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Washing newborn clothes

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starsandstripes72 Sun 09-Jun-13 09:36:15

I only have 4 weeks left so trying to get all babys things ready. I'll wash all bedding beforehand but is it really necessary to wash ALL clothing too?? I don't know whether it is recommended or just nice to do.

smallandimperfectlyformed Sun 09-Jun-13 09:37:44

To be honest, I never did but lots of my friends did do that. Depends on whether you want to, I don't think it is essential. Good luck with the baby though!!

FobblyWoof Sun 09-Jun-13 09:45:55

I did, but stopped around the 5 month mark when we'd get something new.

I think, but I'm not 100%, that they tell you to do it because you don't know how it's been transported and stored by the store so you don't know what's on it.

Cavort Sun 09-Jun-13 09:52:58

I think clothing manufacturers use chemicals such as formaldehyde to make new clothes appear more appealing. I think many parents don't want this making contact with their new baby's skin, or at least while they're so tiny.

I have just washed all clothes and bedding on a 30 degree fastwash in non-bio just to get rid of any chemical nasties. Not a great deal of hassle really.

Lydia161290 Sun 09-Jun-13 11:05:54

I'm currently in the process of washing my baby clothes with non-bio. I wasn't going to bother, but this morning I realised most of my baby clothes have been sitting in a drawer for a long time and need freshening up. I am only washing vests, baby grows and my blankets.
Things like little outfits, hats and gloves I haven't bothered with.

cravingcake Sun 09-Jun-13 18:17:58

I washed everything when it was new just to remove any chemical or 'shop dirt' and have only recently stopped (DS is 19 months). I have sensitive skin so didnt want to risk having a newborn come out in a rash.

If you dont want to wash everything i would recommend just washing clothes that are direct on skin - vests and babygrows.

MisselthwaiteManor Mon 10-Jun-13 13:26:34

I've washed everything, I don't know if it's really necessary but it isn't a huge amount of effort so might as well.

Shellywelly1973 Mon 10-Jun-13 13:44:09

I've always washed EVERYTHING belonging to the expected baby.

I think mainly the stuff that has direct contact...vests, babygrows & sheets are the most important. I always use non bio detergent.

TinkyPeet Mon 10-Jun-13 14:00:12

I've washed stuff I've bought from a friend (most of it brand new, the rest worn maybe once/twice) and a couple of shop bought things like towels and blankets, but haven't bothered with the rest just put it all away, will be washing all the new bedding though, nothing worse than cardboard-y bedsheets lol smile

Dorris83 Mon 10-Jun-13 19:58:39

I washed all my new baby (pfb) 's clothes and bedding etc.
. I did it for the reasons everyone has said, chemicals, sensitive skin etc.
But a lovely secondary benefit was that it gave me a reason to admire all the teeny tiny clothes and get really excited and realise that we were having a brand new baby!! I still love seeing all of DS's clothes hanging on the line smile

Xmasbaby11 Mon 10-Jun-13 20:08:05

I washed everything. As others have said, not a major hassle. Actually the most excited I've ever been about washing clothes (so cute!)!

StuckOnARollercoaster Mon 10-Jun-13 20:09:02

Have washed everything that's been donated or bought on eBay. Of the New stuff I've washed the bits and pieces that are in the hospital bag.
The rest is still tagged and bagged in case we have misjudged size so it can be returned or exchanged. If it's the right size though mum is primed to run it through the washing machine for when we get home.
I wouldn't normally care on adult clothes but I think for the first few months I want to be careful in case little one has inherited either eczema or psoriasis from us.

TobyLerone Mon 10-Jun-13 20:52:43

I always wash everything new, even for me. DH is currently wearing a brand new hoodie without my having washed it and it's making me twitchy.

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