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18 wks Bump changing shape & feel + did I see a movement??!

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BurbGirl2013 Thu 04-Jul-13 10:46:32

I'm 18 weeks & 5 days PG with my 1st (I'm 32) . In the past week by bump has really “popped” and for the past few days felt round and very firm/tight almost like something was straining to get out!

Last night I lay down in bed and my belly sort of shifted/moved and it looked like something/a significant shape was protruding out of the left side of my belly for a few seconds and then seemed to shift and go down back into normal bump shape. I swear I wasn’t imagining it! I'm not sure if what I've felt has been baby kicking or not yet…but surely to actually see a movement this obvious is very unusual? Then with my doppler I struggled for first time really to get strong heartbeat last night and this morning although at times the heartbeat sign came on and the noises/high rate appeared on the screen for a few seconds before shifting, so fingers crossed all's ok.

I'm assuming baby is just moving a lot and shifting around, but confused as to the strange goings on with my bump and why today it looks smaller and feels a lot less firm/tight? If anyone has any thoughts please share, little to say this is my first PG and I'm finding it hard to relax and not be anxious and dwell on scare stories. Thanks.

moominmaiden Thu 04-Jul-13 11:23:10

It sounds very much like movement to me - I am 37+1 and am pretty sure I saw some belly movement at your stage, more so than kicking, as mine has not been much of a kicker (I did not even feel regular movements until around 25+ weeks).

You'll find your belly does change shape and occasionally it will look smaller / bigger than normal. It will just be where your baby is laying - as time goes on you will notice all sorts, i.e. your tummy being lopsided when baby's sticks it's bum out!

If you're at all worried call your midwife - she won't think you're wasting your time. The doppler thing just sounds like baby is moving around. I've noticed when the midwife listens in at appointments she will 'lose signal' if she strays even a few inches away from the point where she first detected the heartbeat.

Fairydogmother Thu 04-Jul-13 12:26:50

def sounds like movement to me! i have noticed a bulge down the left side of my bump a few times and its either his head or his butt doing it - looked really odd! i'm 22 weeks and thats been happening for a few weeks now.

BurbGirl2013 Thu 04-Jul-13 13:20:12

ladies thanks so much!! Very reasurring..was really freaking out last night. have my 20 wk scan in 12 days can not wait!

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