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Changing the baby -explain to me please

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Bejeena Mon 08-Jul-13 09:04:54

Ok so I am expecting my first baby in August, not long to go now so I have started to set everything up and make sure all the stuff is in place.

What I am wondering is why everyone is looking at me like I am a complete nutcase when I say that I plan to change the baby's nappy in the bathroom? Everyone looks at me as if I have two heads but for the life of me I don't get why?!

We hope to use cloth nappies if this makes any difference and will have space in the bathroom for a changing area perhaps we are lucky our bathroom is so big?

For the life of me I can't understand why folk think it is so odd, to me it would be the most normal place to do it if you had space. Or have I totally missed something here?

SoHHKB Mon 08-Jul-13 09:07:53

My dd had cloth nappies and the bathroom was the perfect place to change her so you can drop all the crap straight down the toilet!
As with all parenting, smile at all advice and do it the way that suits you smile

crazyhamsterdisguisedasahippo Mon 08-Jul-13 09:07:55

I think with our first we all plan to do it in a specific set up place , but when it comes down to been exhausted & a screaming baby that wants its nappy changing then you really won't give a crap where you change its bum

readysteady Mon 08-Jul-13 09:10:02

Yes when using cloth we changed in bathroom otherwise you have to carry crap filled liner through house! So no you are not being crazy! Best of luck! We used cloth at home and Eco nappies when out and about all day and nursery. X

NoComet Mon 08-Jul-13 09:11:12

Why should people look like you're a nut case DSIL always changes her DCs in the bathroom, it's huge and has a big old bookcase full of baskets of towels reusable nappies, books, bath toys etc.
By contrast the DCs rooms are tiny.

My house is the complete opposite. My bathroom is the size of a postage stamp. A changing mat fills the entire floor and my legs are out the door.

CitizenOscar Mon 08-Jul-13 09:13:07

Not crazy at all if your bathroom is big enough, has a suitable surface & somewhere to put the stuff you need.

MrsHoarder Mon 08-Jul-13 09:14:28

Not at all: DS's nappy was nearly always changed on his changing table when at home (no room for it in bathroom though envy)

WallaceWindsock Mon 08-Jul-13 09:15:04

I think partly due to feeling sore, achey, dead etc after birth you won't want to go up and downstairs twenty times a day and will want a change mat 2cms from the sofa but also as PP says once exhaustion kicks in you'll just change them anywhere. Baby's are messy - poo explosions which soak through clothes onto your lap, the sofa, their bouncy chair etc. bringing milk up everywhere etc so I find its best to not spread out as much! if they've already made a mess of their playmat then I change on there to keep mess in one place and then bung it in the washing machine.

I had plans with DC1, made up a changing area, was disgusted at people who didn't seem as oorganised as me. Fast forward to DC2 and he gets changed on the carpet while I try to discourage DD from eating the sudocreme grin

NoComet Mon 08-Jul-13 09:20:46

So I've always changed the DDs on the spare bed because there was room to move and store stuff.

DF with twins kept changing stuff in her big bathroom and the corner of her living room because it was way easier not to cart two babies/toddlers up an down.

MikeLitoris Mon 08-Jul-13 09:28:50

We had our changing unit in the bathroom. Ours is downstairs.

Dd wasnt changed on it religiously though. I always found it easier and quicker to change on my lap.

Just do what suits you and ignore everyone else.

StealthPolarBear Mon 08-Jul-13 09:31:46

I think most people would struggle to find space in the bathroom. I dont think it's strange look worthy though.
For the first few weeks we had changing stuff upstairs and down. You do it almost every hour and the first week or so it took both of us!
We got strange looks as we didnt have a changing table. Changed on a mat on the floor from day 1. I dont see why you wouldnt, mobility problems exceptrd.

adagio Mon 08-Jul-13 09:44:12

If I had space i would change in the bathroom! Instead its in the corner of our bedroom on the floor. In the early days when a poo happened every hour we also had a basket of nappies etc in the lounge along with the free changing mat that came with the bag from boots, but once she settled into a couple of goes a day it is easier to come upstairs, near to emergency clothing changes etc.

Oh and FWIW I was very surprised how runny baby poo is (EBF) not sure I could have coped with reusable in the first few of weeks!!

Bejeena Mon 08-Jul-13 10:14:16

Thanks everyone for the clarification I was wondering if I had totally missed something. We won't have the issue about upstairs or down because (shock horror this is a whole different issue and also 'unthinkable' to most) we live in a flat so from wherever we are be it bedroom, nursery, living room it is no more than 10 steps to the bathroom and no stairs to climb. I kind of see the point of changing anywhere if there has been an explosion but I just can't see how it would be feesible to store nappies etc in the living room, I'd have to get up to get them anyway so may as well pick baby up and take him to bathroom to change. However I realise this might be a different reality when the baby is here but we'll see. I can just see I more hassle having to get up and get wipes, nappy etc to do it where baby is at that moment and then having to put them away again than just getting up and going to change area!

lurcherlover Mon 08-Jul-13 11:09:44

I don't see the big deal OP. I have a biggish bathroom and have always changed both dcs in there too. I hate having mess all over the house - toddler toys are bad enough! - So try to keep it contained as much as possible. I had a c-section with dc2 and still managed to get up the stairs when she needed changing.

