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am i in labour?!

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kittylette Thu 01-Jun-06 01:05:41


my midwife gave me an internal today to see how things were, i was 1cm dialted, my cervix was soft and low, and she said i was favourable,

i had aches since then (2pm) and had a clarysage bath, me and DF also had sex at about 10pm,

now ive got really bad BH and i dunno whether theyre actully turning into mild contractions!!

i dunno what to do... i cant sleep but i know its way too early on to contact anyone, lol

i just hope it all doesnt die down by morning

kitty, 38+3

jampots Thu 01-Jun-06 01:11:33

it sounds very possible kitty but do try to get some rest at least. Have a warm milky drink and try to get to sleep. Of course you could ring the labour ward for advice but they'll probably only tell you to come in when they're close togehter and strong though.

There will be others around during the night (esp MNers from abroad so if you did want to stay here there's usually someone to chat to).

Good luck and keep us posted x

Lact8 Thu 01-Jun-06 01:13:13

SEX??? Kittylette, in your condition

I know everyone says it but you will know when its happening

Are the contractions getting stronger? I found it helped to make a note of when they were happening, to pass the time as much as anything but it did give me an idea of when they became more frequent

Good luck!

Chandra Thu 01-Jun-06 01:19:12

On time, Icm dilated, had sex afterwards and you have mild contractions? I would be tempted to say that yes... you might be in labour!

m4ya Thu 01-Jun-06 01:43:24

Possibly, but u won't be able to go into delivery until they are closer together and stronger! Try relax, hav a shower n try get some rest if u r in labour u'll need all ur energy!

Cadmum Thu 01-Jun-06 04:16:31

Hmmmm... Quite possibly BUT get some sleep!!!!!

Lact8 Thu 01-Jun-06 23:38:28

Any news kitty?

MummyToToby Sun 04-Jun-06 20:49:53

is it your first kitty?

cece Sun 04-Jun-06 23:00:48

repeat go to bed and try to sleep... when they get harder and more frequent you will wake up - don't worry and rest!

Beauregard Sun 04-Jun-06 23:02:52

oooooooohhhhhhhh sex always worked for me !
Good luck kitty and keep us informed

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