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Baby quiet...

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MrsLee Mon 29-May-06 14:09:17

Hiya All....

Is it usual for a baby to quiet down in later pregnancy? im nearly 35 weeks and although i still feel movements through the day my belly dont seem to jig like it did few weeks ago, is it normal cos the baby is running out of space or spending more time asleep? i get well over ten kicks a day.

spidermama Mon 29-May-06 14:20:51

That's exactly what it is MrsLee. Space gets tighter so the movements are less pronounced. Fewer jabs and pokes, more slow sweeps.

koshka1984 Mon 29-May-06 14:25:04

Hi MrsLee
Im 32 weeks and ive been worried about this, i didnt feel anything yesterday and went to hosp today.

Midwife said that sometimes as baby is moving into different positions the movements feel smaller.
However, my baby is breech, so is sitting on his legs! So may be different if baby is not breech.

I have no idea if this makes sense, sorry!

MrsLee Mon 29-May-06 14:32:47

I guess im worrying over nothing hehee very normal for us preggas woman lol

trinityrhino Mon 29-May-06 16:12:34

definitely to do with the lessening of available space, I worried exactly the ame as you when it happened with dd1 at about 34 weeks or so. It is really fine, just because theres not much room left

kbaby Mon 29-May-06 17:33:08

Im 31 weeks and noticed the same.

What I do notice though is that even though I cant actually feel any kicks or movements if I rest my hands on my bump I can feel the baby wriggling inside through my hands even though I cant feel it with no hands. Hope this makes some sense.

Arabica Mon 29-May-06 21:09:10

kbaby, me too. I'm 30+5, and can go a good 4 hrs without feeling anythig except those kind of wriggles or vibrations. I hardly ever feel big kicks and because I have had a bit of a problem pregnancy (to say the least) I do worry. I forget that with my pregnancy with DS, I hardly ever felt big kicks either. I think some people get big jabs in the ribs and some people don't--or simply can't fel them.

kayzed Mon 29-May-06 21:20:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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