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Anyone here pregnant after low AMH test result?

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TillBill Fri 21-Jul-17 21:23:53

I am 41, secondary infertility as well. After trying for a few months, was tested and was shocked to see amh undetectable. FSH bad, too. EStradiol was through the roof, I took one cycle of low dose clomid and apparently that created functional ovarian cysts that are dumping out estrogen. So everything is on hold until they "go away". I'm devastated, every day that passes without being able to even try is torture...

Tommo123 Tue 18-Jul-17 16:37:15

I am about to start natural modified IVF at create fertility clinic. I am 37, have severe endometriosis, an AMH of 1.3 pmol (very low/undetectable) and FSH of 24. After going to a couple of London fertility clinics I feel most confident with create. They have clinics in Manchester and Birmingham too I think. They are not as expensive as most as they focus on a more natural approach. I am yet to start as my last scan and blood test indicated high oestrogen due to an endometrial cyst leaking oestrogen they think. Taking the contraceptve pill for 21 days to try and reduce that. fingers crossed I can start next month. Scared but excited and hopeful. Taking CoQ10 ubiquinol and pregnacare on their advice. They advised not to take DHEA but I know many clinics do advise it. Fingers crossed I can start treatment next month. No idea what the eggs will be like but I have been told that the endometriosis is likely to affect egg quality, will have to wait and see. Good luck all. Its great to hear so many success stories and also from people in similar situations. Don't give up hope. xx

78mira19 Thu 11-May-17 11:31:18

I have similar issues to many of you.

Last year when I had my AMH done it was 0.5 and FSH 16. I'm 38.

Fiance and I have been trying to conceive since September. Problem is he works away quite a bit and so sometimes the opportunity is lost. I am hopeful though. I became pregnant last December but sadly lost the baby earlier this year.

Still trying and the stories of success do give me hope. Thank you for sharing x

spongebob9266 Sun 15-Jan-17 14:26:54

I am 50 years old and already have three children from a teenage girl right through to a 24 year old son. My new husband and I really want a child together. I have regular periods, still ovulate as the pee sticks give me a smiley face every month, and this month I got very elastic mucus, plus my boobs have been sore since ovulating. I did a blood test for AMH and it came back with a result of 0.4. This does not surprise me, but gives me some hope that even though I may only have a few eggs left, that at least the result wasn't a big fat ZERO. However I don't want to go down the IVF route, and anyway it isn't supported in the UK at my age. I don't want to be 'banging on' until I am 52 trying for a baby. Has anyone else out there had a similar story?

catinus Thu 28-Jan-16 22:23:50

I know this thread hasn't been posted on for a while, but when I was TTC, I spent so much time 'lurking' and feeling better when other people shared stories of hope, even if they were years old.

I thought I'd share my story.

41, normal FSH, but high estrogen level. when they told me my AMH level of .07 (gulp) I was crushed. I kept asking if they were SURE there was a zero between the . and the 7. Follie count was usually 2-3 on day 3.

My internet lurking taught me about DHEA 25mg 3xday and COQ10 600mg....RE told me they were not medically proven but he thought it fine if I took them. Due to some other complications, I ended up taking both for 5 months before 1st IUI try. (no partner, so had to use donor sperm, no chance of conceiving normally)

Had gonal f and clomid with a trigger shot. 1 egg. Took a longer than normal time to mature to 18 mm, even with meds..... I think it was day 19 of my cycle that I had IUI.

BFP on first try. (RE joked that I made this look too easy)

I'm now almost 9 weeks and ultrasounds look good.

I wanted to post this because AMH .07 almost made me give up. Don't give up!

viki74 Sun 14-Jun-15 01:31:30

I had a amh of 0.29. I read everything that was to be read online. There was a point where I would wake up crying and going to bed crying. Gynecologist said it would be extremely hard if not impossible to get pregnant ( I also had 2 polyps and endomitriosis). I am not young: 40. Well, I got pregnant 5 months ago naturally.
PLease don't loose hope! I don't know what is the secret, but in my case, I was exercising a lot, eating healthy and did acupuncture. Nothing else. So, please, do not despair. medicine has its limits. There are things that they cannot explain. I was miserable for months for no reason! I had eggs and they were viable!

sophie150 Sat 07-Jun-14 08:56:11

I was told I had 'very low' amh (1.44) at 29 after a year of trying to conceive naturally unsuccessfully.

We did go for IVF and I'm now 15 weeks pregnant after our third round. I'm sure the clinic made a difference though - we used Care in Nottingham for the successful round who were fantastic and far better clinics than the first two (one NHS one private). We had the fewest number of eggs on the last cycle (6) but two really good embryos were put back in.

As everyone has said it only takes one egg so there's no clinical reason why we can't get pregnant. But I felt a need to just get on with the medical intervention rather than keep trying to conceive naturally as I knew time wasn't on our side.

Good luck with your journey - the decisions aren't easy and I certainly felt that I didn't have the luxury of time to think everything through and deal with it.

Deepu1803 Fri 06-Jun-14 18:08:29


alexandrapm Fri 28-Jun-13 23:10:33

thank you Jethro and Shameless, I truly appreciate it.

A question about the DHEA, have you guys had any bad side effects?

