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Stupid question, but advice please...

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Newmum0113 Mon 01-Jul-13 11:09:44

Sorry if tmi but I have always had a problem with sweat. I'm naturally a very hot person and find normal room temperature warm rather than comfortable.

Since having a bun in the oven the heat is becoming more unbearable and I'm getting hot and sweaty just doing everyday things and my anti-perspirant/deodorant just isn't doing its job properly blush

Does anyone else have this issue with deodorant?
Any suggestions for brands or products to use?

And finally the most stupid question -

Are there any deodorants you can't use if you are going to BF ??


MortifiedAdams Mon 01-Jul-13 11:11:58

Not sure about the bfing question, but my most ised phrase when I was pg was "It's like a bloody oven in here!" no.matter where I was.

Keep hydrated, loose clothing where possible. Try Sanex deodorants, I found them to be the best in keeping sweat at bay and less additives.

Newmum0113 Mon 01-Jul-13 11:29:23

Thanks mortified - I tried it in the past as my MIL uses the Sanex zero after breast cancer surgery (no alcohol or alumini) but this didn't do squat for me. It was a few years ago now when I was diagnosed with PCOS so maybe my body is a bit different now. I'll certainly give it a go.

Unfortunately I work in a prison so highly restricted in what I can wear. And can't have aerosols at work - considered a weapon!!! shock

Also I work with a load of skinny people who are always cold and just get annoyed when I open the windows (to which I reply, they can add extra layers, I can't take any off!)

Was mostly concerned about effects on BFg but think I'm being sully too so don't know what to do. Hence, MN post! We all stick together here! smile

Dolallytats Mon 01-Jul-13 11:42:53

My daughter has a problem with excess sweating and she found the Lush powder deodorant really good. It lasts quite a while and isn't too expensive (although I can't remember how much-sorry!!), I think they have it on their website.

It's a bit odd to fling powder under your arms, but once you get used to it, it's ok!!

AnythingNotEverything Mon 01-Jul-13 11:44:39

Temperature is part of your maternity risk assessment, particularly overheating. The risk of "being a bit sweaty" is different to overheating on a sauna, obviously, but you'd be w'll within your rights to ask your manager to ask the other members of the team to wear extra layers, rather than have you cook!

I get hot too - I try to reapply deodorant at lunchtime. I also seem to get hot flushes. I spend a fair bit of time stood by random open windows.

Maybe a spare shirt/uniform so you can get changed halfway through your shift?

harrietspy Mon 01-Jul-13 11:50:40

Driclor is the business but I'm not sure if you can use it when you're pregnant or bf. (I didn't discover it till after having my dc). Worth a google. You apply it just before you go to bed at night (but not after a shower or bath because that's agonising), and then use a normal antiperspirant in the morning. After a few applications you don't have to use it daily. It's made life so much easier - I don't have to plan clothes around my sweatiness! It's absolutely brilliant.

cravingcake Mon 01-Jul-13 12:15:57

Mitchem works really well for me, it just seems to absorb the sweat. In your situation I would have a spare shirt so you could change halfway through the shift if it was really bad.

AhoyAhoy Mon 01-Jul-13 17:30:58

Agree with cravingcake (also funnily enough fancy cake now!)... Mitchum was recommended by a pharmacist friend. Was reluctant as it contains alcohol, and I previously had an underarm absess, but it is by far the best roll on I have ever used. Stays fresh and powdery smelling all day, and I have always been a warm person, even before pregnancy. Not very expensive, you can get it in supermarkets.

ReikiMummy Mon 01-Jul-13 17:37:12

Also a bit on the warm side of life over here- the best one I found was this:-


At £6+ it is a bit expensive, but it lasts absolutely ages (as in months). Loved the stuff and have run out, so am going to have to get another one v soon. smile

RJM17 Mon 01-Jul-13 17:40:57

I use the sure maximum one think its about £6 but it works better than the others. It says it lasts 48 hours but I use it twice a day x

CointreauVersial Mon 01-Jul-13 17:55:08

Sure Maximum is good. You put it on the night before, which is a bit odd.

Mitcham is excellent as well.

TinkyPeet Mon 01-Jul-13 18:05:25

My sister uses some sort of Nivea liquid spray, I don't know what it is, it's in a slim glass tube and she says nothing has ever kept her dryer!
I use whatever my husband buys :D lol

mamachelle Mon 01-Jul-13 18:10:26

i strongly recommend sure maximum too! have been using it for ages and definitely worth the money imo

PoopPoooDeDooo Mon 01-Jul-13 18:20:22

another vote for sure maximum or the dove version

Newmum0113 Mon 01-Jul-13 20:51:12

Hi everyone thanks for the support! I've bought the Mitchum roll on powder fresh and the unpurfumed as it was two for £4 in boots today. Will report back soon!

Have been prescribed stickies in the past but am allergic sad

Anything I don't think that was listed in my mat risk assessment actually I will have a look and get it added!


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