I find reusables better than disposables with runny baby poo btw, especially if you use a two-layer system (nappy and wrap rather than an all-in-one nappy). They keep everything contained really well. Oh, and fleece liners work loads better than flushable ones!

SummerMyArse Mon 08-Jul-13 11:15:30

When DS was born we were in a (tiny) flat. He was changed on a mat on the dining room table as our bathroom was extremely small (think shower cubicle + sink - toilet was separate).

Now we're in a bigger flat and the bathroom is big enough for a changing table - hooray! And it's right next to the sink so we use large cotton pads (not balls) and water for nappy changes in the flat and babywipes when out and about.

I'm not sure yet for DC2 if I'll get a second mat for changing in the living room. Probably not unless I have a CS. DS can be left to his own devices for a few minutes.

maja00 Mon 08-Jul-13 11:17:47

First baby we lived in a flat so it was fine to have a designated changing space.

This time we're in a house so there's no way I'm going to be traipsing up and down stairs ten times a day.

rockybalboa Mon 08-Jul-13 11:21:36

Our changing table is in the bathroom. We did start off with one of those cot top changer things but it was the biggest waste of money ever. We use cloth nappies too and it's so much easier to plonk the dirty liner straight into the loo. We use fleece wipes as well so just run them under the tap before use. I also like the fact that I can wash my hands straight away and the surfaces are more wipable than in a bedroom. DS3 is due this weekend and I'm sure with DS1 and DS2 we did traipse up the stairs to change them each time. I HATE changing nappies on the floor and I don't trust babies and their exploding poo/wee jets to change them on a sofa, even if on a mat!

Bejeena Mon 08-Jul-13 11:38:35

Thanks all for the tips on the cloth nappies and fleece wipes too it is good to read what others do as well. I had been planning on making towelling wipes out of new flannels but from reading I will also get fleece wipes too. That was the other thing that means bathroom makes so much more sense to me - the running water to wet the wipes and also to wash hands straight afterwards, I was thinking that those who change on sofa etc. would have to get up anyway to wash hands so what is the actual point?

We were also not going to get a changing table but just put mat on top of washing machine which is in bathroom and then on occasions when washing machine is spinning (as have assumed will move around to much for baby) then put mat on floor. Or hubby puts some sort of shelf thing over washing machine and put mat on that but we'll decide that later.

ZolaBuddleia Mon 08-Jul-13 11:43:34

All good ideas. We never had a changing table for DD, we just put her mat on whatever horizontal surface we could find.

Even better now it turns out your washer is in the bathroom too, so your cloth nappies can go straight in your bucket from the changing mat and you're already beside the washer. Jealous, I did lots of up and down the stairs with a wet nappy in my hand.

lurcherlover Mon 08-Jul-13 12:04:29

Flannels will be fine for baby wipes - get a big pack from ikea and you'll be all set. Just throw them in the nappy bucket with the dirty nappies when you've used them.

My favourite nappies are totsbots bamboozles with a motherease wrap on top, by the way - have you seen the Nappy Lady's website? She offers brilliant advice about which reusables will suit you.

I wouldn't bother with changing tables either - you never know when a baby is going to roll over.

YBR Mon 08-Jul-13 13:27:55

I think we changed DD on the spare bed for a few weeks but she rapidly got two wriggly and moved onto the floor. In our case there is not space in the bathroom, but that would have been my first choice.

When out I prefer to use the floor of a (disabled) loo rather than a fold-down change station, although DH does use them unless the strap is bust.

We have always changed DD upstairs, but it might be more awkward with DC2 because there are now stairgates to negotiate. I'll start with the status quo but may need to adapt!

DaveMccave Mon 08-Jul-13 19:19:20

Bathroom sounds like a great place, especially in a flat.

Tip on wipes- fleece wipes are aide hate thing. I didn't really like them as fleece isn't absorbent so not great for getting wet a mind cleaning poo. But easy to make as no hemming. My favourite easy wipes are the packs of thin terry baby flannels you can get from poundshops. Tkmaxx sell them too. Also, you can put breastfed newborn pooey nappies straight in wash so don't worry about liners for now.

DaveMccave Mon 08-Jul-13 19:19:55

A love/hate thing*

pudtat Mon 08-Jul-13 19:44:28

Just jealous of bathroom space! We had changing station on top of chest of drawers I'd DS nursery and yes I took him upstairs rich time. Regarded it as part of my physio, to get back in shape smile.

One thing I would say is cloth on a newborn can be hard work - they're so tiny it can be hard to get fit right, the frequency means a lot of washing and drying might be a problem at a time when you just don't stop. If you feel overwhelmed by it, just give yourself a break for 6-8 weeks and use disposables. The madness will likely have died down a bit, you're less likely to be doing 2 loads of baby washing a day before nappies, and it will all seem a better idea. They will need nappies for long enough after, so don't beat yourself up if its easier to start cloth after a few weeks.

pudtat Mon 08-Jul-13 19:45:56

In the nursery and each time!

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