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Anyone used the Early Response test and got a result early?

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AliBingo Thu 13-Jun-13 18:39:28


Have popped over here from the Conception board.

Am in the 2ww and wondering whether to shell out on an Early Response test, has anyone used them and got a good early positive on them?

I know I should just be patient but I am addicted to POAS!


RobotElephant Thu 13-Jun-13 18:43:42

Get a Superdrug one, I got a positive 4 days early with one.

AliBingo Thu 13-Jun-13 18:45:34

Ooh ok will go and have a look, thanks. Are they meant to be more sensitive than most then, almost as much as the Early responses?

MrsO27 Thu 13-Jun-13 18:49:49

I had early response ones and didn't get a positive until I was actually late, everyone's different though. If you can hold out and wait it might be better as I found it disheartening seeing negative results.

jemimahpuddleduck Thu 13-Jun-13 18:51:12

I used first response and got bfp 5 days before AF due.

Fairy130389 Thu 13-Jun-13 18:55:14

I didn't get bfp until af was late with first response, even then it was so feint I didn't believe it!!

AliBingo Thu 13-Jun-13 18:56:58

Thanks for the replies.

Must try and resist buying First Response, they are way too expensive!

Have just ordered some Superdrug ones.

I should really learn to be patient, much cheaper!

RobotElephant Thu 13-Jun-13 18:58:10

Ali - I got a negative on a first response but a + with Superdrug. They are meant to be more sensitive, yes. They're also one of the cheapest smile

RobotElephant Thu 13-Jun-13 18:59:10

When is AF due?

AliBingo Thu 13-Jun-13 19:14:19

AF due either Sunday or Tuesday. The tests will not be here in time for this month but maybe next time. Or maybe I'll nip into town tomorrow for some, depends how obsessive I get!

starsandstripes72 Thu 13-Jun-13 19:31:50

I used the cheap ones a week before i was due and they came up negative. Used the early response one 5 days before i was due and it came up positive!!!

lucidlady Thu 13-Jun-13 19:38:28

I used Superdrug and got a positive almost a week early. That same day I tried Boots own brand and Internet cheapie - both of those came up negative.

plentyofsoap Thu 13-Jun-13 19:42:50

I went to Home Bargins and got the early pregnancy test there. It is about 90p for 2 and I got an early result. I did buy alot of them and kept checking!

IcouldstillbeJoseph Thu 13-Jun-13 19:48:24

I had a superdrug 2 pack - tested 2 days early and negative, then 2 days after AF due and BFP

RJM17 Thu 13-Jun-13 19:53:43

I got an early one with clear blue digital with the conception indicator x

Cavort Thu 13-Jun-13 21:37:36

I used a First Response and got a BFP at 12 DPO. A dark line appeared straight away so I'm guessing I could have got a BFP much earlier if I had tested. smile

AlmondFrangipani Thu 13-Jun-13 22:15:27

I used the First Response tests 12 DPO and got a positive. No other tests showed up positive until a few days later so I swear by them!!

Fairydogmother Thu 13-Jun-13 22:25:01

I got a strong positive 5 days before period was due with first response. They were on offer in tescos grin

Good luck!

AliBingo Thu 13-Jun-13 22:36:33

Ohhh I really want a First Response test as well now!

BigBongTheory Thu 13-Jun-13 23:05:06

First response were negative early for me. Waited 48 hours and got a positive with clear blue.

BigBongTheory Thu 13-Jun-13 23:05:33

Negative at 12 dpo that was.

MrsHY1 Fri 14-Jun-13 08:27:47

I did a First Response at 14dpo (I know the timings exactly as it was a IVF embryo transfer) and the line was there but faint. I think if I'd have tested any earlier, it may not have shown up. I convinced myself this was a bad sign as I'd read so many stories about women who had got good lines at 10, 11, 12 dpo. I therefore thought it might be a chemical pregnancy. At 15dpo my blood test showed an HCG level of 142 which was very good so didn't seem to correlate with the faintness. I'm now 15 weeks pregnant. I've learned that every woman is different!

M0co Fri 14-Jun-13 08:43:59

I got a really light line with FR at 3 weeks but the strongest were actually Tesco's own £3.50 job!!

HotSoupDumpling Fri 14-Jun-13 08:54:13

Another one who got a very early indication (five days early) with the cheap superdrug pink line one.

notspringchicken Fri 14-Jun-13 09:44:49

Got a positive 3 days early with Clear Blue..

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