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rockerrock Tue 28-May-13 00:24:00

..anyone know anything about this?

I'd like to obtain some sort of prenatal qualification as an addition to my main field of work (personal training). I'm currently not based in the UK (although I will be in 2 years time), don't want prenatal work to be my main focus, and don't think I'd qualify for any of the funding (already have a degree and household income is pretty high): I therefore feel that the NCT Antenatal Teacher qualification is suitable.

I've found the Childbirth International Childbirth Educator course, which looks pretty good - but I wanted to see whether it was actually recognised in the UK (it doesn't seem as demanding as the NCT one): basically, is it worth doing??

Any thoughts/experiences? Thanks.

(Am also posting this in Returning to Work).

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