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T1 diabetes - bumps, births, babies & beyond!

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RueDeWakening Wed 03-Jul-13 13:38:44

New thread, form an orderly queue here please >>>


notmakingsense Sun 06-Apr-14 07:39:21

Hi bojangles I didnt want to leave you unanswered but havent been in that position sorry. That said with my 2nd pregnancy with dd I ended up with growth scans from 26 weeks and at one of the last around 35 weeks was told she was over 8lbs so would 10-11 at 38 shock this was part of the reason alongside previous emcs I had a planned cs in the end dd was 8lbs 6.5oz so either she grew very little for 3 weeks or the scan was 2-3lbs out. Like you for the most part my hba1c was on 5s hope all goes well at growth scan.

bojangles Sat 05-Apr-14 16:47:44

Bump, anyone?x

bojangles Sat 05-Apr-14 08:25:48

Hi all, I can't find a more up to date version of this thread so am presuming all has been quiet for a few months. Don't know if anyone remembers but I posted back last year when I was just pregnant with no4. I've been type 1 diabetic for 14 years which covered all three previous pregnancies. I got my pump with my last DC 5 years ago.

I'm now 31 weeks with this pregnancy and overall it's been ok, HbA1c has been 5.8, 6 and 5.9. I wear a CGM and have avoided too many hypos but do still get the occasional post meal spike but it rarely lasts for more than an hour. I've been really pleased with my control and other than the occasional blip don't think I could have done better.

I'm at the stage of the dreaded growth scans. All was well at 24 weeks, nicely plotted all measurements on 50th line. By 28 weeks we had jumped on all lines to 75th and by 30 weeks baby had jumped for abdomen and head to 100th. Clinic said its fine as long as she stays on that line now, but given jump from 50th to 100th I'm obviously worried that her growth is accelerating. Back at 32 weeks for next scan.

My last pregnancy was very difficult and it has taken 5 years for me to dismiss those pesky broody hormones to have another because of the complications. DD was born by section at 34 weeks weighing over 9 lb after her measurements went off the growth charts and my body started to struggle. My HbA1c was slightly higher then (high 6's) and I genuinely thought this time with my CGM and tighter control I could avoid a repeat of accelerated growth.

I'm feeling pretty fed up that despite all my hard work I'm looking at another early delivery and a big baby again. Anyone have any thoughts or experienced similar?

jojominto Wed 12-Feb-14 17:22:09

Hopefully Spotty, good luck with getting a pump hope your not waiting too long, life is so much easier with a pump (they should be available to all) DD is due an upgrade in December and they now have them minus the wire exciting stuff smile

SpottyTeacakes Wed 12-Feb-14 17:05:01

That's lovely jojo. I expect things will be even easier by the time she has her own children smile

jojominto Wed 12-Feb-14 17:03:35

Hi all im not type 1 myself but my DD is diagnosed at age 10 now age 13, since I fell pregnant she has been asking lots of questions about if she can have a baby when she is older ect her nurse has talked her through it and what she would need to do ect (hopefully wont be for a good few years yet lol) nice to see there is support out there for when the time comes smile im curently 13+2 with DC4.

SpottyTeacakes Wed 12-Feb-14 12:52:23

Definitely no hypos at night. Ds has had an awful cold these last few weeks as has dd so we've been up a fair bit. Ruled that out a while ago.

Just got back from consultant and he's put me on the waiting list for a pump. He's seen I've done everything I can and thinks it's just lifestyle/hormonal causing it to be so erratic. I'm so pleased, I know it'll be a wait and a lot of work though

BonaDea Wed 22-Jan-14 20:32:23

Spotty you'd only have to wake in the middle of the night for two nights to figure it out. No fun but I don't think there is much point in guessing at it...

SpottyTeacakes Wed 22-Jan-14 18:23:42

Thanks. Breakfast is 2u/10g atm. I do tend to have the same for breakfast but the time I eat it can vary by two hours which is another factor I suppose....

Ilovekittyelise Wed 22-Jan-14 18:21:19

bugger...hmmmm. its kind of hard to pinpoint. maybe if you eat same thing tomoro, do same amount of levemir and bit less novorapid (like 1u to 7g) and see how that works? easier to see effect of changing novorapid as will only affect that time and not mess whole lot up.

dont beat yourself up about fasting sometimes just eating quite samey boring food and making tweaks thatway helps. i feel your pain, once this babys out im going to be on the major faff of sorting it all out again, and so bloody fat i dont want to b feeding hypos all the time!

good luck and sorry its hard at the moment.

SpottyTeacakes Wed 22-Jan-14 17:48:39

Oh and thanks smile

SpottyTeacakes Wed 22-Jan-14 17:48:10

It was three hours after breakfast, which I thought I had sorted re novorapid. My levemir is split. I know I should have a fasting day but it would make me feel rubbish.

Ilovekittyelise Wed 22-Jan-14 17:46:53

ps the ratios you were saying. yup on shots and not pregnant mine varied even more i think. maybe 1u:5g breakfast; 1:10 lunch and1:15 evening (so slightly compensating for not being able to vary basal rate on injection too).

Ilovekittyelise Wed 22-Jan-14 17:44:03

hey spotty, 3 hours after meal is tricky one...novorapid is advertised as lasting up to 4 but i assume 3 myself, people find different tho. is this in afternoon tho? lot of people have big dip in basal insulin need late afternoon so could be the culprit.

on the night time thing is really is worth testing; i tend to set alarm every night! like you i wake if i go low; i never have rebound highs either, and need way more basal at night. if that is the case might be worth considering injecting novorapid at 4-5am so its active the problematic times; increasing basal will just make you low and/or hungry at other times of day esp afternon (if your on lantus or levemir)

SpottyTeacakes Wed 22-Jan-14 16:51:43

She did suggest that but I'm not a good sleeper and if I get woken up at that time of morning I can't get back to sleep. Also question I should know the answer to, just don't trust myself atm, hypo three hours after eating is background insulin (most likely), right?

