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Maternity support tops/belts

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Orchardbeck Sun 26-May-13 09:30:19

Does anyone have any recommendations for maternity support tops or belts?

I'm 32 weeks with my second baby and my upper stomach muscles are in agony just simply walking around (I am a bit more active than this as have a 2 yo toddler and a horse to muck out and look after too...). Going in the bath really helps with the pain but I can't spend all day in there!

I went to see a physio re SPD symptoms a few weeks ago, their advice really helped (stop carrying my toddler, bending with legs apart etc) and I now only get pain there when I've overdone things. But now my bump seems too heavy and is pulling from my chest area - are there any products that would help with this? I've seen the 'Belly Bra' - is this any good?

Longfufu Sun 26-May-13 10:34:29

Nexcare do quite a robust one. You can buy from mothercare for £35.99 I use mine when I'm on my feet running around after my toddler and I find it helps.

Longfufu Sun 26-May-13 10:35:44

Sorry probably should have said its a belt that goes around your back, under and over your bump

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