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How did your pregnancy and birth compare to your mum's?

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cogitosum Sat 15-Jun-13 20:14:56

I'm 36 weeks and wondering this as my mum had 3 quick and easy labours (and one quick but not easy because of my dsis's position) so I'm really hoping it's hereditary!

I spoke to her about it yesterday and she was saying that she didn't even realise she was having contractions til a midwife examined her and told her with my db!

We've had really similar pregnancies in that despite both of us having a tendency to put on weight, we've both carried well with clear bumps and not much extra weight. And both had bad heartburn as our worst complaint (both thankfully quite lucky and not had any bad symptoms or ms)

So was wondering how everyone else compared with their mum... Ie those whose mums had easy labours were you the same? Is there a hereditary component?

My dsis had twins and also had hellp at the end so can't really compare with her

Hamnvik Sun 16-Jun-13 09:11:21

Very very similar, perfect pregnancies, wouldn't have known we were pregnant apart from the bump. My mum went three weeks overdue with me and my sister, I went 16 days over with DS. Induction, bad reaction to drip causing too many contractions too close together.
The only difference is that I was given a EMCS, my poor mum had high forceps. She didn't tell me this until after I gave birth though so I wouldn't worry about it. Strange how similar it was though!

charlottesweb87 Sun 16-Jun-13 19:13:40

So far my pregnancy has been very similar to my mums in that we both had no morning sickness, plus other symptoms similar. smile She had a relatively smooth labour/birth so hoping I will too!

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