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Water birth stories please?

(16 Posts)
vallinnapod Wed 03-Jul-13 16:26:04

Very positive here too.

Gave birth to DS (first baby) in just under 6 hours on 2 paracetamol and a TENS - although second the comment that I thought they would have to wrench the TENS machine from my cold dead hands wink

I went from 1-8cms in 2 hours. Then into the pool.

No tears or stitches - I had also used the EpiNo.

If I ever get PG with #2 (DS was IVF and this one will be too) then I would had a home water birth.

NumberTwoDue Wed 03-Jul-13 15:41:48

I'm hoping to go for a water birth with my second, so asked for some warts and all views here

Might be useful for you guys too? (Some great stories and very honest opinions. Disclaimer: the phrase "anal puckering" was used!!)

Gonnabmummy Wed 03-Jul-13 15:38:23

Thanks everyone just having a bath now is good so I think it'll help when labour happens! We got told the pool only takes 15 mins to fill and it takes us around 35/40 mins to get there so to let them know when we are setting off that the pool is wanted. smile 32 weeks today will make sure to post as to how birth does go smile

knittingirl Wed 03-Jul-13 14:43:40

myusername - thanks, it did sound a bit too good to be true smile

celestialsquirrels Wed 03-Jul-13 14:42:46

Mrs H have it at home! I can't tell you how nice it is to get into your own bed with your minutes-old baby in your arms...

celestialsquirrels Wed 03-Jul-13 14:41:10

I have had 4 births.

1st in hospital - I said I liked the look of the birthing pool but it was busy. I put a tens machine on instead. When they came to tell me the pool was free I wouldn't take the tens machine off so couldn't use it. Big mistake. Ended up with an epidural and forceps. Lots of stitches.

2nd in hospital, induction, drips, epidural, enormous baby, even more stitches.

3rd at home because we had moved to a remote-ish area. Ordered a pool because I couldn't imagine giving birth without drugs and thought it would be better than nothing. Went into labour, it got strong quickly, got into pool and it was FANTASTIC. I couldn't believe how effective it was for pain relief. Incredible. And the fact that you didn't need to support your own weight was incredibly important - you can float and relax your whole body through your contractions. Baby born 30m later, no stitches, I think because my body was softened by being in warm water so stretchier (sorry if TMI).

4th was at home with a pool, just as brilliant as the previous time. Took a bit longer because baby was enormous and had one hand beside her head (thanks dd!) but I still didn't tear. She was born in her caul which was special.

So go for it. I was a sceptic completely converted. Imagine having appalling period pains and sinking into a hot bath.... Ahhhhh. That's how good it is..

MrsHuxtable Wed 03-Jul-13 14:35:43

How long does it take to fill the pool?

I really want a water birth with DC2 (with DC1 both pool rooms were busy). But it's my second so labour should be faster and we are 30 mins from the hospital, plus the time in triage...

myusername Wed 03-Jul-13 14:26:24

Knitting girl, I thought that NCT advice sounded a bit suspect there and after checking the NICE guidelines do not say that water is second only to an epidural. Not to put you off as I am sure a lot of people have positive water birth stories but just so as you know!

Lion5711 Wed 03-Jul-13 14:19:06

Absolutely brilliant for me personally, I couldn't get In there quick enough (the only time I was a little demanding-I going in there I don't care what the f'ing temp is or if it's full!) it was a real relief and with a little g & a I laboured very quickly in 2 hours. I'm really hoping my little bump has the same planned for me as we have arranged a home water birth.

rowtunda Wed 03-Jul-13 13:21:18

I didn't really plan what sort of birth I was going to have but just knew if possible I would like to stay away from doctors as much as possible. I am a doctor myself and so I was all too aware of how these sort of things can't really be 'planned' and therefore didn't write a birth plan. I wasn't massively keen on a water birth but I was against it.

