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28 weeks bump feels smaller / lower?

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pucca Mon 29-May-06 16:15:11

I am 28 weeks, and since yesterday my bump seems smaller/ lower iykwim. Could the baby have moved down already? don't seem to be getting many high up kicks, baby still moving but all movements feel really low down.


trinityrhino Mon 29-May-06 16:20:36

First of all I would say that if you are worried in any way then you should feel competely in your rights to go and ask for some advice from doc, midwife ot even go to the antenatal clinic in hosp.

I would think that it could just be the baby having settled head down now and so gone lower but if you don't think thats what it is then go and see someone

pucca Mon 29-May-06 17:23:27

The baby was head down at last antenatal appointment, so i think that is what it is, not overally worried as still feeling movements but was just wondering if anyone else was the same?

olivo Mon 29-May-06 17:52:51

hi pucca - i think i'm aweek or so behind you and mine is the same - feels so low that i think its going to fall out!! at my appt on friday, she said it was head down. most of my kicks are now lower on the right.

Arabica Mon 29-May-06 21:03:51

Hey, an August spin-off thread! I've had about five scans/checks since 27wks and the baby has changed position each time. On Monday it was breech, but on Thursday it was head down again, so I think the answer is, they still move quite a bit at this stage.

pucca Mon 29-May-06 22:54:37

Thanks everybody, got a bath and baby seems to have just had a sleepy day today, worries hell out of you though at the time, but he seems to have shifted back and have been having lots of kicks high up again, as i said i was feeling movements still but very very low down and not as frequent as normal, must have just had a dozy day today lol.

PinkTulips Tue 30-May-06 18:10:00

same thing happened to me last week and i'm about a week ahead of you, bump is smaller but pants that buttoned the week before won't now so it's obviously lower too. wouldn't worry bout it tbh

hope everything else is going ok

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