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Any advice when you know your baby will be premature?

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Sophbann Mon 03-Jun-13 20:25:34

Hi, I'm new to this so apologies if I don't understand the abbreviations etc...
I am 27+4 with my first baby and found out last week that due to my own newly diagnosed health issues, my baby will be delivered at 34 weeks.
I wondered if anyone had any tips on anything i can be doing now to help my baby grow as much as possible between now and then? I.e specific things to eat?
Also would love to hear from anyone who had a baby at 34 weeks and can give me any advice for when it arrives....

pocketandsweet Mon 03-Jun-13 20:36:48

Ok. First try not to worry. 34 is good. I have had two babies one at 34 weeks and one at 35 weeks. Both are absolutely fine. You dont say what your health issues are and whether there is a chance of things going earlier.... my first daughter tried to start coming at 26 weeks and so it was a major gift to get to 34. I am assuming that they will give you the steroid injections to bring along the baby's lung development of surfactant. I don't think that there is much you can do eating wise other than follow all the usual advice.
Your baby will be smaller than full term obviously and likely spend some time in Special Care but you probably will not face any very "scary" problems unless there are other issues. Both my daughters spent nearly 2 weeks in SCBU to build up their weight and make sure that they were both feeding well. I personally asked at SCBU for them to recommend a book about premature babies to read while I was waiting for my first daughter to arrive but I was facing delivering a baby at 26 weeks and so I wanted to be "prepared" for worst case scenarios. I think that 34 weeks generally has a very good prognosis so this might not be necessary for you. I think you probably know yourself whether that kind of thing is more likely to make you feel more "in control" of the situation or if it would just panic you.

helenlouisey Mon 03-Jun-13 21:02:21


Have you been offered a tour of your local SCBU? We visited ahead of our DS being born, as we know he was going to be early, and it really helped prepare us.

Also maybe order this book from Tommys charity, it's free and has lots of useful information on preparing for a prem baby. It's the first book on the list

I would also try and get as prepared as possible for the birth, having your bag packed, baby bits bought as that helped me feel more organised and prepared, maybe even buy a few prem baby clothes & hats? Boots and Mothercare both now stock prem baby bits.

Best of luck

Sophbann Mon 03-Jun-13 22:05:35

Thanks so much to you both for all the advice. It really helps. Not been offered to see the SCBU yet but definitely want to ask. I know I'm lucky compared to some being able to get to 34 weeks (hopefully) but it's just daunting nonetheless! Thank again

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