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Brown discharge after sex. 10 weeks preg

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zebedeeandthefunbags Tue 28-May-13 13:08:44

Has anyone had this? I had a bad week last week: a bereavement and then on /Thurs lots of brown discharge after sex was told to bed rest for 2- 3 days. IT stopped and has restarted today after I had an orgasm last night. All the books say I should be getting jiggy with it but this is now freaking me out. Need some reassurance. Have had a scan at EPU at 6 and 7 weeks where all was fine. Know I'm feeling really anxious but this is my first preg and none of my friends have had this. Please help

Snowflakepie Tue 28-May-13 13:19:37

I had this throughout my first pg, it was terrifying and meant that I just avoided the deed as much as possible, poor DH. Although he did understand. I just couldn't handle the worry.

DD is now 3.5 so clearly all was well! But I did have a strange placenta which was low and which had formed in lobes rather than as a whole piece. The delivery mw was really fascinated and I had consultants, other mw, students all studying it PMSL!

It doesn't have to be bad news. Mention it at your next scan as they will be looking for the position of the placenta as that obviously can affect delivery options. But it could be nothing, just sensitivity in your cervix or old blood finally making its way out.

Now 37 weeks with DS and I've not had anything like it at all this time. But I have been told that the placenta is high and at the front so completely different. Anyway I hope it all settles soon, try not to worry too much. Good luck x

zebedeeandthefunbags Tue 28-May-13 13:45:11

Thanks for that - I appreciate the reassurance. Just spoke to GP and he is faxing EPU. Just really frustrating that it keeps happening after orgasm. Didn't have penetrative sex last night and it has still happened. IF the baby is ok we are going to have zero sex life the way this is going! Sick of reading about missed miscarriages and people telling me that this is early in terms of likelihood of misscarriage. We have known I am pregnant for 7 weeks and I had been told I was unlikely to get pregnant so I feel totally helpless about how to not get anxious about losing this baby. xx

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