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why can't I drive?!?

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joanna1990marie Sun 26-May-13 18:26:34

The amount of people who keep telling me off for driving my car is ridiculous! Im currently 39+3 and aside from waddling the odd few metres around the supermarket im pretty much immobile because I'm so uncomfortable! How the hell do people suppose I get around? Why are people making such a big deal out of this? Yes there are dangers with the seatbelt if I crash but my chances of crashing are the same as before? Aren't they? If anything I drive more cautiously and give even more room to the car in front so I dont have to break harshly if needs be. Any ideas why people are telling me off?

LemonBreeland Sun 26-May-13 18:29:23

No idea, I drove to the end of all three pregnancies with no problems. I know some people who have stopped earlier due to difficulties reaching the steering wheel, but entirely their choice.

Who are these people having a go?

MortifiedAdams Sun 26-May-13 18:29:28

Because they are stupid.

cupcake78 Sun 26-May-13 18:35:04

No idea but I'm getting the 'wait till you can't drive' lectures as well. Drove till my final moments with ds.

Bunnychan Sun 26-May-13 18:35:16

No idea but I'm 40+3 and still happily driving. I'm safe enough to; I can even paint my toe nails lol. If you feel comfortable/ safe then why should you have to stop? X

joanna1990marie Sun 26-May-13 18:56:40

Well as I'm pregnant that means I'm public property to scrutinize and be commented about by complete strangers! No idea who they are but I'm sure if I told them to fuck off they'd have a coronary! X

Kafri Sun 26-May-13 19:12:54

I was out in the car the day before I went into labour so 39+5 and to be fair, the only reason I didn't go out the next day was cos I woke up in the early hours with contractions.
I knew they were labour pains but to be honest, for most of the day I would have been fine to drive if i'd had to. DS was born the following evening so a nice long early labour for me.
Just tell people you're in the best place cos if you go into labour you can get straight to the hospital grin
If you feel fine to do it, then go for it.

Splatt34 Sun 26-May-13 19:59:01

40+8 & still driving. Maybe it depends on what car you have & whether you can sit comfortably? I have an s-max so lots of space

noblegiraffe Sun 26-May-13 20:02:14

I drove to the hospital for my c-section!

First pregnancy I was in a fiesta and it did get a bit tight between my bump and the steering wheel, but in a focus it was fine!

JaquelineHyde Sun 26-May-13 20:05:23

What utter crap, being heavily pg does not mean you can't drive. People just need to butt out and let you try to enjoy hmm the last few days of your pg.

MadeOfStarDust Sun 26-May-13 20:10:40

if you have to do an emergency stop, if your bump is against the steering wheel it acts as the crumple zone....

VinegarDrinker Sun 26-May-13 20:13:58

I'm having the same regarding riding my bike (at nearly 35 weeks). Yes, I could have an accident, but as I've been cycling daily in London for 10 years with no issues what are the chances of it suddenly happening now? (My balance is unaffected and I am a confident cyclist).

mamageekchic Sun 26-May-13 20:16:40

I had the same when pg with DD, did my head in! I was still doing the 70 mile round trip to work 2 days before my due date, my only problem was I had to stop for a wee half way ;)

mamageekchic Sun 26-May-13 20:17:15

also, my bump was no where near the steering wheel

BabyHMummy Sun 26-May-13 20:23:27

It's because up until about 10 years ago most insurance companies wouldn't cover you to be driving after about 34 weeks due to the risks of early labour and potentially having an accident etc. Are they 'older' ppl or those with teenagers by any chance?

As long as you have sufficient space for the airbag to deploy and the steering wheel to move freely there is no reason not to drive.

I have had to stop driving dp's landrover as I have to sit so close to the pedals I can't move the wheel for the bump and am only 28 weeks...not been able to drive it since about 23 weeks...good job the snow last week was minimal

neversleepagain Sun 26-May-13 20:25:30

I drove myself to my last scan at 35 weeks (twins) and I was admitted as waters broke. My bump touched the steering wheel but I managed. I couldn't sit around waiting to be driven places.

mrspaddy Sun 26-May-13 20:28:59

Don't listen to them.. honestly you can't do anything pregnant without one comment or another... I am only 26 weeks and glad to be getting away from all the gossipy woman I work with.. 'oh.. don't stretch or the cord will be around the neck of the baby' but don't get off their last arses to help me grrrrrrrr

Purplehonesty Sun 26-May-13 20:29:49

I live very rurally so would have been stuck in the house if i didn't drive. However by bump was far enough away from the steering wheel to be safe.
If you've ever seen a crash test dummy video, the steering wheel in a head on collision is pushed right towards you (with the airbag) and so it could be pretty nasty for the bump.

Twinklestarstwinklestars Sun 26-May-13 20:35:07

My kids wouldn't get to school if I had to stop, my bump is nowhere near the steering wheel at nearly 33 weeks and in my last 2 pregnancies I drove myself to hospital to be induced.

If you have short legs you may struggle if you have a big bump but I've been fine.

2Labradors Sun 26-May-13 20:40:02

I drove until overdue with both mine. With my DD I had started getting crampy pains when 4 days overdue but DH couldn't drive at the time and I picked him up as usual at the end of his 10:30pm shift. Told him about the pains when we got home. Went to hospital later that night/early hours of morning and had her that next day.

joanna1990marie Sun 26-May-13 20:43:30

Lol about the stretching thing! Someone actually told me off for reaching up to a high shelf as they said u shouldn't put your arms above your head as the cord will wrap round the babies neck! How the hell have am I supposed to wash my hair? Don't know how they think ur arm muscles are somehow connected to the cord?? I will keep driving as my dh has been banned from driving for 6 months for totting up points, looks like I'll be driving us to the delivery suite!

Xmasbaby11 Sun 26-May-13 21:01:14

Maybe they are just surprised you are comfortable - I couldn't have done in the last few weeks. Lucky you!

maxbear Sun 26-May-13 21:05:58

I got stuck in the snow in a Waitrose car park the day before ds was born! A helpful bloke told me to go forward, then backwards then forwards etc really quickly to get myself out, it was not particualarly easy to do at 39 weeks but the incentive not to be stuck there at that stage was stronger. I probably wouldn't have left the house if I had known that he would be born less than 24 hours later! It never occurred to me to stop driving.

Fakebook Mon 27-May-13 13:08:40

I drove till the end with ds. I wasn't driving when dd was born.

My sister was driving on her due date too, and her car broke down in the middle of a massive traffic jam. She was rescued and was sent home in a taxi with two young children. As soon as she got home her waters broke and her ds was born a few hours later.

Ilovestackingcups Mon 27-May-13 14:32:40

I only stopped last pg when my bump stopped me being able to turn round properly and check my blind spot. Was nice being chauffeured about for the final weeks, especially when DC1 was 13 days overdue.

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