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breastfeeding in public

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syl1985 Tue 18-Jun-13 14:13:11

When I'd go out of the door I tried to think up front when I'd have to give the baby breast milk and where I could do it.
Or to be back home before the baby needed to have his next dinner.

I barely fed him in public and thank goodness when I did everything went well.
But I read in a local paper that a lady was feeding her baby as discreet as she could be in a Mark and Spencers cafe.

Another lady over there started to make rude comments and shout at her.

How awful and how terrible if you just try to give your baby breast milk and some crazy woman starts shouting at you.

That it's disgusting. She should feed the baby in the toilet. Give it a bottle etc.
This lady was sitting with her back towards the cafe. So what was this crazy woman able to see?

The staff were doing their best. The crazy woman left, but the mother and her baby were both in tears and so very upset.
I think that I'd be in tears too.

It happened once to me that I was feeding my baby and someone made a stupid comment.
From all places this was in the hospital!!!

It was with my first child and breast feeding didn't went that very well. Finally he was drinking, but I wasn't holding him according to the guidelines. I thought like: He drinks. I'm supporting his head and the rest of his body. It works so I forget about the guidelines.

Some stupid nurse came in and in a rude way and loud voice asked me:
What are you doing? How are you feeding him?

I was shocked and my baby was that too. And he stopped drinking.
Thanks bitch!

syl1985 Wed 19-Jun-13 15:35:36

Thanks for sharing all your breastfeeding experiences.

I'm not sure if I ever manage to become as confident at it as some of you are.

It was nice to read and weird that some people feel the need to be rude when you feed your baby. Even when giving him a bottle.

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