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Scan at nine weeks shown 2 sacs but they didn't say a thing!! Confused

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Carley159 Fri 24-May-13 10:22:58

Hi, I've just had my scan at 9 weeks shows what looks like 2 sacks? One with baby in other without (or hiding) ?.. Really confused as the lady who done the scan said nothing i have a picture and will upload to my profile if anyone can tell me what this is please x

TobyLerone Fri 24-May-13 10:27:13

I can't imagine any reason for her not to tell you if she saw 2 sacs, so I think you're probably mistaken. Scan photos are confusing unless you know what you're looking at.

Carley159 Fri 24-May-13 10:29:29

Yea, your not wrong there has really boggled me,

squeelybean Fri 24-May-13 10:36:33

At 9 weeks they should have been able to pick out 2 easily. They identified and numbered mine at 6 weeks!

Cant get onto your pics.

Carley159 Fri 24-May-13 10:39:10

I've got it so others can look/ strange x
Yea I thought that too,

Hadagutsful Fri 24-May-13 10:40:28

I had a scan at 5 weeks and there appeared to be two sacs but the sonographer assured me that the other was a yolk sac or something? When does that disappear?

Hadagutsful Fri 24-May-13 10:41:41

I had a scan at 5 weeks and there appeared to be two sacs but the sonographer assured me that the other was a yolk sac or something? When does that disappear?

Carley159 Fri 24-May-13 10:42:02

Really? Think yolk sac usually goes at bout 5 weeks nah this is totally separate to sac with baby in and a bit bigger

Hadagutsful Fri 24-May-13 10:42:22

Oops sorry for double post!

foxybingodotcom Fri 24-May-13 10:45:45

Is it the placenta?

Hadagutsful Fri 24-May-13 10:46:10

Ah ok. Not sure then. Take it along to your next appointment or give your midwife a call? No point sitting round confused! smile (And congrats on your pregnancy btw!)

kelda Fri 24-May-13 10:48:29

At nine weeks you can probably see the baby's head and abdomen, which may look like two sacs, a bit like this picture.

Carley159 Fri 24-May-13 10:49:00

Thankyou, think will just wait till next scan as will only be 2-3 weeks away, I really don't want it to b twins as already have 3 will be pullin me hair out lol x

kelda Fri 24-May-13 10:49:06

Do you have a photo you can post?

Carley159 Fri 24-May-13 10:49:50

Really, thanks put my mind at ease a bit x

Carley159 Fri 24-May-13 10:50:15

It son my profile if that helps x

TobyLerone Fri 24-May-13 10:51:10

You haven't made your profile/photos visible.

beckie90 Fri 24-May-13 10:51:52

Yolk dissapears when placenta takes over, it normally should still be there at 9wks as placenta doesn't take over till 12wks. definatly doesn't go at 5wks. At 5+4 only thing I had visible was a sac. Then at 7+2 had a sac a yolk and a baby. I had 2 what looked like sacs, 1 was a sac the other was fluid.

Carley159 Fri 24-May-13 10:52:11

No it's not like that picture, how did you get it to link like that x

ShowOfHands Fri 24-May-13 10:54:19

You need to make your profile public.

MisselthwaiteManor Fri 24-May-13 10:56:00

Is it just a big black empty space? It could be your bladder.

Carley159 Fri 24-May-13 10:57:14

All done should be able to see it now x

piratecat Fri 24-May-13 10:57:18

yes make your profile public, not sure how one does that tho. confused

squeelybean Fri 24-May-13 10:58:19

Nope, your still invisible to megrin

Carley159 Fri 24-May-13 11:00:35


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