

Crying my eyes out because:

I'm 26 weeks and look like I'm approaching my due date.
I am so hot I cant get comfortable and keep fainting.
I have no clothes that fit comfortably anymore except linen trousers.
DH shoved my linen trousers in the cupboard and made them so creased I can't wear them. He thinks he was being helpful, I want to kill him.
The iron is broken so I would have to go to my mums to use hers, a 20 minute drive away.
I didn't sleep last night because of the heat.
I think I have a throat infection and feel really poorly.
The last floaty dress that still sort of fitted me is now stretched across my bump and I look rediculous.
Maternity clothes are so expensive I cant afford to buy any more because DH might be about to lose his job.
Everyone else has been enjoying the sun and I feel like I'm missing out.
My hair has suddenly decided it won't do anything I want it to. I feel the least attractive I have ever felt.
My friend is coming round to see me and all I want to do is dig a hole and die in it. Not exactly good company.

If anyone else would like to join my pity party they are more than welcome. I'm going to continue crying until I feel in any way better. sad

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