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Getting seriously fed up with insensitive comments *rant warning*

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IAteTheCake Thu 23-May-13 11:10:12

Currently 26 weeks pg with dc 2...

Yesterday tipped me over the edge on the pregnancy comments front!!! These from one day. ONE DAY I tell you! Mainly from people at work:

'you were smaller the first time around' ..actually I weigh exactly the same as I did the first time at this stage...

'when are you going on maternity leave' x you want me to go now??!! all of you?!!!

'Are you sure it isn't twins' quite sure after 3 x scans thanks...

'Do you think the baby will come early?' errrr maybe...maybe not.... who knows... It will come when it is ready...

'Are you sure you can eat that' From the food police (lady who has never had a child/makes it clear she doesn't care for them/suddenly knows about what to eat when pg) Erm yes thanks, I am a bit obsessive about what I put into my body right now..

'Ohhhh you look very uncomfortable already' yes I am thanks, I have SPD and some back problems but it's not necessarily all to do with the baby. Do you want my medical history?

'oh you are having an ELCS?' After being badgered for info on personal business around how I will be getting the baby out, followed by 'isn't that a cop out?' er no it isn't after what happened the first time, but I won't bore you with that or you might be put off having kids yourself.

I just smile and say very little in return. Try to kill with kindness. Wish I had witty one liners on standby! I think the next person will get a slap!

One day!!!! Enough to push anyone over the hormonal irrational edge methinks!!!!


JanieLovesLuckySocks Thu 23-May-13 11:52:05

you poor thing sad other people's comments have really made me sensitive to what i say to others. i think most of them are just trying to show interest or make general chat, some are just insensitive assholes. but it's so bloody annoying. we're not being ungrateful, i spend most of my spare time googling maternity clothes, reading the day top day pregnancy book so i'm pretty down with most pg related things for my stage of pregnancy

i'm 14wks today, wore a dress to work today - normally wear trousers but they're getting a bit tight...'oh a dress' and 'i didn't know you had legs' and 'i suppose you're getting to podgy for your trousers'. oh really, thanks????

'you probably don't want to be eating too much to avoid having to lose too much weight on the other side'...oh sorry should i just not have lunch? is a chicken salad sandwich that awful for me to have?

and one friend who i know is just trying to be involved and show n interest...'have you heard of decaf tea?', 'did you know ginger biscuits are good for morning sickness?', and 'you are taking folic acid aren't you?'

and on telling work colleagues i was pregnant 'oh that's why you've been so spotty the last few months' actually i came of my pill a year ago that helped my problem skin, it really gets me down having a face and back covered in big red spots, but thanks for pointing them out, made me feel great!


ThePavlovianCat Thu 23-May-13 11:53:33

The witty one liner I'd use is "fuck off you bastards" but that's just me smile

Sounds like you are doing a great job not responding though. Let it all out on here if you need to.

SeashellHoarder Thu 23-May-13 12:09:15

People think if you are pregnant your body is fair game for comments.

I keep getting asked it I am having twins - erm no, I'm just obviously bigger than the average. But if I wasn't pregnant they wouldnt dare comment on the size of my tummy.

Can you tell I'm annoyed?!?

LoveBeingUpAt4InTheMorning Thu 23-May-13 12:11:26

Just ignore (although to be fair you probably do look bigger cause 2nds tend too get big quickly)

larlemucker Thu 23-May-13 12:13:51

About a month after I had DS I was walking down the road with pram. My neighbour drives past, stops and rolls down window and says 'oh I didn't know you were pregnant'

Oh thanks! I know I was big before I got pg but not THAT big, bloody cheek

Ratata Thu 23-May-13 13:48:18

Someone laughed in my face and tried to get others to join in when I told them I was doing Hypnobirthing. Apparently I have no idea about childbirth. No shit sherlock, this is my first! She is really negative about it all (and life in general) and tries to put me down all the time if the subject comes up. Wish I worked where my DH does. The people there are so upbeat about the whole thing! I'm stuck with folk who don't believe a word I say about what I can and can't eat, apparently it's a load of rubbish and I should just eat everything. No thanks, things have changed in the last few decades!

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