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Private scans - Brighton

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Franykins Tue 28-May-13 11:24:07

Hi I was just wondering if anyone can recommend anywhere in Brighton for a private ultrasound scan. We found out at our 12 week scan that we are expecting twins grin however they didn't give us a pic of the two of them together (and I was in shock so didn't think to ask!) I am now gutted as I really want one sad I know its not a necessity and the fact they look healthy is the most important thing, but I want to pay for a private scan. I just don't' know anywhere that is any good and the only one that I can find is based in the Holiday Inn!!! That sounds a bit dodgy to me!

Thanks in advance.

HystericalParoxysm Wed 29-May-13 07:32:53

Baby bond often hire a room in a hotel or conference centre. I've found them to be professional and reliable even if the venue does seen a little odd at first!

Pajimjams Wed 29-May-13 07:36:37

Clinic 9 on new church road in hove. I got in the very next day! Was about £100. Congratulations!

Franykins Wed 29-May-13 09:07:29

Thank you both. I did see Clinic 9 online but was a bit put off by price to be honest blush But I'll be 16/17 weeks around the time of my birthday so am gonna ask for money. I'll defo keep them in mind though.

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