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Stretch & sweep at 41 weeks

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webminx Sun 30-Jun-13 08:19:46

Off for a S&S today at 41 weeks. Bit nervous. What's likely to happen afterwards? Have heard stories of a) nothing happening as conditions were "unfavourable" or b) going straight into labour after the sweep.
Did you have a S&S and if so, what happened next? Did your waters break?

And God, does it have to be so hot!?

TobyLerone Sun 30-Jun-13 08:24:40

I had one. Periody-type pains for a bit afterwards (and the actual procedure wasn't the most comfortable thing!). Then nothing. Induced at 42 weeks sad

tumbletumble Sun 30-Jun-13 08:33:01

I had one at 40+5 and was told things were looking promising. No pains afterwards. Went into labour less than 48 hours later - who knows if the sweep made any difference?! Waters didn't break until late in labour.

Good luck!

Ezza1 Sun 30-Jun-13 08:33:37

Same as toby sad Sorry!

That was with DC3.

KnittyGritty Sun 30-Jun-13 08:52:39

I had two about 5 days apart. The first one didn't do anything but after the second one I got up at about 1am and mt waters broke all over the bathroom floor. (it was like that scene out of friends grin ) Contractions started about half an hour later and DD arrived later that morning. The S&S was uncomfortable but not painful.

KnittyGritty Sun 30-Jun-13 08:53:35


webminx Sun 30-Jun-13 08:53:55

Gah. This is DC2. Hoping for a miracle and the S&S will trigger a marvellous, almost pain-free, 2-hour sneeze labour ...

Chesterado Sun 30-Jun-13 09:07:17

With my first I went at 41 weeks and cervix was posterior so it couldn't be done. Went back for another at 41 + 3, cervix was favourable and it kicked things off, contractions started a few hours later then DD was born 12 hours after that.

Am now 40+6 with number two and fed up. Had a first sweep at 40 weeks which prompted a show and lots of cramps but no baby yet. Back for another tomorrow which I hope will have the desired effect - pain free two hour labour would go down well here too.

Hope yours works today!

Cavort Sun 30-Jun-13 09:08:10

I had one last Wednesday at bang on 40 weeks - no baby so far. sad Some of the plug did come away during the sweep and a few mild period-type cramps afterwards but that's about it.

It was a little uncomfortable but not really painful and was interesting to know the current condition of my cervix (effaced but quite posterior and 1cm dilated).

I have another one booked for this Wednesday at 41 weeks.

Good luck OP, I hope it works for you. smile

EwanHoozami Sun 30-Jun-13 09:14:54

I had a S&S at 41 weeks and went into labour two hours later in Sainsbo's.

That might have happened anyway of course, but worth a try, eh?

Katydive Sun 30-Jun-13 09:52:22

I had mine for DC3 on Thursday at 40 +5 and despite some period type pains nothing occurred, I did lose my mucus plug yesterday morning and have continued to lose it today and overnight.

She found me to be favourable and was able to feel baby's head easily to do a good sweep, my cervix was medium to soft and open 1cm (this is common in subsequent pregnancies as it never really closes) I had a Bishops score of 6. I have another one on wednesday at 41 +4 and induction on Friday if that doesnt work but I suspect I will of had her before then.

pumpkinsweetie Sun 30-Jun-13 10:05:25

I had 2 with dd1 & dd2, were uncomfortable made me bleed a little and then nothing-ended up being induced at 42 & 41+6! When dd3 was late i refused it & she was born 10 days late & dd4 4 days late.

I'm of the opinion after having 4 late babies that babies will come when they are ready and i thing sweeps that do work only work when baby is on the verge of being ready. So unless you have positive signs ie diareah, nausea, lightening, and bloody show i wouldn't bother, as its clear baby isn't ready to come out from his or her cozy environment just yet!

webminx Sun 30-Jun-13 11:29:04

Well just had the S&S. Cx was posterior, thick but soft and (TMI alert!) admitted fingertip. Baby not engaged either. So not great.
She said she pulled the cx forward and was able to do the sweep but am a bit dubious... Scheduled for another in 3 days time. If that doesn't work, she said they advise induction on day 12.
Feeling quite despondent sad - can see hopes of a homebirth rapidly dissipating...

Chesterado Sun 30-Jun-13 13:29:53

Fingers crossed for you, if any consolation dd was never engaged last time but still came out after the second attempt!

emsyj Sun 30-Jun-13 13:36:20

Neither of my babies was engaged when I went into labour - DD1's head was still floating free at a midwife appointment less than 8 hours before I went into labour.

Fingers crossed for you that your baby arrives before your induction date.

webminx Sun 30-Jun-13 14:56:09

Thanks everyone - very reassuring to hear re non-engaged babies too! Trying to keep positive!

BurnThisDiscoDown Sun 30-Jun-13 16:08:00

I had a S+S at 41 weeks, they told me my cervix was effaced and was 2-3 cm dilated, so was very excited. Nothing happened then for the next 36 hours, then had a 2h 15 min labour. smile

webminx Mon 01-Jul-13 08:32:58

Right. So. Periody type pains since 4:30am. Could this be the start of something or just wishful thinking, do you think?
PLEASE YE GODS, let this be the start of something shakes fists at sky

emsyj Mon 01-Jul-13 09:42:17

Fingers crossed for you! How about a nice long walk?

Chesterado Mon 01-Jul-13 16:14:58

Hope the cramps pains are going somewhere op. Have now had mine and off for a long walk!

webminx Mon 01-Jul-13 21:24:59

Woot! Cramps are still there, bit more uncomfortable and have had a show. HUZZAH! Progress. Bring. It. On... (may regret this gung-ho attitude later ;)
Good luck Chesterado - hope your walk worked!

Chocomama1 Mon 01-Jul-13 21:40:05

Congrats! Did it start off by freling like you were coming on yoir period?

webminx Mon 01-Jul-13 22:20:05

Yes, felt exactly like that at first. Going to take some paracetamol now and take myself off to bed to see if I can get some rest. Hopefully, things will keep going and not peter out (like last time...). Wish me luck!

MrFranklyShankly Tue 02-Jul-13 09:01:17

Hey webminx any joy yet??? I have my s&s today and really really want something to come of it.....hope all is going well for you????

webminx Tue 02-Jul-13 09:49:25

screams silently keeps slowing down to just mild cramps but continuing to have the show. No real contractions and no real progress. MEH!

Have another S&S scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, so hope to go into labour overnight tonight. Trying to stay positive that at least SOMETHING seems to be happening... Good luck with your S&S today MrFrankly!

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