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Swelling, headaches and other medical problems. Need advise or reassurance please!

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JennyC80 Sat 25-May-13 10:26:55

Well, where to begin... I have blood clotting disorder and 30 weeks pregnant so on clexane injections twice a day. About 6 weeks ago I started getting headaches with blurred vision. At check outs blood pressure was normal. Then about 2 weeks ago I developed severe swelling in my feet. Called midwife and it's been put down to hot weather. Well this swelling still there even when it's cold outside so I went to hospital. Bp was bit high and the want to see me next week again... I'm honestly so so worried now as I really have enough of medical problems to deal with as it is... I also read lots of horror stories about preeclampsia... Is anyone out there with multiple medical conditions and in similar situation? Xx

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