Initially when I arrived a hospital they were going to send me away as I was only 1 cm but as they were discharging me something changed - intense intense constant contractions and the moment the m/w came back in the room after writing the discharge note she could see I wasn't going anywhere! She convinced me to hop in the bath and I found the water surprisingly helpful and then I started to get the urge to push. They checked me again and after only 2hrs I was already 9cm and they suggested water birth which I happily went for. At this point I thought it was going to be a breeze because the midwife told me I would be having the baby in the next 15 mins.

The actual water birth never happened because I was pushing in that pool for 2 hrs!!! The pain was immense (certainly not as poster above describes) but at that stage the thought of having a baby in your arms keeps you going and really other than gas and air there isn't much else to offer so you just have to do it. In the end after 2hrs of pushing the midwifes decided that the water was actually slowing the process down so I had to get out of the pool and then do various positions back in my room to encourage the blighter to appear - less than 15mins later DS was born on birthing stool. 7hr after first period pain and my waters burst.

I'm now pregnant with DC and hoping for a similar experience. In essence what I'm saying is go for water birth, don't worry about pain because at the end of the day it is going to be painful but it has to be done! Also don't set your heart particularly on one method, how you give birth or where you give birth doesn't matter as once your in labour a healthy baby is all you care about. oh yes and don't believe a midwife when they tell you you will have the baby in your arms in 15 mins!

Repeatedlydoingthetwist Wed 03-Jul-13 12:21:09

I had one last week and I can't recommend it enough! I managed to do the whole thing with no extra pain relief (and I have a reeeeeaaaaallllllyyyy low pain threshold!), gas and air was available but I had a puff and I didn't like it so I went cold turkey. The whole experience was really calm, just me and DP until we got to the pushing stage, then one MW. We had tea and toast brought in and honestly until it got to the serious pushing bit I felt like I was having a nice bath for some period pains! Agree with the PP who said about getting there in plenty of time though, they need time to fill the pool!

FairyTrain Wed 03-Jul-13 12:12:16

I have had 2 amazing water births, I was in so much pain, jumped in the pool and my face visibly changed....it was soooo relaxing. I had some gas and air but the water seemed to take the pain away. pG with dc3 and plan another water birth. You are less likely to need stiches if you have a water birth, I'm sure there must be other benefits....hopefully someone will be along with some!

theorchardkeeper Wed 03-Jul-13 11:56:25

(beware though that you get to hospital as soon as you think you're in established labour as it can take a while for the pool to be free & cleaned up/be filled up & you never know how fast the birth will be. That was my first and I got there at 6 and had him at 9 so it's worth bearing in mind you may not have as much time as you think)!

theorchardkeeper Wed 03-Jul-13 11:54:14

I had a break-neck speed labour but managed to be in the pool for the end of the dilation period & a lot of the pushing (only had to come out because I needed an episiotomy, else I'd have happily stayed in it).

It seemed to help because it takes some of the pressure off your back, the heat helps with the pain a little, you don't feel as hot/sticky & you can 'swish about' between contractions which helps calm you/prepare you for the next one.

And trust me, you will not give a hoot when you're in that much pain. If you want to get out midway you can and will! smile

knittingirl Wed 03-Jul-13 11:40:45

No real help here - I'm in a similar position at the moment and contemplating a water birth, or at least being in the water during labour. However, at my NCT class, they said that a NICE review of pain relief in labour showed that water was ranked second only to an epidural in terms of effective pain relief, which is pretty reassuring.

Also, I wouldn't worry about getting in and then changing your mind - labour isn't a time to be worried about what others are thinking, you just need to do what works for you!

Gonnabmummy Wed 03-Jul-13 11:25:04

Can you tell me how your water birth went? How you found it and did you cope well?

We went for our hospital tour last night and were shown the rooms the room with the birth pool is second to none. I was in awe and they said water births aren't very popular so it's Healy always empty. I was thinking about water birth anyhow but after seeing the room compared to the others I really want one. It was much bigger and less clinical felt more relaxed. But I'm worried about only having gas and air so I'm looking for some people's views on this. I know if I couldn't cope I could get out for other drugs but I kind of feel like I have to stay in there because that's what it's for blush I suppose I wouldn't care about not using the pool if I needed the pain relief.

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