BonaDea Wed 22-Jan-14 16:49:17

Spotty, could you do a 3am test to see if you are dipping low? I know it is a pain to set the alarm but it would be worth checking out I think.

SpottyTeacakes Tue 21-Jan-14 20:25:22

Apparently 1u/10g is too much for dinner hmm

SpottyTeacakes Tue 21-Jan-14 16:36:07

Well I saw the nurse and she thinks I'm going low over night and wants my evening levemir reduced which fills me with horror! I don't think I am going low over night as I tend to wake up if I do, or at least wake up with a headache. Hba1c was actually 7.0 so receptionist read it wrong hmm

My consultants secretary said if there's no cancelation by Friday she will over book me into an appt so at least I can see him.

Levels have been in the 4s and 5s today which is good. Rations seem to be 2u/10g at breakfast 1.5/10 and lunch and 1/10 in the evening, anyone else (not preg) like that? So frustrating. Apparently there's a metre that tells you how much bolus insulin you're carrying etc but you have to go on a training session to use it.

Ilovekittyelise Tue 21-Jan-14 08:40:55

you dont have to have poor control to get a pump. whilst NICE guidelines might say certain things, its down to how the consultant controlling the purse strings perceives things and making a compelling case to him or her.

poor control plus a pump, doesnt result in automatic improvement. it is brilliant tool but you need to put in lots of hard work to figure things out and then and only then can you achieve more stable control. i would hand on heart say that you need to understand enough about how things are working to eliminate the really problematic readings before you even think about a pump. have you read 'think like a pancreas' by gary scheiner? its about £10 on amazon and utterly brilliant. i got it very early in my diabetes career and it enabled me to ignore the well meaning but useless advice i got from diabetes nurses etc (it is written by a US diabetes educator that has diabetes himself) and also 'pumping insulin' by john walsh is brilliant even if not pumping yet! i hope this doesnt sound condescending i am just trying to help and want everyone with type 1 to feel healthy and in control and not reliant on nurses and doctors to help them feel that way!!!

Also, HbA1C alone is not a measure of control. If yours is 6% then yes maybe on the surface of it you wouldnt think poor control, but you have had DKA and lots of hypos, that is not good control and if this is the criteria being applied in your area, and you want a pump, use that to your advantage.

I have terrible dawn phenomenon, and have basal rates that vary 4 fold as a result. On MDI obviously this is a disaster if you are using a flat profiled basal such as lantus. The only way I could manage on this (as was not prepared to run with the stupid advice from diabetes nurse that it was ok to wake up with blood sugar of 10) was to set my alarm for 4 am and take a big slug of novorapid. in pump application this type of lifestyle compromise is considered a big deal - my hba1c at the time was in the low 6s but i was getting up several times in the night to achieve this which is considered too much hassle (the people that wrote the rules obviously dont have kids!).

Hope things start improving for you soon.

Hopingforno2 Tue 21-Jan-14 08:22:16

spotty thanks you poor thing. Have tonsay um totally fed up too but its a combination of everything thats bothering me diabetes is only a large part of it.

SpottyTeacakes Tue 21-Jan-14 05:15:36

No, no pump for me sad I'm so fed up I feel like I'm running out of places to inject!

Hopingforno2 Mon 20-Jan-14 23:05:26

Not really spotty I did ask again last week when I saw my dsn if it may be an option to give me better control but I didn't think I met the criteria apparently they are getting more funding for pumps and if mdi isnt providing good control then id be in with a shout however my hba1c at last check was 40 I think thats 6%? But like you im sure thats due to yoyoing more than stability! Its a weird one though as when I checked 2 hours post lunch on sunday I was 9.9 but as I was working didnt correct by 1 hour later I was 5.8!!so had I corrected I would have gone hypo. I also got offered a last minute place on dafne for 10th feb but cant do it as wouldn't be able to get childcare for 9-5 mon-fri well I could for Friday bit thats no good another week and my sis in law could have helped but not those date so a long wait now. I forget are you on a pump spotty?

how is everyone else havent seen rue bona or diec puds

SpottyTeacakes Mon 20-Jan-14 19:39:50

Oh poor you hoping sad are you getting any further with a pump? My hba1c is 6.5. I thought it would be higher, am I right in thinking if me levels are yo-yo ing that can make an ok hba1c reading?

Hopingforno2 Sat 18-Jan-14 22:32:01

spotty poor you my levels are not the best right now either, have gone back to body step and feeling a bit stressed as my mum had been recovering from what we thought was hepatitis due to a rare reaction to antibiotics but her most recent blood test shows one of the levels are not reducing well the other has gone back up anc she has had more tests to be carried out I am so worried about hersad also 1st day back at work tomorrow confused

SpottyTeacakes Sat 18-Jan-14 10:08:35

I lost you all again! Hope everyone's getting on ok.

I'm so fed up. I'm struggling quite a bit and my hospital are being shit

My consultant said he wanted to see me two months after I was discharged following dka. Last month I still hadn't heard anything so got my nurse (from gp surgery) to chase it and they didn't know anything about it. Made my dr do a new referral and I received an appt for April with the consultant who I've never seen!! (I've been seeing mine for ten years). So now I'm at a point where my levels are all over the place, I've been in hospital because of it, I'm completely fed up I have bruised legs, lumpy stomach and painful fingers and I haven't been seen in a clinic for over a year. I've got to ring my consultants secretary every week to see if there's been a cancelation.

I'm going to try everything I can to get a pump. Children get them automatically and I know I'm jot a child but I used to be wink

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