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Baby kicking - sign of like or dislike?

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ComtessedeFrouFrou Tue 02-Jul-13 20:13:51

When the baby is kicking people often say oh the baby likes this music or whatever. But I often find that if, for example, I am sitting so the baby would be squashed or if I need the loo, the baby kicks almost to say "oi!". Then when I move or go to the loo or whatever, the kicking stops.

How does anyone know whether the baby kicks to signify like or dislike?

ArgumentativeAardvark Tue 02-Jul-13 20:17:06

I always just thought it was a sign of the baby moving. But my DD was a wriggler so moved fairly constantly. (She still is a wriggler).

SourSweets Tue 02-Jul-13 20:19:24

My baby definitely kicks if I'm squashing him or lying on a side he doesn't like, he'll kick to get me to move. But then he also kicks loads when I'm floating around in the bath which (I think) is because he's relaxed and happy. I think they kick for loads of different reasons, and most of the time not for any particular reason at all.

Lydia161290 Tue 02-Jul-13 20:20:35

My midwife says happy babies are moving babies.

ComtessedeFrouFrou Tue 02-Jul-13 20:20:41

Sour I suspect you're right that a lot of it is just coincidence smile

juniper9 Tue 02-Jul-13 20:25:59

My baby kicks whenever my DP tells it not to smile Great to see his discipline skills are alive and kicking groan

SourSweets Tue 02-Jul-13 20:26:55

What I do know is that if a baby is "distressed" they'll stop moving. So as long as he or she is giving you a good strong "oi", you've nothing to worry about!

ComtessedeFrouFrou Tue 02-Jul-13 20:29:30

juniper9 this one seems to be determined to hide from DH - the moment I suggest DH has a feel, the baby stops!

Thanks Sour I'm not remotely concerned, baby moving plenty, but just curious smile

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