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Nausea 24\7 - please help!

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pinky27 Sat 15-Jun-13 11:44:12

Hi, I'm 7 weeks preg and am experiencing bad nausea all day and night. I have tried lots of things...taking cyclizine (prescribed by doc), eating little and often, snacking, gettinh rest, taking vitamin b6, eating ginger biscuits, having acupuncture, wearing acupressure sea bands, eating very hot or very cold food, eating pepermint - none of these things have helped! Has anyone got any other suggestions? Feeling very down about it today and its still a long way till I'm 12 wks and hopefully start feeling better. Thanks very much. Xx

quackojuliet Sat 15-Jun-13 11:52:34

Feel for you!
I'm 10 wks and still having horrible all day and night food aversions to the point of vomit filling my mouth (urgh sorry) but the constant nausea itself has started to slightly fade.
I have also tried most of the things on your list, got seabands on permanently. Acupuncture may or may not have helped as I only started at the worst point...ginger and mint are a load of balls imho. Make me gag.
What is more likely to make a difference is time, and having somebody prepare food for you so you don;t have to smell it. If dh had been more obliging to do that, to my precise instructions (!!!), i would have suffered less. And saved money as not eating out all the time.
It might not be as long as 12 weeks til you feel better, placenta is fully formed around 10 weeks and starts supplying hormones around then (correct me if i',m wrong???) so you don't have too long til relief is likely.

cravingcake Sat 15-Jun-13 14:16:40

I feel for you too!
I'm currently 7 weeks with my second and I am a lot worse this time around with nausea. Only thing that helps me is to not get too tired as this makes the feeling worse, so very early nights and resting up whenever I can near impossible with a very active toddler. I've also found that getting out for a walk, or doing something to take your mind off it does sometimes help rather than just dozing on the sofa. And what works one day, doesn't work the next - so frustrating!

I remember last time feeling a lot better by the time I had my scan which was just over 11 weeks so I'm just counting down.

Bexmathews Sat 15-Jun-13 14:32:43

I was sick for first 16 weeks and found really sour sweets (haribo type) and ice lollies helped a little bit smile hope you feel better soon

Longfufu Sat 15-Jun-13 14:56:19

My morning sickness didn't subside until I was 16 weeks, nothing helped me either in my first pregnancy, second time round it's been much better. Just try and keep your blood sugar up, toast, bananas, anything's a miserable time flowers

LottyLikesWindows Sat 15-Jun-13 16:02:50

Hi Pinky. Just wanted to say you're not on your own. I'm ten weeks and have suffered hideously with nausea and vomiting and general feeling grim. I have noticed that over the last week the nausea has been slowly subsiding during the day but then comes back with a vengeance in the evenings. Bananas seem to be the only thing to help me.

Sending you lots of sympathy and keeping fingers crossed that this passes soon.

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