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Its Real!!!

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StillPukin Tue 02-Jul-13 16:01:31

I had my 12 week scan this morning (well, I'm apparently 13 weeks) and would you believe it, there was a baby on the screen!!! Not sure what I expected but it took me surprise.
The baby is planned (been trying for years with no luck), I've had ALL the symptoms + positive pregnancy test etc but somehow I havent felt pregnant, I was half expecting them to tell me there was a growth or something and send me for tests, but there it was, as real as anything; head, legs, wriggly arms and a heart beat. I'm a bit stunned
Just sharing smile x

NxYxC Thu 04-Jul-13 11:29:20

Awww congrats to you!! I was exactly like you yesterday! As much as I had symptoms and positives I never believed it was 'real' until I saw it on the screen! :D

ShowOfHands Thu 04-Jul-13 11:33:44

It seems ridiculous that you can say 'I'm pregnant' and it's just a fact. You tell it to the midwife and they start offering you antenatal care and the whole time your head is screaming 'BUT HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE THAT I'M GROWING AN ENTIRE PERSON INSIDE ME. ARE YOU MAD. DON'T BELIEVE ME, I STILL SAY HELLO TO LONE MAGPIES'. Then you have a scan and suddenly it turns out that positive pregnancy tests and heaps of symptoms and a slowly expanding waistline do in fact add up to a baby.


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