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Finding Laughalot (please)

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soundbites Sun 28-May-06 20:23:33

Hi Laughalot

I think you might be on these discussions after your bfp. You were kind enough to reply to my post when I came off the pill at the end of April, and you said when you came off you had a normal AF and the next month it didn't start until day 35. I have just put the following post on the May conception tread (the only one still hanging on in there) and wondered if you could advise:

"I don't know whether AF ought to have started on Thurs / Fri (days 28/29) as it did when on the pill or whether I have reverted to my very erratic cycle. DH and I did succumb to buying ClearBlue yesterday but when I read the leaflet it said to allow for the longest stretch of your irregular cycle. I managed to find some old diaries and established that in the 16 months prior to going on the pill I had anything from 23 days to 35 days, averaging at 24 days so I just don't know. Taking this into consideration we thought maybe we'd test on Thurs which will be day 35 if AF hasn't arrived yet. Am sure that my boobs are a lot more sensitive (and DH is convinced they look bigger - ever hopeful!!!) ... but maybe I am just making myself believe it. I hate the suspense and am trying to tell myself that it couldn't possibly have happened first try, but yet want it to be true too! "


Sounbites xxx

Hopecat Tue 30-May-06 22:26:26

Hey soundbites - laughalot will be on the 'due in Jan 2007' thread in the antenatal section.


soundbites Wed 31-May-06 13:14:35

thanks Hopecat - all was resolved when I took the plunge and did the test!

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