ShamelessInTheCountry Fri 28-Jun-13 14:52:05

Hi Alexandra, I've just found out I'm 4 weeks pregnant after 14 months of trying, conceived naturally but on 2nd round of low dose of clomid, 50mg, then i upped myself to 75mg ;)
Unexplained fertility, every test we had came back fine, I ovulate regularly.
I had my amh tested privately 8 months ago and it was very low at 3.09, and I was 28 then. I took DHEA 75mg a day for three months from feb to april this year, i'd give it a go for sure, my acupuncturist recommended it too. Most private clinics put you on it before ivf to boost your egg count. My friends has been through a few rounds of ivf and has had her amh tested a few times and it has varied massively so I don't think one test isn't necessarily accurate or maybe weirdly it can fluctuate...
Good luck honey!! xx

JethroTull Fri 28-Jun-13 14:12:52

My story echoes those above. Didn't find out I had low AMH until went to a private fertility clinic after TTC for 3 years. Took DHEA for 3 months prior to starting IVF, got 4 eggs & am now 25 weeks pregnant. Good luck OP - I'd recommend taking DHEA.

alexandrapm Fri 28-Jun-13 14:08:07

Thank you Meyersfan, this really does help a lot! thanks.

meyersfan Thu 27-Jun-13 10:04:13

My amh result was so low I've tried to block it out of my head (0.02 or something ridiculous)! - they could only see one antral follicle. Basically, the result fell into the 'undetectable' level of fertility. I fell pregnant the following month, miscarried but am now 35 weeks pregnant (both were natural conceptions).

Getting that result was definitely a very low point in my life but it also confirmed what I already suspected (that I was running out of eggs). Fortunately there were a few more hanging around!

I hope you have a happy outcome soon.

alexandrapm Thu 27-Jun-13 06:10:18

Thank you Toptack smile

Toptack Wed 26-Jun-13 22:21:47

My AMH level was about 6 on the uk scale the first time I fell pregnant (resulted in DS1) and just over 1 with my second pregnancy (now 32 weeks gone). I used a low dose of clomid both times. The month I fell pregnant this time round I was scanned and only 4 antral follicles, but it really does only take one... Best of luck xx

alexandrapm Wed 26-Jun-13 22:09:34

Again.thank you for your replies.

cookiemonster100 Wed 26-Jun-13 22:03:50


I have a low AMH level & endo. TTC nearly 4 years. Currently 20 weeks pg after our first round of IVF.
I empathise with you as it can be a bleak time to go through- don't give up and don't let the docs fob you off. I am glad I pushed and pushed the docs into investigations so when we went for IVF they can treat you accordingly.
Good luck

blondebaby111 Wed 26-Jun-13 21:52:21

I'm gonna bump this thread up for again, I hope some other people have some positive stories for u xx

alexandrapm Mon 24-Jun-13 21:48:41

hello, thank you all for your replies. They do really help. I will talk to the doctor tomorrow and another one next week, if there are any more stories of pregnancies after being diagnosed with low AMH levels please let me know...

OnlyThePurpleOnes Sun 23-Jun-13 16:58:34

Oh, I was also taking DHEA for the month before we found out. HTH.

OnlyThePurpleOnes Sun 23-Jun-13 16:57:20

We had been trying for dc2 for a few months, I went in for a checkup for other reasons and mentioned we were trying. Was given the test due to medical history and was told my AMH is 0.08 (yup). I'm 33. We went full steam into talk of hormone treatment, and was told I would be allowed one round before being moved straight to IVF. Went in to start treatment and discovered I was 6 weeks pregnant naturally. As the others said, it only takes one egg (and I only have about 3, by all accounts!) good luck.

blondebaby111 Sun 23-Jun-13 09:57:50

I'm not sure of my amh number (I think it was low) but I had a number of investigations thru hosp and we got given the diagnosis of unexplainned infertility. It wasn't until we headed to the ivf clinic that I got told my egg reserve was low and my ammh was low too.

After our first round of ivf failed I felt so so low and generally thought it would never happen. But you have to remember it only takes one sperm and one egg to get pregnant so never ever give up.

I'm now 11 weeks pregnant naturally after 5 years of trying, we were just about to start ivf again when I found out, the only thing I did differently was I had reiki and I started taking low dose aspirin. It came as a massive shock.
So please please never give up, take all the help that's offered to u, have they put u on clomid or suggested ivf?? Please stay positive, I'm 36 and although we have a long way to go (haven't had a scan yet) good things do happen, wish u loads of luck xxx

EeyoreIsh Sun 23-Jun-13 09:55:50

I'm pregnant with low amh and endometriosis.

I was told I'd need ivf to conceive. I've actually managed to get pregnant twice (after waiting two years) without any treatment. I lost the first baby in a miscarriage. I'm now seven weeks pregnant.

Low amh just means low egg supply. It only takes one egg.

Good luck.

lozster Sat 22-Jun-13 23:31:40

I had an AMH classified as sub fertile (can't recall exact figure). I had two full rounds of ivf and got 5 then two eggs respectively. This was followed by a frozen transfer that also failed. I then took dhea for 3 months before having a third full round that produced four eggs, three fertilised and were string enough to go to a five day transfer. Am now 34 weeks pregnant.

The mantra is that it only takes one egg and that its quality not quantity that count.

Not sure how instrumental dhea was but have a google or look at fertility friends for info.

alexandrapm Sat 22-Jun-13 15:00:24


I hope you are all doing great. I probably should have written this post in the conception board but I think it might be more appropriate to write it here since what I am looking for is cases that can give me hope that it is possible to get pregnant after being diagnosed with low AMH levels.

I am 34 years old, 35 in October. I have just got my blood test results and turns out my AMH levels are 0.6.pmol/l I have yet to see my Doctor on Tuesday but I was also told by the lady who did my sonogram that my antral follicle count was low so I am feeling pretty devastated right now...

Any advice or hope stories would truly help right now and will be very much appreciated.

all the best,


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